Biotech Startup Support

Informative articles geared towards life science startup founders, with a specific focus on biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals.Topics include company formation, legal basics, finance basics, common founder mistakes, lab operations, and more.

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Blanket Liens & Their Effects on Small Businesses & Startups

Delve into the world of blanket liens and their implications for small businesses and startups. Gain valuable insights on navigating these challenges and implementing effective strategies to minimize their impact on your business's finances.

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How to Spin Out of Academia & Into a Startup in 2024

Learn how to transition from academia to the dynamic world of startups with our comprehensive blog post. Gain practical insights, strategies, and tips to successfully navigate this exciting career shift and become a scientist-entrepreneur.

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Loan Covenants & Their Effects on Small Businesses & Startups

Read about the significance of loan covenants and their implications for small businesses and startups. Gain valuable insights on navigating these agreements and proactively addressing the challenges they may pose to your startup or business.

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Unleashing Innovation: R&D Tax Credits Explained

Learn about funding challenges in biotech R&D and how tax credits and incentives can help. Discover the federal R&D tax credit and state-level incentives that support innovation, decrease tax liabilities, and drive economic growth for biotechs.

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Intellectual Property 101: Types & Uses

Learn why protecting your intellectual property (IP) is crucial in scientific innovation. Explore patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, and how an IP lawyer ensures your ideas are secure, enabling focus on innovation.

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Intellectual Property Strategy for Biotech Companies

Protect your healthcare inventions with intellectual property (IP). Discover how IP strategies drive success in biotech and pharma, attract investors, and ensure ROI. Insights on patents, copyrights, trade secrets.