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We've partnered with leading life science companies to offer exclusive rewards when you lease with Excedr or listen to The Biotech Startups Podcast.

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Our Partners & Rewards

The Bioinformatics CRO

Bioinformatics CRO Services

Receive a discount of up to 10% off any of The Bioinformatics CRO services.


Bioinformatics AI Tools

Receive 25% off your monthly subscriptions with tinybio.

PhenoVista Biosciences

Imaging & Assay CRO Services

Receive a discount of up to 5% off PhenoVista services, plus cash back.


Lab Safety & Inventory for EHS & Ops

Receive up to 35% off on SciShield's biosafety or lab management suite of applications.


Procurement & A/P Support Services

Inquire with Excedr today to learn more about exclusive discounts with BioProcure.


Cloud-based eProcurement Software

Inquire with Excedr today to learn more about exclusive discounts with Prendio.


R&D Software Platform

Benefit from up to 50% off your first year with Kaleidoscope.


Molecular Discovery/Design Software Platform

Receive 30% off any of Schrödinger's online courses.


Tech-enabled IT Services

Receive 30% off PACKIT, Pliancy's newest pilot program. The first five Excedr clients that sign up receive up to 60% off.


Consumables & Service Provider for Cell Manufacturing

Receive a 10% discount on denovoMATRIX screenSERVICE offerings.

Browne Consulting

Accounting, Finance, & HR Support

Receive a complimentary initial consultation, compliance, and systems guidance.

Bunsen Studio

Creative & Communications Studio

Receive an initial free design consultation of your existing website and additional Bunsen rewards.


Data & Laboratory Informatics Services

Receive a free consultation to see how Astrix supports informatics system selection, implementation, configuration, and customization.

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As an Excedr client or listener of The Biotech Startups Podcast, you can access exclusive discounts from our partners by submitting your unique promo code in the form below. side of a div block.

We can also use our network to make introductions to life-science focused VCs. Whether you are in pre-seed, seed, or series A-Z, we can help introduce your company to an investor who may be interested in supporting your growth.