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Access exclusive rewards to support your business when you lease with Excedr or listen to The Biotech Startups Podcast.

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Partners & Rewards

Excedr customers and The Biotech Startups Podcast listeners are eligible for exclusive discounts from our preferred vendor partners listed below. Simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and include your promo code to access your discounts.

The Bioinformatics CRO

Clients and listeners may benefit from a discount of up to 10% off services.

The Bioinformatics CRO provides research and consultancy services in computational biology, genomics, and bioinformatics.

Offerings include a range of solutions, including project-specific contract research and expert consulting, along with a dynamic “bioinformatics department for hire” service, designed to offer flexible and specialized support whenever you need it.

They've helped a wide range of institutions and companies, including Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, USC, Ochre Bio, and Pathos Therapeutics.


Clients and listeners may benefit from 25% off monthly subscriptions.

tinybio is ChatGPT & other LLM tools optimized for biotech and bioinformatics use cases. They save you from mundane daily coding tasks and provide standardization in your labs.

tinybio has been used by over 1,000 researchers from institutions such as Broad Institute, Stanford, and Pfizer.

PhenoVista Biosciences

Clients and listeners may benefit from a discount of up to 5% off their services, plus cash back.

Phenovista Biosciences specializes in high-content analysis and provides bespoke assay development and comprehensive data analysis. Their support can significantly accelerate the transition from discovery to development.

By aligning closely with client research goals, Phenovista ensures that each project is tailored to meet your specific needs. They have worked with over 200 companies throughout the US and the UK, Europe, and Asia.


Clients and listeners may benefit from up to 50% off their first year.

Kaleidoscope is a software platform for biotech teams to live-track their most critical R&D decisions. They pull from the data you're generating across teams and tools, and give you a variety of ways to view that data, organize projects, track statuses, and map key decisions back to the underlying experiments.

With Kaleidoscope, you can see and tell the stories of your data and progress: within your team, internally across your company, or externally to key stakeholders. Partner with Kaleidoscope to ensure you hit your next milestone, whether it's an IND filing, fundraise, or a business development partnership.


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BioProcure specializes in sourcing, procurement, and accounts payable support for the biotech sector. They focus on optimizing the procure-to-pay process, allowing biotechs and pharma companies to expedite product development and reduce administrative overheads.

Services include procurement negotiation, order management, accounts payable processing, and admin tasks, all tailored to elevate clients’ business efficiency.


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Prendio, in partnership with BioProcure, offers an innovative software solution designed to revolutionize the biotech procure-to-pay process. Prendio's platform is tailored for the needs of biotech companies, aiming to simplify, streamline, and make eProcurement more affordable for this sector.

Prendio can help accelerate research and development and shorten the time to market for biotech products. It is used by companies such as Flagship Pioneering, Generate Biomedicines, and Third Rock Ventures.


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Pliancy is a professional services firm specializing in IT solutions for innovative and emerging companies. Services include email, file, and identity management, as well as security and reporting.

Pliancy is committed to creating scalable, secure, and user-friendly IT systems, placing high value on personal relationships and understanding, and is trusted by companies like 5AM Ventures, Benchmark, Satellite Bio, and Altamont Capital Partners.

Bunsen Studio

Clients and listeners may benefit from an initial free design consultation of their existing website. Inquire with Excedr for additional Bunsen rewards.

Bunsen is a full-service creative and communications studio serving science and frontier technology companies.

The studio excels in presenting complex scientific and tech-related ideas through captivating design and creates clear and engaging narratives. They aim to drive human-positive impacts while staying ahead in the evolving world of science.

Bunsen has worked with companies such as Precision, Hedera, Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, MIT, and Asimov.

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As a client or podcast listener, access exclusive rewards through our partner network. When you lease with Excedr, you can request and use a unique promo code. When you listen to The Biotech Startups Podcast, you'll hear promo codes listed in each episode. If you're not already speaking with someone from our team, simply enter your information and promo code below.

We also use our network to make introductions to life-science focused VCs. Whether you are pre-seed, seed, or series A-Z, we can help introduce your company to an investor who may be interested in supporting your growth.

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