Lab Safety Equipment Leasing

Equipment for All Biosafety Levels

Ensuring laboratory safety should be your top priority. Equip yourself with a solid understanding of OSHA regulations, implement industry best practices, and acquire appropriate laboratory safety equipment to establish a secure working environment that protects you and those around you.

These measures are essential for preventing accidents, injuries, exposure incidents, equipment damage, and research contamination.

Non-compliance with safety guidelines can have serious consequences, including worker injuries, equipment replacement, regulatory fines, or concerns regarding lab accreditation.

While laboratory safety rules constantly evolve, specific equipment remains fundamental for maintaining a safe environment. Always have personal protective equipment (PPE), including safety goggles or glasses, lab coats, chemical-resistant nitrile gloves, and first aid kits.

Taking personal responsibility for safety is vital. Avoid skin and eye contact with chemicals, practice reasonable housekeeping procedures, and consistently use face, eye, and hand protection. Familiarize yourself with the location and use of eyewash stations, laboratory safety showers, fire extinguishers, and fire blankets. If you handle hazardous chemicals, ensure your team is well-prepared to respond to a chemical spill and know the location of the spill kit in the lab.

While these basic safety rules establish a foundation, it’s important to note that they may not cover all possible scenarios. Laboratories dealing with potentially hazardous materials must acquire specialized equipment to function effectively and safely.

By prioritizing laboratory safety through knowledge, adherence to protocols, and the appropriate equipment, you can create an environment that promotes productivity and well-being.

Are you putting laboratory safety first and seeking efficient solutions for acquiring essential equipment? Take action now and explore the option of leasing lab safety equipment.

Investing in proper laboratory safety equipment is crucial to protect yourself, your team, and the integrity of your research. Leasing with Excedr offers a practical and cost-effective solution, allowing you to access top-quality equipment while preserving your budget for other critical needs.

Your commitment to lab safety will pave the way for successful research outcomes while safeguarding the well-being of everyone involved.

How Does Leasing Safety Equipment Help Your Lab?

Leasing with Excedr can help you protect your personnel and ensure safe experiment conduct, and it allows you to access top-quality lab safety equipment without significant upfront costs. Our leasing program offers several benefits for laboratory safety.

Firstly, it allows you to promptly acquire the necessary safety equipment, ensuring that your personnel have the protective gear and tools to stay safe during experiments. Additionally, leasing allows you to preserve your budget for other critical needs within your laboratory.

Safety should never be compromised, and by leasing equipment, you can allocate your resources effectively without compromising on the quality or quantity of the safety equipment you require.

This ensures that you have the necessary financial flexibility to invest in other areas of your laboratory while maintaining a secure environment for your personnel.

By partnering with Excedr, you can access high-quality lab safety equipment, stay up-to-date with the latest safety technology, and preserve your budget for other essential laboratory needs.

Safety Equipment Leasing Solutions

Biosafety cabinet operational diagram

Biosafety Cabinets

A biosafety cabinet (BSC) is a specialized containment device used in labs and medical facilities to provide personnel and environmental protection while working with hazardous biological materials, like pathogens.

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Fume hood diagram

Lab Fume Hoods

Fume hoods, or chemical fume hoods, are an important piece of equipment found in many laboratories and research facilities. Their primary function is to provide a controlled workspace that effectively captures, contains, and removes hazardous fumes, vapors, gases, and particulates generated during procedures and experiments.

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Leasing Benefits at a Glance

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Operating Capital Advantages

Excedr's operating lease structure allows you to keep your business credit line open for expansions, staffing, and other operational expenses. Additionally, it strengthens the cash flow of your business and keeps cash reserves free for business development opportunities.

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Effects on Credit

Leasing / renting provides you with non-dilutive financing and does not hinder your future borrowing ability. You're able to acquire the equipment you need without the baggage associated with traditional financing.

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Speed of Approval

Excedr's program allows you to respond quickly as your need for equipment and technology arises. You can be approved with minimal documentation and have the equipment you need in operation and generating revenue for your business quickly.

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Refurbished Equipment

Unlike traditional financing and leasing companies, the Excedr program can accommodate refurbished equipment in addition to demo units. If you are looking for additional cost-savings, we recommend considering this option.

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