How Does Tecan Empower Life Sciences & Diagnostics Companies?

Tecan History & Product Overview

In 2020, we saw an unprecedented amount of innovation and technological advancements in response to COVID-19. While FDA approval is often a long process, we saw COVID-19 assays receive Emergency Use Authorization to release diagnostic tools to testing sites around the United States.

Tecan is just one manufacturer that is well aware of the needs of every laboratory and clinic worldwide. The company works tirelessly to discover new, compliant methodologies that deliver accurate and groundbreaking results.

Tecan began in 1980 and was created by four engineers in the small Swiss village of Hombrechtikon. Today, Tecan is a global biotech brand known for revolutionizing the way laboratories function and its laboratory automation devices.

Tecan’s vision can be simplified into three points:

  • Understanding and fighting disease.
  • Broadening access to cutting-edge technologies.
  • Furthering their impact in a helpful and positive way.

Tecan provides precise diagnostic and lab automation solutions to the life sciences industry. It will also partner with your laboratory or clinic if you are developing an OEM solution. In this article, we will delve deeper into the company, its products, and new technologies it has to offer.

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Tecan: Life Sciences

Life science research and development is always in need of automation, consumables, and tools that make it easier to find answers and develop the right solutions. Finding new solutions to reduce sample loss or software that simplifies a diagnostic technique are a few ways that life sciences have benefited from Tecan and its hard work. Let’s look at Tecan’s product line and see how its life sciences portfolio can help your lab or clinic.


  • Liquid handling and automation: You can find everything you need to increase throughput and improve efficiency and safety measures in this category. Choose from liquid handling platforms, software, dispensers, and consumables. Fluent is their latest automated workstation that you can customize to fit your needs.
  • Tecan Labwerx™: Labwerx™ is an automated, end-to-end solution for any laboratory. This product translates your workflow into an automated system based on three major pillars: Tecan platforms, customized modules, and third-party integrations.
  • Microplate readers: These readers are available as single-mode or multimode. They provide accurate and consistent data to empower breakthroughs. You may also find add-ons and accessories for QC, such as the Tecan Connect™ (automated batch processing microplate) and other OEM Tecan microplates.
  • Microplate washers: Looking for washers for beads, cells, or ELISA assays? Look no further as this category has what you need. Blot processors are also available with the ProfiBlot 48, one of its top autoimmune and infectious disease diagnostic products.
  • Software: Having software access for your Tecan tools is an extremely important part of the laboratory experience. Mobile apps, cloud-based counting, and automation software are crucial for high throughput and accurate results. Be sure to look at their TouchTools so that you can use your automated workstations with a touchscreen and save extra time.
  • Consumables: No matter what kind of equipment, tools, or software you utilize in your clinic or lab, you need consumables to get through every day. Labware, OEM consumables, functional, and disposable tips are all available in this category.
  • NGS reagents: Need library prep kits? Tecan has a wide variety of options for DNA or RNA sequencing, genotyping, METHYL sequencing, and microarrays.
  • Immunoassays and antibodies: The immunoassay portfolio includes autoimmunity, endocrinology, immunology, and diagnosing multiple infectious diseases. These products are only available to laboratory professionals and are limited to certain countries.


  • Genomics: Solutions for your genomic workflow automation. PCR setup, DNA extraction, DNA normalization, and NGS sample prep are a part of this focus area. If you work with saliva, blood, or urine samples, be sure to check out their BioBanking solutions.
  • Drug discovery: Fully automated compound supervision, assay evolution, and integrated readers are all available in this category. These tools will allow you to focus on analyzing the data while automation does the heavy lifting for you.
  • Analytical chemistry: If your mass spectrometry processes are bottlenecking, look no further. These solutions offer higher throughput to increased test volumes by reducing manual sample preparation. Perfect for clinical, toxicology, and forensic applications.
  • Cell biology: This is where 2D and 3D cell culture, cell-based assays, colony picking, cell counting, and cell transfection needs are taken care of. Find everything you need for cellular imaging and analysis, cloning, and cell culture in this category.
  • Protein science: Find what you need for assay miniaturization and parallelization, protein purification, protein digestion, and buffer preparation here. Mass spectrometry, crystallography, and bioprocessing solutions are housed in this section, too.
  • Applied markets: Tecan certainly supports markets beyond life sciences. Agriculture, food, and veterinary markets are important to human daily life and Tecan has made a name for themselves in these areas as well.
  • ELISA solutions: Tecan has spent half of its lifetime improving enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays and provides the most powerful systems. Freedom EVOlution is its most popular software for setting up pipetting tasks such as sample distribution, assay preparation, and ELISA processing.

Tecan: Diagnostics

Clinical diagnostics is one of the most important aspects of life sciences and clinical practice. Sample preparation can make or break diagnostic accuracy. So much so that the EPA has offered guides on sample preparation to help fledgling laboratories gain traction in their work without compromising results.

Tecan offers solutions to diagnostic issues with its consumables, automation, and customizations. Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer.


  • Liquid handling and lab automation: Tecan’s liquid handlers are reliable and flexible enough to meet your exact needs. They will improve the efficiency of your workstation while increasing the safety of your workload. There are a total of 8 options, its Freedom Evo® platform being the most reliable of them all.
  • Microplate readers: Readers are available in single-mode or multimode. There are accessories available, such as automated batch processing and Tecan microplates.
  • Microplate washers: A one-stop-shop for washers for beads, cells, and ELISA assays. Blot processors are also available, with the ProfiBlot 48 the best for autoimmune and infectious disease diagnostics.
  • Software: Mobile apps, cloud-based counting, and automation software are available. Tecan’s Magellan is the perfect addition to analyzing data from tested samples.
  • Consumables: Specialized consumables and laboratory instruments for diagnostics in immunology, autoimmunity, infectious diseases, and neurodegeneration. Pipettes, tubes, and other items are widely available.
  • Resolvex® and smart consumables: Resolvex® is Tecan’s line of high-quality products that offer smart, automated, positive pressure sample preparation. This will streamline your workflow and allow you to spend less time on the tedious task of sample prep.
  • Immunoassays and antibodies: The immunoassay dossier includes complementary medicine, endocrinology, diagnosing multiple infectious diseases, and neurotransmitters. These products are only available to clinical professionals.


  • Molecular diagnostics: Solutions for the entirety of cytogenetics, molecular genetics workflow, and molecular cytogenetics. Here, labs can transition the assays from development to confirmation. These applications will also result in a higher return on investment (ROI).
  • Analytical chemistry: The focus here is on sample prep for mass spectrometry. This can be accomplished with positive pressure workstations, liquid-liquid extraction, dilute and shoot, and IVD compliance.
  • Pre- and post-analytical processing: Analyzers for all your pre- and post-analytical activities that include plate preparation, sample distribution, and archiving. Tecan guarantees pipetting precision with each type of processing available.
  • Immunodiagnostics: Tecan offers a vast portfolio of reagents and resources for scalable semi- and fully-automated specialized diagnostics and immunoassays (suitable for use in clinical environments). Each immunodiagnostics test has been verified on Tecan’s open liquid handling platforms. Integrated immunoassay solutions are also available.

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