Powering Analytical Chemistry with Phenomenex

Powering Analytical Chemistry with Phenomenex

What Does Phenomenex Offer?

Phenomenex, a global technology leader with a unique culture, is like no other in the separation sciences. It believes in “Breaking with Tradition” and is driven by innovation, research, and growth. It follows a common mission to help researchers improve global health and well-being by providing novel separation and purification technology and is likewise committed to developing analytical chemistry solutions in drug discovery, food safety, pharmaceuticals, and more. Phenomenex is an industry expert in:

  • Polymers and Silica Particle Technology
  • Process Chemistry and Equipment
  • Surface Chemistry
  • Column Hardware
  • Novel Packaging Methods

Extensive research and precise product manufacturing are performed to accelerate the progress in analytical chemistry research. The company is well-known for its chromatography products, technical services, and chemical references in healthcare, drug discovery, food safety, and environmental analysis.

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A Brief Phenomenex History

A global leader in providing solutions for scientific analysis and investigation, Phenomenex was founded in 1982 by architect and businessman Fasha Mahjoor. He is the current CEO of the company.

In November 2007, Phenomenex merged with Danaher Corporation, its parent organization. Over a decade ago, Phenova became a subsidiary of Phenomenex, Inc. Phenova specializes in providing proficiency testing products and services.

Recently, Phenomenex announced the introduction of the new bioZen® SEC Size-exclusion Chromatography Columns. This new addition to the bioZen portfolio features advanced silica particle technology with improved column packaging, making the characterization of biomolecules more effective.

Apart from its headquarters in Torrance, California, the company has sites, offices, and distributors worldwide.

Phenomenex’s Product Portfolio

Phenomenex contributes to innovative research and development by developing world-class analytical products and services. The products range from gas chromatography columns used to test for harmful pesticides in food to liquid chromatography columns for the purification of newly synthesized compounds and extraction tubes used to clean blood samples in clinical research.

The company pays special attention to quality and precision. The manufactured equipment helps researchers analyze and purify a variety of biomolecules. The supplies help solve technical separation and purification challenges in life science research.

Phenomenex’s product catalog is categorized based on various brands they carry, specific techniques, and accessories.


Phenomenex is known for the wide range of branded equipment it develops. Whether it is HPLC, GC, or SPE products, customers have access to columns of popular and trusted brands. Some of the brands included are:


Implementing various separation and purification methods requires different, specialized techniques. The application of a particular technique is subjective to the industry or organization that is utilizing it. Phenomenex allows its customers to select instruments based on their precise, accurate, and sensitive requirements. Techniques for which your lab can procure its needs are as follows:


Phenomenex gives its customers the liberty to buy equipment parts or accessories separately. There are thousands of unique accessories available, including but not limited to:

For more detailed product information, please visit www.phenomenex.com.


Phenomenex stands out from the crowd to deliver products and services that develop treatments for diseases, analyze food contaminants, monitor water supplies, and more.

With the growing technology, there is a need for rapid advancement in processes to reduce experiment time. To position itself globally, Phenomenex manufactures a plethora of instruments and kits used in industries of different fields and expertise. The company caters to the following industries:

Phenomenex Tools & Support

Phenomenex takes care of its customers and wants them to have a hassle-free experience with the equipment they procure. To ensure this, many tools and support resources are present on their website.

Technical Support

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs): A dedicated technical team is present to answer all your questions. An elaborate FAQ section will answer most of the inquiries related to the product and services.
  • Free guides and resources: Several free online resources are available for the healthcare industry and personal academic pursuits, including:
  • Document Library
  • On-Demand Webinars
  • Upcoming Webinars
  • Product Videos
  • Blog
  • Glossary
  • GC Technical Tips
  • Product care and use: Quality and safety documents are available to ensure proper care and usage of equipment.
  • Support and services: A technical support portal designed to help customers with any technical issue with the product and troubleshooting.
  • COVID-19 resources: A dedicated COVID-19 resource center is present on the website, allowing access to the latest news and testing kits.
  • PFAS analysis resources: Resources for Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) analysis are available.
  • Nitrosamine resources: A resource page for Genotoxic Nitrosamine with official guidance and methods.

Application Selection and Web Selection Tools

The following application selection and web selection tools are available on the website:

  • Application search: Search by name and structure for every product listed on the website.
  • HPLC/UHPLC calculators: Different types of online calculators based on your needs. These include:
  • Core-shell 2.6um calculator
  • GPC solvent savings calculator
  • HPLC column match
  • Prep calculator
  • HPLC/UHPLC method transfer tool: This tool is a boon for those trying for exact adjustments across different instrumentation, particle morphologies, or even LC particle sizes.
  • GC column and liner finder: Customers can now choose GC columns based on part number, manufacturer, phase chemistry, official method, or application using GC column finder.
  • SPE method development tool: This tool helps develop the SPE method in three steps.
  1. Analyte Search
  2. Physical Properties and Sample Matrix
  3. Method Recommendations
  • SecurityGuard selection tool: By using this selection tool, customers can find Guards by brand, by part number, by technique, or by phase.
  • Syringe filter finder: This tool allows the customers to find syringe filters using part numbers.
  • Vial finder: Vials for systems or applications can be selected based on sample volume.

Custom & Flexible Lab Equipment Lease Programs

Phenomenex provides analytical chemistry solutions with a mission to enable and empower scientists to create a better world through its scientific products and services. The company has a solid portfolio with sites and offices around the globe. The technology it produces helps researchers in various industries, government institutions, and academic laboratories.

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