Mettler Toledo: A Company Overview

Mettler Toledo: A Company Overview

Mettler Toledo Products Fuel the Manufacturing Process

Accuracy and precision are two elements of research and development that play a critical role in deciding the end result of experimentation or manufacturing.

To achieve these qualities in your work, you need access to instruments that are easy to use with excellent operations.

Mettler Toledo International Inc., a swiss manufacturer with a long history, is one such company offering scale and analytical instruments used in daily experiments to obtain accurate and reliable results. These instruments have a wide range of applications in laboratories, industries, and food retailing areas.

Mettler Toledo was originally two separate companies, both of which had a concerted passion for creating analytical and precision balances. And because it was clear a partnership would benefit each party, the two companies were sold and merged in 1989 as Ciba-Geigy AG.

The merger allowed the newly formed Ciba-Geigy AG to spread its roots in 18 different countries, and after acquiring Ohaus Corp, it was renamed Mettler Toledo, Inc. The company is currently headquartered at Greifensee, Switzerland, and is headed by Patrick Kalentech. It is also incorporated in Ohio.

This article will walk you through the Mettler Toledo scale products and their applications in labs, industry,  food, and more.

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Mettler Toledo’s Product Portfolio

Mettler Toledo is a global manufacturer of precision instruments and bench scales. All of its products and services have various applications in research and development, quality control, production, logistics, and retail. It provides support and service for its equipment through its entire life-cycle, from installation, calibration, to preventative maintenance and repair.

All Mettler Toledo products are NTEP-certified which ensures that the devices are adequately designed to meet all government standards and requirements.

Laboratory Weighing

Measuring 0.1 mg (or less) of a chemical product and designing experiments with different concentrations of different components couldn’t be possible without weighing balances. Mettler Toledo provides laboratory balances and scales to streamline your laboratory workflows.

Its range of products includes moisture analyzers, precision, and analytical balances, microbalances or ultra-micro balances, and test weights.

It also offers application-specific software for every piece of equipment. This facilitates analysis and data management that improve productivity, accuracy, and compliance in experiments. The products are suitable for all, including physical, chemical, or life science and biotech labs.

Industrial Scales and Load Cell Systems

Mettler Toledo offers several industrial weighing scales with different types of base scales. It includes bench scales, portable scales, platform scales, floor scales, and heavy-duty scales. Considering some tough lab environments, it provides reliable scale indicators, scale controller systems, and explosion-proof or hazardous area scales.

All these products come with specialized scale drivers and software. In just a few touches, the software streamlines the processes and optimizes your product quality.

Product Inspection

Mettler Toledo provides solutions for quality control and detection processes required for production and packaging in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and non-food industries. A few examples of products in this category include check weigher solutions, safeline metal detection, safeline X-ray inspection systems, and track and trace solutions.


To streamline your complex workflows, Mettler Toledo delivers advanced liquid handling solutions. Its wide selection includes manual pipettes, electronic pipettes, multichannel pipettes, BioClean-certified LTS and Universal-fit pipette tips, and convenient, expert pipette services. The pipettes are available in both manual or semi-automated modes.

Process Analytics

Reliable process instrumentation is vital for in-line, at-line, or on-line analytical measurements. Thus, to increase industrial automation, Mettler Toledo’s process analytics portfolio contains pH meters, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, TOC, sodium, silica, and gas analyzers.

Truck Scales/Weighbridges and Dimensioning

Mettler Toledo is a leading supplier of transportation and logistics scale solutions worldwide. This category of products includes truck scales, weighbridges, rail scales, and forklift scales. Further, to enhance the shipping efficiency and accuracy of products, it provides pallet and parcel dimensioners and dynamic parcel weighing.

Analytics Instruments

To assist in your lab workflows, like titrations, micro-volume measurements, and thermal analysis, Mettler Toledo supplies a range of analytical instruments. This category includes UV-Vis Spectrophotometers, density meters, melting point and dropping point instruments, and refractometers. Further, it offers Lab Software Solutions to enhance your instruments’ performance.

Automated Reactors and In Situ Analysis

When you are working with a huge amount of chemical synthesis or compound productions, it’s difficult to maintain and manage the whole workflow. This can be made easier using Mettler Toledo’s automated reactors and in-situ analyzers. A few examples of products include reaction calorimeters, Raman spectrometers, and particle size analyzers.

Retail Weighing Scales

To enhance your shopping experience, Mettler Toledo is selling complete grocery retail solutions. Its range of products includes counter scales, wrapping and weight price labeling, self-service scales, and retail software.

Applications and Industries

By understanding customer needs and demands, Mettler Toledo has created real-time measurement solutions required for the day-to-day workflows of various laboratories, industries, and retail businesses. The software solutions create faster, traceable data processing and management that streamlines your workflows.


Mettler Toledo provides products for the complete workflow of chemical synthesis. These products ensure the accuracy, precision, and safety of your suppliable products.

A schematic presentation of steps where Mettler Toledo products can help to enhance the quality and productivity in the food industry.

Images: An illustration of chemical applications of Mettler Toledo’s products.

Source: Mettler Toledo

Pharma and Biotech Solutions

Mettler Toledo’s product portfolio contains pipettes, analyzers, and spectrophotometers required to facilitate daily experiments. The software solutions make it easier to maintain accuracy in your studies and manage bulk sample data, overall enhancing the safety, quality, and productivity parameters in your work.

Food and Beverage Solutions

The company offers products that facilitate food safety, weighing, filling, packaging, and labeling with high accuracy to enhance customers’ shopping experience and the company’s profitability. The use of Mettler Toledo’s instruments enhances measurement integrity, simplifies maintenance, and reduces lifecycle costs.

A schematic presentation of steps where Mettler Toledo products can help to enhance the quality and productivity in the food industry.

Image: A schematic presentation of steps where Mettler Toledo products can help to enhance the quality and productivity in the food industry.

Source: Mettler Toledo

Academia and Education

Mettler Toledo provides a range of products tailored for use in educational, chemical, life science, and natural science areas. The products are easy to use and popular among scientists for their efficiency in reducing stress and risks of operating errors.

Testing Labs and Health Institutes

These state-of-the-art solutions offered by Mettler Toledo have high-level efficiency, usability, and time-saving features for applications in testing labs, hospitals, clinical labs, and health institutes. They facilitate and manage high throughput of routine samples, achieving faultless results and effective data handling, and reconstructing a sequence of events in forensic labs.

Metal, Plastic, and Electronics Components

To enhance your business excellence, Mettler Toledo supplies a range of weighing and measuring solutions that can save you time and money without compromising the quality and efficiency of your products. You can keep track of stock movements, ensure your supplier meets your specifications, discover damaged or incomplete goods, and meet all control regulations.

Raw Materials and Jewelry

Mettler Toledo products provide outstanding solutions for mining industries. It helps at every stage, including geological survey, mine operations, extraction and concentration of obtaining materials, and purification and polishing of the final product.

Engineering, Machinery, and Equipment Manufacturing

Analytical instruments have wide applications in engineering processes. The workflow cannot be completed without weighing and measuring equipment. Mettler Toledo products are incorporated in a wide variety of engineering or manufacturing applications. It ranges from basic weighing to advanced applications that integrate with control systems, factory networks, and other peripheral equipment.

A schematic workflow of equipment manufacturing where Mettler Toledo products can aid in performance enhancement.

Image: A schematic workflow of equipment manufacturing where Mettler Toledo products can aid in performance enhancement.

Source: Mettler Toledo


Retail businesses require automated solutions to ease their daily work. Mettler Toledo products have various applications in different retail businesses, including grocery chains, specialty chains, small shops, open markets, and pharmacies. Its fresh packaging and weighing technologies offer durability, reliability, and portability of products.

Transport and Logistics

Mettler Toledo offers efficient tools for the smooth and unhindered transportation of products. The equipment has huge applications in profiling and handling incoming goods, pallet handling, warehousing, and safe shipping to targeted locations. The complete process is traceable and trackable, thanks to easy-to-use software.

Utilities and Municipalities

Mettler Toledo’s in-line and off-line analytical measurement and weighing solutions are designed for applications in water utilities, power generation, and waste management industries. With this high-tech equipment, the quality of the water, as well as power plant efficiency, can be easily controlled and maintained.

Mettler Toledo using several steps to enable power generation solutions for analytical measuring and weighing

Image: An illustrative workflow of Mettler Toledo solutions in power generation.

Source: Mettler Toledo

You can learn more about Mettler Toledo’s products at www.mt.com. You will also find a library of its product guides, webinars, and white papers.

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