What Products Does Eppendorf Offer Research Facilities?

What Products Does Eppendorf Offer Research Facilities?

Eppendorf Supports Academic Research Facilities

Did you know that the total amount of inflation-adjusted dollars for academic R&D in the United States has grown every year since 1975? As a matter of fact, academic and scientific R&D reached $79.4 billion in 2018 alone.

To whom can we attribute some of this groundbreaking and momentous achievement in scientific and academic R&D? Well, for one, we can look to Eppendorf.

Eppendorf has certainly met the needs of academic research facilities all over the world with its innovative solutions, consumables, and high-quality lab equipment. It has been able to do so because of its extensive product portfolio that spans all life sciences needs.

Eppendorf was founded on the grounds of the University Hospital of Eppendorf (Eppendorf is a district of the city of Hamburg, Germany). Dr. Heinrich Netheler and Dr. Hans Hinz created the company in 1945 as a workshop to create medical devices.

With its impeccable product portfolio and solutions, Eppendorf remains one of the leading global life sciences companies, and recently celebrated more than 75 years of supporting scientists.

Its mission is a simple one: Eppendorf centers all of its activity and innovation around you, the customer. Eppendorf offers you its experience and competence to help deliver revolutionary solutions and discoveries.

Curious about its product offerings and how they remain committed to supporting scientists around the world? Keep reading.

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Eppendorf Products

Many laboratories are still suffering through the labor-intensive process of sample prep. While automation for these processes is progressing and making significant headway, some labs have not yet employed this technology; some don’t even have the resources to.

This is where Eppendorf can come to a lab’s rescue.

Eppendorf North America has a wide product range that specifically covers three main areas:

You can be sure to find the high throughput automation solution and/or instrument you need in the categories below. Eppendorf offers a wide variety of products ranging from your standard pipettes to items required for cell culture. You can also find centrifuges, shakers, and incubators.  Dispensers and Co2 incubators are some of the more popular items they offer.


To learn more about its laboratory products and view individual listings, please visit www.eppendorf.com.

Eppendorf Applications

Eppendorf is a life science company that can help you simplify your workflows, deliver accurate results, and move towards more digital solutions in your workspace. What areas of study and processes can Eppendorf support you in?

  • COVID-19 Research, Virology, and Vaccine Development: From viral detection to mutation surveillance to detecting antibodies, Eppendorf’s line of workflow solutions have you covered. They also offer a range of standard lab equipment, such as microcentrifuge tubes, to support your COVID-19 research.
  • Digital Lab Solutions: Smart lab management solutions will streamline your processes and increase productivity. Eppendorf can help you keep your calibrations up to date with a digital lab.
  • Workflows: These instruments, consumables (such as microplates), and accessories work hard to compliment your lab workflow. No matter what kind of lab, you can simplify cumbersome tasks.
  • Bioprocessing: These are software, instruments, and services to help you produce results accurately. Solutions that are perfect for any industry you work in, from vaccines to food processes. The bioprocess category includes various biotechnology instruments, including bioreactors, pipette tips, and test tubes.
  • Food and Beverage: From heating to cooling, Eppendorf’s applications in food and beverage will ensure proper analysis and quality control.
  • Forensic: Offerings include consumables that avoid contamination and provide quality control. You will obtain results that you won’t have to question.
  • Cell Biology: Eppendorf AG has you covered with harvesting, preparation, seeding, and cultivation. Cell manipulation, analysis, detection, and storage solutions are also available.
  • Molecular Biology: Find the support you need in processes related to purification, quantification, preparation, and setup. You will also find applications and solutions for amplification, analysis, and storage.
  • Next-Generation Sequencing: Solutions that support improved sequencing processes and contribute to the reduction of cost.
  • Microbiology: Solutions and concerted problem-solving that transform and cultivate microbes. Preparation, purification, detection, amplification, and storage solutions are also available.
  • Bioprocessing R&D: Eppendorf provides the best applications for preculture, cultivation, analysis, harvesting, and preparation. Quantification, evaluation, and storage round out its offerings.
  • Biochemistry: Chemists will prefer these solutions that enhance processes for cultivation, purification, preparation, quantification, analysis, and storage.
  • Antibody Production: These solutions are available for antibody library construction, cell line development, pilot, and production.
  • Stem Cells: Cover a wide range of needs within the study of stem cells. Cultivation, storage, genetic engineering, characterization, analysis, process development, and commercialization are covered.

A Commitment to People & the Environment

Sustainability is a hot topic in every aspect of our lives, especially for those of us in STEM-related fields and research facilities. National Institutes of Health have even moved to make all NIH Labs “green” and are open to discussions around new techniques and processes that lower their carbon footprint in the future.

Eppendorf has looked at sustainability efforts that affect more just than the environment. They consider social aspects and financial impact as a part of sustainability, too. This means your lab can “go green” when you work with them. Let’s look at the breakdown of how they are achieving this.

  • Ergonomics: The company considers the health of the researcher or scientist using the products. Lowering strain on the body will keep researchers healthy and reduce the number of sick days needed. Long-term focus considers strains on the spine and support for legs and feet.
  • Corporate Citizenship: Eppendorf focuses on its social responsibility across the globe. As a family-owned company, Eppendorf emphasizes the importance of heterogeneity and the individuality of stakeholders while still valuing diversity, world views, and the potential for global impacts.
  • Internal Commitments: The company employs sustainability efforts in its own workspace as they ask any other lab to do. They consider the buildings they work in, their power supply, employee certifications, and even the office equipment they use.
  • Responsible Business Practices: Eppendorf has set a code of conduct for the business that exceeds legal requirements. To adhere to those requirements, they also have a code of conduct for their suppliers. This ensures responsibility on all levels and adds a level of trust when you deal with its distributors.
  • Product Groups: Eppendorf has its own research and development team that considers the environment and socially responsible manufacturing processes. It also takes into account the final products themselves. Are they ecological? Are they economical? Do they promote environmentally and socially friendly processes? Two concepts take center stage: energy efficiency and a lower carbon footprint.
  • Background Articles: These articles engage in a wide variety of topics for the scientific community. The focus of these articles is to answer the world’s most straightforward question: Why? The knowledge and experience of countless scientists are found within this category, and you can request topics that have yet to be covered.

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