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Cell counting analysis

September 27, 2023

Cell Counting & Hemacytometers

Explore the essentials of cell counting, hemacytometers, and cell counters. This easy-to-understand guide offers foundational knowledge for precise cell analysis. Perfect for those new to cellular biology techniques or looking for a refresher.

Plants and tissue culture

September 27, 2023

Understanding Tissue Culture: Plant & Animal Cell Cultivation

Delve into the topic tissue culture and learn about the cultivation of plant and animal cells. This guide imparts essential techniques, from medium selection to aseptic practices, ensuring successful cell propagation.

A bio-layer interferometry graph

September 27, 2023

Understanding Bio-Layer Interferometry: Principles, Comparison, & Applications 

Explore Bio-Layer Interferometry: principles, applications, and techniques. See how BLI advances biopharmaceutical research, providing crucial insights into molecular interactions.

Dollar bills with a graph

September 27, 2023

Cost of Capital: Definition, Significance, & Formula

Gain a clear grasp of cost of capital: its definition, pivotal role in financial decisions, and the fundamental formula for precise calculation. Learn this concept for strategic business growth and investment success.

Automated liquid handling

September 27, 2023

Automated Liquid Handling: A Primer

Delve into the essentials of automated liquid handling. Discover its versatile applications, advantages, and critical considerations for optimizing lab workflows effectively.

Blue balloons holding up lab equipment

September 27, 2023

Equipment Leasing for Startups: Considerations & Comparisons

Equip yourself with essential equipment leasing knowledge and learn key insights for making strategic financial decisions in business expansion. This guide provides a 101 primer for equipment leasing for startups.

Gas chromatography

September 27, 2023

What Is Gas Chromatography & How Does It Work?

Delve into the world of gas chromatography and gain an understanding of its principles and operational intricacies. Discover its pivotal role across diverse scientific disciplines.

Next-generation sequencing

September 27, 2023

Next-Generation Sequencing: Principles, Applications, & Advantages

Dive into Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and learn about its profound influence on genomic analysis. Read about the cutting-edge technique shaping the future of genetic research and diagnostics.

Protein purification illustration

September 6, 2023

What Is Protein Purification? From Bench to Biotech

Read about the intricate realm of protein purification in our latest blog post as we cover its uses from laboratory benches to the cutting edge of biotechnology, uncovering the science and significance of this key process.

Capital outlay represented by a coin with arrows coming out of it in different directions

September 1, 2023

What Is Capital Outlay? Definition & Guide

Capital outlay is vital for business growth. It involves investing in long-term assets, both tangible and intangible, and understanding their useful life. Learn about capital outlay in our comprehensive guide.

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