Build Confidence in Your Sample Integrity with Gilson

Build Confidence in Your Sample Integrity with Gilson

Who is Gilson? What Does Their Product Portfolio Include?

Working at a molecular level and handling micro-volume chemicals is a massive challenge that scientists face in their daily lab routines. How can they ensure if the reactions performed in micro-volumes are precise and accurate? How can they then verify and trust the obtained data and results?

One possible answer?

Gilson Corporation. Gilson is dedicated to helping researchers facilitate discovery by creating instruments and services that improve their results. Since 1957, it has been helping researchers accelerate their discoveries by creating human- and application-centered lab tools that improve reproducibility and traceability.

Gilson’s legacy began in 1940 with Dr. Warren Gilson, who first developed an electroencephalograph (EEG) and oxygraph. Later, the company’s focus broadened from specialized instruments for physiological applications to include solutions for liquid handling, purification, and extraction processes. Today, the company is headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin, and is currently led by Nicolas Paris (Chief Executive Officer).

In this article, we will review Gilson’s vast product portfolio and the applications of its products in different areas of life science and pharmaceuticals.

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Gilson’s Product Portfolio

Gilson has a wide range of equipment and tools that makes daily lab life easier and more efficient. Its high-performance equipment is designed to mitigate errors while also verifying scientific results. Gilson’s products and services are categorized as follows:


Pipettes are an essential lab tool in chemistry, biology, and medical laboratories. They’re used to precisely transfer a measured volume of liquid during experiments. Any pipetting errors can spoil a whole set of experiments and require many repetitions.

As is the case, Gilson has been creating pipettes for more than 50 years with accuracy, comfort, and reliability. It offers a variety of pipettes with different ergonomic designs and volume sizes.

Some examples of Gilson’s pipettes are PIPETMAN® L, MICROMAN® E., PIPETMAN M, PIPETMAN Classic, and many more.

Gilson’s pipettes.

Image: Different types of pipettes are available at Gilson.

Pipette Tips

Pipette tips are disposable and autoclavable attachments used with pipettes to absorb and dispense liquid chemicals or samples.

Not all tips available in the market today are safe for experiments and can actually prove to be a source of contamination in your samples. Gilson pipette tips are made of the highest-grade materials and are manufactured in a sterile environment, ensuring they are free of contaminants themselves.

The company offers an extensive range of tips, from positive displacement and syringe tips to sterilized filter and non-filter tips. A few examples of its pipette tips are AmpliPur® Expert Tips, MICROMAN™ positive displacement pipette, DISTRITIPS®, and PIPETMAN® DIAMOND Tips.

Pipette Accessories

Pipette accessories enhance your overall pipetting experience.

Gilson offers a variety of pipette stands, chargers, comfort handles, identification clips, and other accessories to make your everyday pipetting processes more efficient and convenient.

Some of the products in this category are PIPETMAN® Comfort Handle, CARROUSEL™ Pipette Stand, plastic ejector for PIPETMAN® models, and TRIO™ Pipette Stand.

Lab Systems

Sample preparations are the primary step in all lab workflows; sample prep also often determines the end results of an experiment.

Trusted and verifiable data/results are necessary when it comes to publishing experiments, seeking FDA approvals, or supporting GMP/GLP operations, for which reliable sample preparations are required. Gilson provides a host of lab systems to help you efficiently prepare samples for analysis. The flexible and modular lab systems quickly adapt according to your experimentations.

Its systems include the ASPEC® system, centrifugal partition chromatography column (CPC-100), PIPETMAX®, and VERITY CPC Process.


Gilson has a long history of providing purification and liquid handling solutions. To make your lab life easier and workflows streamlined, it offers a variety of liquid handlers, pumps, and detectors to meet labs’ evolving needs. Some of its lab system components are MINIPULS 3 Pump Heads, 305 and 306 Pumps for HPLC, VERITY® Syringe Pumps, and the FC 203B Fraction Collector.


Gilson’s lab system consumables, such as ASPAC cartridges, 384-well tips, and syringe filters, are developed to quickly and easily set up your lab protocols.

Benchtop Devices

Benchtop devices are essential for daily experiments in labs. Gilson provides high-performance benchtop devices that occupy less space, are easy to use, and move when required. Its innovative devices range from a magnetic bead extraction platform (EXTRACTMAN®), a low-pulse peristaltic pump (MINIPULS® 3), to an all-in-one kit (TRACKMAN® Connected). This kit includes a tablet, apps, and accessories that make pipetting on 96- or 384-well plates quicker and more reliable, improving benchtop experiments.

Spare Parts

Faults or defects in any one instrument of equipment can render it useless for the experiment. In such cases, labs have to purchase completely new equipment or tools. At Gilson, you can buy any spare parts and avoid the cost of purchasing brand new tools and instruments.

Common Applications for Gilson Products

Gilson’s products are designed and manufactured to easily integrate with your current workflows. Given below are a few application areas where Gilson’s products and services can be used.

COVID-19 Testing

The Gilson team is fighting against COVID-19 by providing specialized tools, services, technology, and resources that can be integrated into your testings, such as qPCR and RT-LAMP workflows. It also provides products that help in detecting the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater samples.


Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is a tool used to detect antibodies against SARS-CoV2 in serum or plasma samples; it can also help identify individuals who have been infected or exposed.

Gilson offers a variety of precise and accurate pipetting solutions for ELISA workflows.

Image: Stages of ELISA for which Gilson offers high-performance manual, automated, and connected solutions.

Image: Stages of ELISA for which Gilson offers high-performance manual, automated, and connected solutions.


RT-qPCR is a technique used to detect RNA, especially viral RNA. Manual extraction and plate setup of viral RNA for RT-qPCR can be a time-consuming and laborious process. Gilson’s products allow the automation of RNA extraction workflows, shaving time and enhancing the reproducibility of reactions.

Cannabis Purification

Cannabis plants are popular for their hundreds of medicinal properties and their legalization in countries with controlled regulations has increased their overall global usage and status.

Gilson’s cannabis purification systems integrate well with unique cannabis workflows; the company also offers purification services and a knowledge toolbox for cannabis enthusiasts.

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