What Automation Solutions Does Hamilton Company Offer?

What Automation Solutions Does Hamilton Company Offer?

A Leader in Liquid Handling & Sample Management

Hamilton Company has similar beginnings to that of Apple—namely, in a garage. And like Apple, Hamilton Company has since become a global leader in its respective field: lab solutions, sample handling, and chromatography.

Hamilton Company was founded on a single cutting-edge device and has since grown to provide unique lab solutions and products worldwide. The company started humbly in the 1940s when its founder, Clark Hamilton, developed the first lead-shielded syringe to handle radioactive isotopes precisely.

To this day, the Hamilton Company remains the standard for liquid handling and sample management applications in chromatography.

Hamilton Company has come a long way since its humble beginnings. It now operates all over the globe with subsidiaries that are quickly becoming life science leaders of their own. US headquarters are now located in Nevada, while its European headquarters remain in Bonaduz, Switzerland.

Curious about the high-quality workmanship and product offerings that earn Hamilton Company its global status? Keep reading to find out.

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Automation with Hamilton Company

Automation has been at the center of this Reno, NV company. It has also become a major component for all laboratories, regardless of their size, location, or R&D focuses. Automation has become especially needed with the rise in vaccine production in the fight against COVID-19. Suffice to say, automation has become a requirement for any groundbreaking progress and systemization in community health and beyond.

At Hamilton Company, automation is at the forefront of everything they do. There are two factions to automation, liquid handling, and sample management:

  • Automated liquid handling must be reliable, customizable, and flexible. Fortunately, Hamilton Company has perfected those requirements with their line of handlers. Benefits include sample traceability, uniform results, and optimized workflows.
  • Automated sample management is perfect for your compound or biological samples. You will choose a sample storage solution that works best for you. Or consider benchtop devices that can read barcodes or decapping screw cap tubes. Labware is also available to complement your selections to improve your workflow.

To help users better understand Hamilton’s automation solutions, they have developed a set of popular webinars and technical support. These webinars can help you fully understand the software and systems and how it could be a great fit for your laboratory. Here are the webinars available on hamiltoncompany.com:

Hamilton Company Products

Hamilton Company may be an industry leader specifically in automation and chromatography, but it still carries many accustomed products to assist the everyday lab. Its extensive portfolio includes the general necessities for labs, items for process analytics, and OEM products.

General Laboratory Products

For any laboratory to run smoothly, the various daily necessities need to be available at all times. When we think of outfitting our labs, machines are great but only do a part of the job. Everything else falls on the little things we use. Here is a comprehensive list of laboratory products you will find at Hamilton Company.

Process Analytics Products

Hamilton Company is gaining momentum as a leader in process analytics, with a hyper-focused intent on delivering groundbreaking, customer-driven innovations one after another. The company seeks to create a future in which safe biopharmaceutical drugs can thrive and shape the world we all live in. These products include:

Besides its sensors, Hamilton Company also provides a range of process analytics accessories in these categories:

  • Communication and controllers: The solution to recording data, collaborating, configuring, and converting measurements. Here, you will find the software, transmitters, and density controllers that you require.
  • Housings: This collection will safely hold your sensors in place and provide accurate readings. You will find static, pressurized, or retractable housings and kits to fit your needs.
  • Liquid solutions: Hamilton is one of the few companies that manufacture liquid solutions for their sensors. Get the most accurate readings with their lines of buffers, density solutions, and conductivity standards.
  • Cables: Hamilton’s cables minimize noise to keep you focused on your work. These cables are available for any of their sensors with the appropriate connections for the process control system.
  • Sensor maintenance and parts: With any major device comes the need for maintenance and repairs. Hamilton provides parts for cell density sensors, conductivity maintenance, dissolved oxygen, and replacement electrolytes and liquid solutions.
  • Hamilton services: The company has also taken the guesswork out of maintenance and repairs by offering its own support services. You can choose service or maintenance packages, service training, or calibration services.

OEM Products

Many other global manufacturers in the biopharmaceutical and life sciences sectors currently use and rely on Hamilton OEM (original equipment manufacturer) products. Hamilton Company has paved the way and helps other top manufacturers market their innovations faster, but without the high development costs. These OEM products include:

  • Liquid handling workstations: Hamilton’s OEM experts will work with you on customizing a liquid handling system that works best with your needs. After ideation, they continue to be your support team through product launch. As pioneers in automated liquid handling, Hamilton Company has 360-degree support and distinct solutions and technology to help you make your next groundbreaking innovation.
  • Liquid handling components: The company offers components for chromatography, semiconductor, diagnostic, and life science instrumentation. Many are customizable and most are off-the-shelf, ensuring that everyone will find what they need. All will integrate seamlessly with your systems. These products include:
  • Pipette channels
  • Syringe pumps
  • Valve positioners
  • Instrument syringes

How is Hamilton Company Fighting Against COVID-19?

While scientific and medical communities have made groundbreaking progress and continue to administer vaccines in the fight against COVID-19, we know that studies are ongoing. Hamilton Company has devoted its time and contributes to the work by accommodating scientists’ and researchers’ needs worldwide. The company has been focused on infection testing, viral strain identification, and antibody responses. Let’s take a look at each of these areas.

  • Testing for acute infection: Here, you will find three products that perform unique jobs. The PCR Prep STARlet is a workstation that detects SARS-CoV-2 in FDA-approved and CDC-authorized testing kits. At the time of this publication, the CRISPRdetect STAR is an innovative design in development that will process 1,500 nasal and saliva tests during a full-time, 8-hour shift.
  • Identifying viral strains: Hamilton offers one workstation that can do it all, the NGS STAR. This machine is for next-generation sequencing library prep. It is the answer to whole genome, whole transcriptome, and specific NGS application processes. Naturally, it includes SARS-CoV-2 sequencing.
  • Testing for antibody response: Antibody testing may hold the key to beating COVID-19, and Hamilton has stepped up to the plate. Its easyBlood STARlet is a necessity utilizing assay applications that require whole blood components.

Ready to Upgrade Your Lab Equipment?

Biopharmaceutical companies, researchers, and scientists need all the support they can get, even without a pandemic at the forefront. Automation and innovation are the center of the medical and scientific communities, and Hamilton Company has made a name for itself for these exact tenets.

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