Sciex & the Power of Precision

Sciex & the Power of Precision

Who is Sciex & What do They Do?

No one understands the need for accuracy and precision more than lab scientists. The amount of chemicals taken to perform a reaction, hit a specific target, or measure a microscopic organism or particle all require precision to produce trusted and validated results. Any error, whether it’s mechanical, technical, or human, can result in incorrect data and lead to unreliable results and a waste of resources.

With Sciex, scientists and lab analysts around the world can simplify their analytical challenges by using its accurate, sensitive, and intuitive analytical solutions.

It’s pioneering mass spectrometry, chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, and other software solutions, allowing researchers to detect and quantify molecules with absolute precision. This is how Sciex protects and enhances the safety and wellbeing of millions of people.

A member of the Danaher family (global life science and technology innovators), Sciex has been a leader in mass spectrometry since 1981. For over 50 years, Sciex has brought breakthrough technologies to the forefront and its solutions have contributed to the advancement of research in many ways. Today, the company is headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts.

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Sciex Product Portfolio

Sciex has led the precision industry. Its broad portfolio of products facilitating scientific analysis includes innovative instrument systems, pre-packaged methods, intuitive software, chemistry reagents, and a whole host of other solutions that reduce analytical complexity in assays and expedite results.

Mass spectrometers

Sciex’s mass spec (MS) systems are considered among the most advanced in terms of both quantitative and qualitative analysis. A few examples include:

  • Its QTRAP® Technology line offers ten scan functions for accurate identification and quantitation of experimental materials, powering your workflows. If you perform routine testing or advanced analysis, the X500 QTOF series with SWATH® Acquisition software can lift your lab to new heights.
  • Its Triple Quad mass spectrometer allows quantitation of a range of compounds in a single injection with better speed, sensitivity, and performance.

Integrated solutions

In-vitro diagnostics

HPLC products

  • Sciex’s HPLC products are a go-to solution to physically separate materials. It includes a complete range of separation technologies, including microflow, analytical flow, nanoflow LC-MS, and ultra-low flow CESI-MS.

Ion mobility spectrometry & ion sources

  • Sciex’s SelexION® technology allows the separation of ions regardless of the molecular weight or chromatographic retention time of the compounds. With this instrument, you can reduce noise and interference in your sample to measure only the relevant molecules. To supplement, Sciex also provides mass spec ionization sources to deliver more ions to the mass analyzer and increase coverage over a large analyte range.


  • Sciex software solutions allow scientists to achieve quick, reliable, and comprehensive results. A number of workflow and application modules included in the software complement your operating system that suits your specific needs.
  • A few products in this category are Analyst® Software and Sciex OS software.

Consumables & standards

  • Sciex has a broad range of reagents and consumables to enhance the performance of your spectrometer.

Sciex’s Mass Spectrometry Application Workflows

Sciex has tools for a wide range of applications, from routine lab exercises to complex analytical workflows. Its products help in myriad research and biotherapeutic areas, including proteomics, cannabis research, drug discovery and development, forensics, and other general life science research.

Life Science Research

Sciex’s high throughput omics technology helps life science researchers to discover, quantitate, identify, and interpret key proteins, genes, metabolites, and lipids in complex biological systems.

Its advanced omics are suitable for different omic areas including proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, and genomics.

Food Testing

Sciex’s versatile mass spec solutions facilitate a broad range of workflows in the food testing sector. With Sciex’s products and solutions, researchers can:

  • Analyze food and beverage authenticity
  • Evaluate food safety
  • Study cannabis compliance and characterization
  • Conduct residue analysis
  • Conduct quality control

Clinical Diagnostics

Sciex’s diagnostic solutions are a perfect fit for clinical research or hospital testing labs to deliver reliable results with utmost accuracy.

In addition to uncovering new discoveries in clinical diagnostics, Sciex developed and validated protocols for high-throughput testing of biomarkers. As such, the company is trusted by the scientific community for advances in the fields of clinical, omics, research, and diagnostics.

Environmental Testing

Sciex has an extensive range of liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) solutions to identify all environmental contaminants including Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), residual pesticides or pharmaceuticals, microcystins, and other toxic aquatic substances in soil, wastewater samples, or drinking water.

The tools and solutions benefit agricultural professionals, environmental consultants, as well as government laboratories to efficiently assess the quality of soil, water, and air and produce accurate reporting results.

Forensic Analysis

Sciex offers a full suite of forensic technology and analysis solutions that help in evidence collection, sample processing, sample preservation, and data analysis and interpretation.

Its products allow accurate detection and quantification of compounds that help in producing accurate results, enhance laboratory uptime, and laboratory efficiency.

Pharma & BioPharma

SCIEX offers end-to-end CE and LC-MS solutions to help you optimize your lab’s current capabilities or scale up to meet your future needs. Its services range from repairing instruments to assisting with workflows or helping improve productivity in your laboratory.

In addition to their specialized services, they offer a large set of tools to transform your best biological and chemical insights into testable systems.

To get more information on Sciex’s trending products and services, or learn about its webinars, visit https://sciex.com/ or follow its LinkedIn to receive notifications from the company.

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Sciex offers an extensive range of chromatography and mass spec products and solutions. Additionally, the company also offers training and support to install and operate its devices.

The company helps analytical researchers, analysts, and scientists in the field of life sciences research, food and environmental testing, and biopharma achieve reduced testing uptime, with enhanced quality and reliability of results.

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