Shimadzu Corporation’s Product Portfolio

Shimadzu Corporation’s Product Portfolio

Shimadzu: Excellence in Science

Founded 150 years ago, Shimadzu Corporation is a world leading equipment manufacturer in analytical instruments. Shimadzu is headquartered in Nishinokyo Kuwabara-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan, and has a worldwide network of customers.

Shimadzu was founded in 1875, when Genzo Shimadzu Sr. started manufacturing educational, physical, and chemical instruments. Since then, Shimadzu has seen a journey onward and upward. Expanding every year, Shimadzu specializes in building products and services for its core technologies—mass spectrometry and biotechnology.

In 1975, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc. was established in the US. Today, Shimadzu deals in analytical and measuring instruments, industrial machinery, and aircraft equipment that hold applications in drug delivery research, medical research, regenerative medicine, aviation, and AI solutions.

Shimadzu’s products are being used to diagnose and treat patients, measure their health, and support the development of new drugs. The company aims to develop new technologies and new devices to meet the unprecedented pace of change and advancement.

Shimadzu excels e in science and technology, and wants to improve healthcare outcomes and quality of life for all through their business by solving the complex challenges faced in science and medicine today. Recently, Shimadzu has been selected for the sixth time as a Nadeshiko Brand for actively empowering women within the company.

In this article, we will cover Shimadzu’s product portfolio, support, and R&D.

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Shimadzu Product Portfolio

Shimadzu mainly conducts business in four areas: analytical & measuring, medical systems, industrial machinery, and aircraft equipment. Serving the life science, biopharmaceutical, automotive, clinical, food, and environment industries, Shimadzu has extensive portfolio of products that include:

Analytical and Measuring Instruments

Shimadzu caters to the need of labs conducting analytical experiments and measurements, offering a wide range of analyzers, technologies and products for:

Medical Systems

Shimadzu contributes to advanced healthcare by offering a broad range of medical products and imaging systems for medical diagnosis and patient care These include:

Vacuum and Industrial Machinery

Shimadzu provides vacuum equipment, thin film deposition systems, inspection systems and other types of industrial equipment for cutting-edge manufacturing processes, incorporating solar cells, semiconductors, and flat panel displays in their machinery. Their product selection includes:

Hydraulic Equipment

Shimadzu also supplies hydraulic equipment highly regarded for their precise processing technologies and advanced quality control.

You can select products based on application, whether it’s material handling, agriculture machinery, construction machinery, or the truck industry. These include:

Aircraft Equipment/Marine Device/ Magnetic Measurement

The Shimadzu Aircraft Equipment Division develops advanced technologies and contributes to a safe and comfortable flying experience. Their product range has been developed alongside the Japanese aircraft industry, and comprises:

Optical Devices

Shimadzu has been developing spectroscopy instruments for decades, accumulating extensive technological expertise, enabling the development of a wide range of advanced optical devices that support various spectroscopic techniques.  These products are essential when it comes to spectroscopy, and include:

Shimadzu Product Support

Customers at Shimadzu also receive product support and services. With a worldwide support network, Shimadzu is able to provide proactive services like:

  • i-Series virtual Advisor
  • Prominence Virtual Advisor
  • Nexera Virtual Advisor
  • TOC-V Virtual Advisor
  • TOC-L Virtual Advisor

Shimadzu Research and Development

The R&D department is the heart of Shimadzu, focusing on 9 core technologies that include:

  • Mass Spectrometry Technology

Shimadzu’s mass spectrometry technology is used to conduct research that improves the performance of mass spectrometry and helps develop mass microscopes capable of imaging mass distribution in smaller areas.

  • Biotechnology

The company’s biotechnology R&D is used to develop pretreatment technologies for devices that analyze biological samples and work towards improving the quality, stability, and efficiency of cell cultures in drug development and regenerative medicine.

  • AI Solutions

Shimadzu’s artificial intelligence (AI) solutions focus on creating AI-integrated signal processing to support automation, improved analysis, diagnosis, and measurement.

  • Micro/Nano Systems

The Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) technology is used to conduct R&D for the fluid control devices used in analytical instruments, separation mechanisms, and detectors

  • Optical Measurement Technology

Their optical measurement technology supports optical measurement technologies that make use of light to detect differences in shape and deformation at the nanometer level and obtain information about atoms and molecules.

  • Radiological Technology

For use in radiography medical diagnosis, testing, and composite analysis, their research and development team is working on radiological technologies, including next-generation X-ray sources.

  • Control Technology

Control equipment present in flight control systems is used to control aerodynamic lift and airframe altitude. To improve mobility and ease of operation, different types of control technologies are being researched and developed.

  • Separation / Detection Technology

Shimadzu conducts research and development for separation detection technologies, like chromatography and electrophoresis. These are extensively used in the bioscience, pharma, food, and chemical industries.

  • High-Precision Processing Technology

Their high-precision processing technology is used for the manufacturing of high-performance mechanical parts and optical devices.

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Shimadzu Corporation is a manufacturing company based out of Japan operating worldwide, known for its cutting-edge equipment and instrumentation that helps scientists overcome challenges in the healthcare and life sciences industries. The company’s mission is to use science and technology for the well-being of mankind.

Shimadzu has an extensive R&D team that develops and manufactures analytical instruments, medical equipment, industrial machinery, and equipment as well.

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