Improving Diagnostics with Leica Biosystems

Improving Diagnostics with Leica Biosystems

Cancer Diagnostic Confidence with Leica Biosystems

Headquartered in Nussloch, Germany, Leica Biosystems is a global leader in advancing cancer diagnostics and workflow solutions. From biopsy to diagnosis, it aims to offer integrated solutions, improved quality, automation, proven performance, and reliable results. Integrating next-generation technology with medicine, Leica has introduced access to digital pathology using AI and Machine Learning.

The Leica Biosystems Companion Diagnostics (CDx) team collaborates with many other leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to develop and commercialize diagnostic test solutions. With the support of the scientific and medical community, Leica’s mission is to identify the challenges faced by pathologists and healthcare providers and subsequently improve cancer diagnosis and patient care for all. This article will review Leica Biosystems’ product portfolio, solutions, and services.

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Leica Biosystems Product Portfolio

Leica Biosystems has a comprehensive portfolio that spans the entire workflow from biopsy to diagnosis. From general research instruments to tracking and specific workflows, Leica brings industry-leading digital pathology equipment to healthcare professionals worldwide.

Histology Solutions

Leica’s integrated histology solutions provide workflow automation to facilitate effective sample preparation and timely delivery of slides. Its histology equipment is designed to reduce manual errors and increase patient safety. Leica offers:

  • Tissue processors: Leica offers various tissue processes for different tissue sizes and types as well as different lab workflows. From biopsies to fatty tissues, its scalable range of processors meets the demands of the everyday lab and delivers reliable results. Leica Biosystems has a wide range of tissue processors, including its HistoCore PELORIS 3, ASP6025 S, Leica TP1020, and more.
  • Embedding centers: Tissue embedding centers are intelligently automated with precise temperature control. With smooth sectioning and ribboning, optimal tissue embedding can be carried out using any of Leica’s embedding centers.
  • Cryostats: Leica’s cryostats provide immediate and reliable results and are designed with safety and ergonomics in mind. Prepare accurate frozen sections for your clinical applications using its CM3050 S, CM1950, and other cryostat systems.
  • Slide stainers and coverslippers: For routine, high-quality staining workflows, Leica offers high-throughput and compact stainers. Users can create a complete solution with staining kits, fully automated coverslipping workstations, and matching consumables.

Histology Consumables

Leica’s wide range of plug-and-play consumables has the potential to improve processing quality, cut research time, and reduce manual errors. Leica understands that labs rely on a consistent supply of high-quality consumables; for this reason, it offers:

IHC and ISH Solutions

For advanced staining, Leica Biosystems has introduced automated stainers with rapid and high-quality staining. The technology includes all the BOND systems tailored to meet your lab’s specific diagnostic requirements. Choose from its:

For all pathological diagnoses, IHC primary antibodies optimized for manual and automated applications are available. For molecular pathology, Leica offers a variety of Kreatech FISH probes as well as Novocastra ISH Probes for reliably detecting RNA sequences.

Digital Pathology

Leica Biosystems has a strong product portfolio that supports digitally-driven discoveries and diagnostics. Leica Biosystems has integrated pathology with AI to get outstanding image quality and optimal results. Apply Leica’s products to optimize the following workflows:

  • Scanning: The first step in digital pathology. Slide scanners and solutions include the Aperio Digital Pathology Slide Scanners. Choose from the Aperio GT 450 DX, Aperio AT2, Aperio VERSA, and more.
  • Managing: Aperio Digital Pathology Software like the Aperio eSlide Manager, Aperio Image Scope, and other management and integration software are provided for efficient automated systems communication and effective image management.
  • Analyzing: For research use, Leica Biosystems has validated Aperio RUO Image Analysis Algorithms that can be used with .svs images from Aperio scanners.

Leica Biosystems Solutions

To ease the diagnostic process, Leica Biosystems offers various research and clinical solutions.

Clinical Solutions

Leica Biosystems has collaborated with clinicians to provide end-to-end solutions that facilitate and expedite diagnosis processes. Portfolio solutions for cancer diagnosis include:

Life Sciences & Research Solution

To accelerate the process of transforming scientific research into outcomes, Leica Biosystems aims to provide researchers with novel technologies. Product applications in life sciences and research majorly include multiplexing immunochemistry.

With the help of multiplexing, researchers can assess multiple biomarkers at specific locations within a tissue. The latest technologies include multiplex IHC, ISH, and FISH.

Leica Biosystems is committed to supporting precise tissue preparation, IHC, ISH, Emerging tests, and digital pathology.

  • Tissue Preparation: The workflow of tissue preparation comprises:
  • Tissue processors: Process both human and animal tissue samples.

Portfolio solutions include HistoCore PELORIS 3 Premium Tissue Processing System, Leica TP1020, HistoCore PEGASUS Plus Tissue Processor, and more.

  • Primary Staining: Integrating stain, stainer, and expert advice, Leica supplies highly-efficient stainers such as the HistoCore SPECTRA ST Stainer.

Leica Biosystems Services

Field Support

Leica Biosystems provides certified field engineers to service your equipment to minimize error and time-wasting. With this comes priority service, fixed cost of operations, and peak performance.

Technical Support

To avoid in-person visits and customer inconvenience, Leica has trained staff that are ready to answer all your questions. They attend to remote troubleshooting and provide support through email or phone.


For training and monitoring purposes, Leica provides Instructions For Use (IFUs) and decontamination certificates for all products. IFUs in additional languages are supplied in the form of PDF on the CD ROM on your instrument(s). Webinars are also conducted to educate a larger audience.

For more information on Leica’s product portfolio and services, please visit www.leicabiosystems.com.

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