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Excedr provides scientists with long-term lab equipment leases and comprehensive service coverage. 

Skip the hang-ups of traditional financing and access a founder-friendly path to exceptional outcomes.

Our goal is simple: save labs time and money.

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Simplify Procuring Scientific Equipment

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Your success, our support.

Whether you’re an early-stage, middle market, or enterprise company, we’re here to support your equipment needs.

Our equipment leasing program replaces the high cost of buying and maintaining laboratory equipment with a smarter, more efficient means of doing business:

  • Flexible lease terms from two to six years in length
  • Cost-effective monthly lease payments
  • Comprehensive service coverage that includes equipment repair and maintenance

We take care of equipment procurement logistics for you so you can spend less time and effort acquiring the equipment you need and more time using it.

Excedr Supports a Wide Range of Life Science Companies
Excedr Supports a Wide Range of Life Science Companies

“We used Excedr when it was time for us to make a large capital equipment purchase and the whole leasing process was smooth, quick, and seamless. As a busy start-up CEO, I am always aware of how important it is to keep our science progressing while on a tight budget.

Working with Excedr made it possible for us to accelerate our scientific

-Jessica Grossman MD, CEO @ IgGenix
Excedr Supports a Wide Range of Life Science Companies
Excedr Supports a Wide Range of Life Science Companies

“Building a biotech is a lot of work: Excedr has been a dynamite partner in making that scaling happen. Excedr was a great partner when scaling my last startup from an 8 member lab team to 35 members by the time of acquisition.

When I sold Distributed Bio and I started my next company Centivax, Jon at Excedr was one of the first people I called. I recommend Excedr for any biotech startup.”

-Dr. Jacob Glanville, Founder, CEO, President @ Centivax
Excedr Supports a Wide Range of Life Science Companies
Excedr Supports a Wide Range of Life Science Companies

“Excedr helped us to finance a BLI system about a year ago. Sylvia did an excellent job at helping us to understand our options, since our company was new to equipment financing.

The leasing process was fast and easy when compared with self-funding our purchase, plus the speed and ease with which Excedr onboarded us freed up our team’s time to focus on research and grant management.”

-Max Brennan, Vice President @ ZabBio
Excedr Supports a Wide Range of Life Science Companies
Excedr Supports a Wide Range of Life Science Companies

“The lease of our Zeiss EVO10 electron microscope has significantly impacted our outside analysis costs, realizing a significant savings in the 1st year. Having the instrument on-site and “ready to serve”, has greatly improved our response times to field issues and fabrication challenges, while improving our Engineering and Production Teams’ overall understanding of our product lines.

None of this could have been realized without Excedr’s operating lease approach to obtaining more expensive analytical equipment.”

-Tom Raber, Principal Mechanical Technician @ Plug Power

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Laboratory Outfitting


Remove the Barriers to Research & Progress

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Our journey started in the lab. We know firsthand the obstacles and constraints scientists and researchers face

Excedr is committed to helping businesses hurdle the barriers to scientific research and progress by providing flexible, cost-effective leasing solutions, whether the business is a research lab or clinical lab, biotech or biopharma, pharmaceutical company, CRO, or any other type of scientific facility.

Our team will work closely with you to craft an optimal leasing strategy that gets you with the equipment you need without sacrificing your entire operating budget. Saving money on upfront costs, preserving budgets, and extending your cash runway can keep your business nimble when you need it most: during growth, scaling, or even an economic downturn.

When you lease lab equipment through Excedr, you can:

  • Save time and money having us advocate on your behalf when negotiating with manufacturers.
  • Eliminate the large upfront costs typical of cutting-edge equipment purchases.
  • Gain operational and financial flexibility in your lab, accelerating research and development.
  • Avoid the hassle and stress that comes with equipment downtime, repairs, and maintenance.
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Cost-Effective Lease Structures

Preserve your cash liquidity and increase your operating budget using our cost-effective, long-term operating lease structure. Leases last from two to six years, and monthly payments are potentially 100% tax deductible.

You have three options at the end of the term as well: return of the equipment, renewal at a discounted rate, or purchase of the equipment for the fair market value (FMV).

Our operating leases leave you with more capital for other critical areas, like hiring, buying supplies and consumables, and expanding your lab. They also make your funding last longer.

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Comprehensive Repair & Maintenance Coverage

Every lease includes comprehensive repair coverage for the equipment, in the off chance you experience equipment downtime. Additionally, you can schedule preventative maintenance visits, which are covered in the costs of the lease.

You no longer have to purchase and manage service contracts with multiple vendors and staggered billing cycles. If anything goes wrong with the equipment, we’ve got you covered.

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White-Glove Lab Services

Excedr handles the leg work involved with procurement, shipping, training/installation, corrective repairs, preventive maintenance, etc. and provide support by utilizing our financial expertise and robust vendor network. Leave the equipment procurement to us so you can focus on what matters: the science.