Powering Gene Therapy with Unchained Labs

Powering Gene Therapy with Unchained Labs

Break Free With Unchained Labs

Innovation in research labs is highly dependent on technologically advanced instruments and fast processing. Cutting-edge instruments help in reducing errors during experimentation and obtaining increased data volume. They also save time involved in performing the labor-intensive tasks manually.

Unchained Labs is just one provider of high-throughput life science biologics tools, enhancing any lab’s output and accelerating its innovation. Its problem-tackling products ease the everyday lives of biologics and gene therapy researchers and expedite their lab workflows.

The company was established in Pleasanton in 2013, and was backed by a premier New York-based private equity firm, the Carlyle Group.

Currently, the company is led by Tim Harkness (Founder and CEO) and a board of managing directors from the Carlyle Group, including Steve Wide, Martin Madaus, and Robert Schmidt.

Unchained Labs is committed to developing solutions for challenging tasks, including buffer exchanges, stability and aggregation screening, and measuring the concentration of biological molecules. It offers a better approach to purifying, formulating, and quantifying nano-molecules for efficient delivery at the targeted site.

In this article, we will cover Unchained Labs’ product portfolio, their functionalities, and their applications in life sciences, biotech, and pharma labs.

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Unchained Labs’ Trademark Product Portfolio

Unchained Labs’ product portfolio contains a range of brand-name products assisting in a spectrum of life sciences and biotechnology workflows. It includes protein sizing systems, benchtop workflow solutions, and particle identifiers. Below is a list of its products and their unique features.


A gene therapy tool that utilizes 2 μL titer to provide Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), UV/Vis concentration, and Static Light Scattering (SLS) data.

Its hassle-free, label-free, dye-free workflow allows easy characterization of nanoparticles, quantification, and sizing of AAV (adeno-associated viruses),LNP (lipid nanoparticles), and alertness about any protein aggregation.


The first all-in-one platform for screening biologics’ stability. The instrument combines three modes of measurement: 1) Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), 2) Static Light Scattering (SLS), and 3) fluorescence, to obtain all data only by using a small protein concentration in just a couple of hours.

Big Tuna

An automated buffer exchange instrument. It helps researchers to save time by automating the time-consuming buffer exchange process. It can clean up, concentrate, and formulate gene therapy vectors and proteins in only 30 minutes of setup time.


A next-generation nucleic acid and protein quantification system. It allows you to measure 96 samples in just 10 minutes, only by using a 2 μL solution.


This is a particle characterization and ID platform. It measures, counts, and IDs particles by combining Raman and Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), and microscopy techniques.


A silicone thickness and distribution analyzer. It provides information on the thickness, mass, and distribution measurement of silicon coating on injectable devices, including cartridges, vials, and syringes, in just a few minutes.

Big Kahuna

A customizable, high-throughput, automated workflow solution for gene therapy vectors, catalysts, small molecules, polymers, biologics. It helps in a range of lab workflows, including sample preparation, visual inspection, powder dispensing, and formulation screening and optimization.


A configurable benchtop workflow solution. It can be used in a spectrum of lab processes, including pressurized reactors, powder dispensing, visual inspection, and sample preparation.

Unchained Labs Solutions

Unchained Labs has developed a range of solutions to facilitate lab workflows. Below is a list of applications supported by its products.


Biologics is a product derived from a variety of living organisms, including animals, humans, and microorganisms using biotechnology tools.

Unchained Labs provide a variety of products that support workflows related to monoclonal antibodies & recombinant proteins. It includes:

  • Stability & formulation screening: The Uncle instrument helps in studying protein stability by combining twelve different applications.
  • Buffer exchange & sample prep: Big Tuna automates the buffer exchange process and provides more control over the system and sample handling.
  • Protein quantification: The Lunatic tool speeds up and smoothens the process of protein quantification.
  • Quantification & aggregation: Stunner helps to tackle problems associated with protein aggregates and yield.
  • Particle analysis & identification: Hound combines microscopy and spectroscopy techniques to eliminate protein aggregates and other contaminants during drug development.

Gene Therapy

The company provides products that help in several applications related to AAV and LNP. Given below is a list of applications and the products best fitting for the workflow:

  • For AAV (Adeno-associated viruses):
  • Titer & empty/full ratio: Stunner
  • Capsid stability: Uncle
  • Reformulation & concentration: Big tuna
  • Nucleic acid quantification: Lunatic
  • For LNPs (lipid nanoparticles) and other nanoparticles:
  • Quantification & sizing: Stunner
  • Clean-up & concentration: Big tuna
  • Nucleic acid quantification: UV/Vis spectroscopy on Lunatic


A vaccine is a biological substance that stimulates the body’s immune response against a particular disease. For the purpose of vaccine development, Unchained lab equipment can be a major help.

They help at all stages of working with LNPs and recombinant proteins, including stability and formulation screening, protein quantification, and quantification and aggregation. The products utilized in these experiments involve the Uncle, Lunatic, and Stunner.


Genomics is the complete study of an organism’s genome, ranging from structure, function, mapping, editing, and its evolution.

Unchained labs’ products help at two stages of genomic workflows:

  • Nucleic acid quantification: UV/Vis spectroscopy on Lunatic helps researchers to quantify nucleic-acid in 5-10 minutes just by utilizing 2 µL per sample.
  • Extraction & purification QC: Lunatic provides accurate data on the quantification and purification of nucleic acid. It helps to detect any co-absorbing impurities and provides A260/A280 and A260/A230 ratios of extracted DNA/RNA, which signify the level of their purity.


The automated technologies help labs in a spectrum of ways, including reduced manual errors, increased productivity, and reduced waste and efficient use of reagents. It also accelerates the process of discovery and innovation in labs.

Unchained Labs provides two automated platforms, Junior and Big Kahuna, to ease the daily lives of researchers. Both platforms help in various processes, including biologics and gene therapy and work with small molecules, polymers, and catalysts.

Applications supported by both the automated products are:

  • Formulation and developability
  • Sample preparation and liquid handling
  • Small molecules
  • Reaction screening
  • Reaction optimization
  • Formulation and polymorph screening
  • Powder dispense
  • Polymerization optimization
  • Catalyst screening
  • Powder dispense

To learn more, please visit www.unchainedlabs.com.

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Unchained Labs is a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of a range of innovative automated products, having applications in a spectrum of life science workflows.

Its solutions are designed to ease the life of researchers by automating their everyday tasks and increasing their productivity. These products have applications in many life science workflows, including biologics, gene therapy, genomics, and drug and vaccine development.

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