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Synthetic biology research

February 27, 2024

Lab Equipment List for Synthetic Biology Research

This informative post covers a wide range of lab equipment used specifically for synthetic biology research. Learn about the most basic instruments, more specialized systems, and more.

Biochemistry research

February 27, 2024

Lab Equipment List for Biochemistry Research

This informative post covers the most essential instruments and equipment used for biochemistry research, as well as more advanced systems supporting cutting-edge biochemistry! Learn about each instrument or system and build your own list.

Live-cell imaging

February 27, 2024

What Is Live-Cell Imaging & How Does It Work?

Learn about live-cell imaging in this informative post. We review the technique's core principles, applications, and more, including equipment used for live-cell imaging. Read about how live-cell imaging is supporting research in biotech.

Agricultural biotechnology represented by flowers in pots

February 27, 2024

Lab Equipment List for Agricultural Biotechnology Research

Check out our curated list of lab equipment used for agricultural biotechnology research and learn what it takes to run a lab dedicated to advancing AgBio. Read about the different instruments and systems integral to this type of lab.

Genetic engineering research equipment list

February 27, 2024

Lab Equipment List for Genetic Engineering Research

Genetic engineering, a cornerstone of modern biotechnology, stands at the forefront of scientific discovery. Explore the equipment empowering this research and build your own equipment list to support your equipment.

Industrial biotech image

February 27, 2024

Lab Equipment List for Industrial Biotechnology Research

Industrial biotechnology is a field with ambitious goals, and one whose endeavors rely on a wide range of laboratory equipment. Read about the equipment empowering industrial biotech research today.

Polymer analysis illustration

January 31, 2024

Lab Equipment List for Polymer Analysis

Read our detailed list of essential laboratory equipment for polymer analysis, including each type's specific uses and importance. Includes devices and technology aimed at enhancing research and development in polymer science.

Forensic analysis illustration

January 31, 2024

Lab Equipment List for Forensic Analysis

Learn about the essential laboratory equipment used in forensic analysis, discussing each tool's role in crime scene investigation and evidence processing, crucial for law enforcement and legal cases.

Infrared spectroscopy (IR) illustration

January 31, 2024

What Is Infrared Spectroscopy? Fundamentals & Applications

Read about Infrared Spectroscopy (IR) in our post. We explain its core principles, essential IR spectrometer components, and various applications. An informative read for both students and industry professionals.

Interim rental fees illustration

January 31, 2024

What You Need to Know About Interim Rental Fees on Equipment Leases

Learn about interim rental fees in equipment leasing. We cover essential information on their calculation, impact, and some strategic considerations for businesses and individuals entering lease agreements.