Empowering Cell Research with Miltenyi Biotec

Empowering Cell Research with Miltenyi Biotec

Who is Miltenyi Biotec & What Does the Company Offer?

Today’s world requires a more robust solution for the existing and novel medical conditions. There’s a need for a futuristic health infrastructure, which, apart from supporting the advancement of current medical solutions, also works on building preventative measures for future medical emergencies and pandemics such as COVID-19.

Miltenyi Biotec is one such company that, for more than 30 years, has been dedicated to the advancement of biomedical research. It designs, develops, and manufactures solutions for scientists building innovative diagnostic and treatment solutions, such as cell and gene therapy.

Miltenyi Biotec empowers biomedical researchers in their groundbreaking research by providing cutting-edge tools and equipment. Its mission is to expand the horizons of gene and cell therapy and facilitate the transition of basic research to clinical settings.

Miltenyi Biotec, founded in 1989, is headquartered in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. Currently, the company is led by Stefan Miltenyi (President & Chief Executive Officer) with other key team members, including Dr. Boris Stoffel (Chief Executive Officer) and Norbert Henschel (Chief Finance Officer).

In this article, we’ll review the products designed and manufactured by Miltenyi Biotec (referred to as GmbH in Germany) and how they are integrated and utilized in the experimental assays of biotech and biomedical labs.

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Miltenyi Biotec Product Portfolio

Miltenyi Biotec offers a wide range of solutions for basic, translational, and clinical research. It has tools and equipment for various lab assays, including sample preparation, cell sorting, cell analysis, gene expression analysis, and other functional assays.

Miltenyi has organized its products portfolio by:

  1. Technology
  2. Cell type
  3. Research area


Miltenyi has products for sample preparation, cell separation, flow cytometry, imaging and microscopy, molecular analysis, cell manufacturing, and cell culture and stimulation.

Its technology allows researchers to analyze, access, and exploit primary cells to build solutions that benefit human health. A few examples of its products are FcR Blocking reagents, MACS® MicroBeads, MultiMACS Cell24 Separator Plus, MACSQuant Analyzer 10, CliniMACS® Plus Instrument, and the MACSima™ Imaging Platform.

It also has GMP products, including antibodies, antigens, growth factors, and other reagents and cell manufacturing tools that meet GMP regulatory guidelines.

Cell type

Miltenyi Biotec supplies products based on cells, including T cell products, NK cell products, B cell products, stem cell products, tumor cell products, and immune cell products.

Its vast portfolio includes tools and solutions for cell separation, isolation, proliferation and activation, tissue dissociation, and analysis.

This category includes products like the MACSxpress Whole Blood B-CLL Cell Isolation Kit, Anti-F4/80 MicroBeads UltraPure, CD34 MicroBead Kit UltraPure, and MACSxpress® Isolation Technology.

Research area

In the research category, Miltenyi offers products according to diseases. This includes immunology products, products for cell therapy research, neuroscience products, cardiovascular products, cancer products, and stem cell products.

The research product portfolio has innovative solutions for end-to-end lab workflows, ranging from cell isolation, separation, and analysis to cell characterization and cultivation.

A few examples included in this area are flow cytometry markers, MACS® Tissue Storage Solution, gentleMACS™ Dissociators, SARS-CoV-2 antigens and ACE2, CliniMACS® Anti-Biotin MicroBeads, and MACS® GMP ExpAct™ Treg Kit for research use.

Miltenyi Biotec Applications

Miltenyi Biotec creates smart cellular technology solutions that have a broad range of clinical applications. It includes products for preclinical imaging, clinical-scale cell culture, molecular analysis, clinical-scale cell manufacturing, and clinical-grade cell preservation.

Similar to its products, Miltenyi organizes the applications of its products by:

  1. Technology
  2. Cell type
  3. Research area


Miltenyi offers products with applications in flow cytometry assays. It has a panel consisting of different research areas, including cell signaling analysis, immunophenotyping in cancer research, cell cycle analysis, and immune checkpoint analysis.

By choosing your area of interest, you receive relevant background information, requirements for a particular experiment, protocol, and data application.

Application of Flow cytometry

Figure: Application of Flow cytometry, for which Miltenyi avails protocols and background information.

Cell type

At Miltenyi Biotec, you can access application protocols and detailed scientific data based on the cell type you are working with. You can choose from T cells, B cells, cancer cells, stem cells, neural cells, and more.

Figure: Image showing application panel for immunotherapy and T cell research. You can receive complete information on a particular workflow by choosing your area of interest from the given panel.

Research area

Miltenyi has organized its products’ applications based on the research areas. Here, you can get detailed information from cell culture, cell isolation, and cell separation to cell manufacturing by choosing your research area.

It has application protocols and detailed scientific information on many workflows, including immunology, immuno-oncology, clinical applications, oncology, cardiovascular, and stem cell research.

Miltenyi’s oncology application workflows

Figure: Image showing different research areas under Miltenyi’s oncology application workflows.

Miltenyi Biotec Support

Besides cutting-edge tools and instruments to aid in cellular research, Miltenyi provides technical and order-related issues support. The kind of support provided by the company are:

  • Ordering support: Miltenyi Biotec has its customer services established worldwide, ensuring fast delivery of its products and flexible ordering options.
  • Technical support: Miltenyi’s technical experts offer technical and scientific support at all levels. You can get your answers from its FAQs library, handbooks, videos, or directly connect with one of their technical support scientists for instant solutions.
  • Instrument services: Miltenyi’s instruments are designed for high-level performance, allowing you to achieve reproducible data. The company offers scientists technical support services, which ensure that the instruments retain their maximum performance.
  • Customized application services: Miltenyi provides customized automation programs for its instruments when the pre-installed software applications don’t fulfill the user’s requirements. Its services include design control documentation, customized applications, and on-site installation and training.
  • Miltenyi University: Miltenyi offers hands-on training and several e-learning courses, to clinical, industrialists, and academics, for its tools and equipment.

Visit www.miltenyibiotec.com to learn more about Miltenyi’s products and services and their applications in clinical and life sciences labs.

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