How Does PerkinElmer Deliver Unique Solutions?

Who is PerkinElmer? Delivering High-Quality Products & Services

PerkinElmer, a global corporation committed to delivering unique solutions to the diagnostics, life sciences, food and beverage, and applied markets, enables scientists, researchers, and clinicians to address their most critical challenges across science and healthcare.

The company was originally founded in 1937 by Richard Perkin and Charles Elmer as an optical design and consulting company. Since then, it has continued to build, acquire, and expand into other areas of analytical instruments.

PerkinElmer, Inc. first partnered with Cetus Corporation in the early 1990s to pioneer the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) equipment industry, later merging with several other companies in computer manufacturing. This led to the foundation of PerkinElmer’s computer system division.

More recently, it has acquired the in vitro diagnostic company Tulip Diagnostics, Euroimmun Medical Laboratory Diagnostics, Shanghai Spectrum Instruments Co. Ltd., and, lastly, Cisbio Bioassays, which specializes in diagnostics and drug discovery solutions.

In this article, we will review PerkinElmer’s products, services, and their applications in several life sciences and biotech areas.

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PerkinElmer Products

PerkinElmer manufactures products for diagnostics, life science research, applied genomics, forensics, pharma, and biopharma, as well as food, environmental, and industrial testing. Its solutions help streamline and accelerate comprehensive scientific workflows, enabling scientists to perform assays with minimal errors, reduces hands-on time, and increases throughput and data reproducibility in real-time.

PerkinElmer divides its extensive product portfolio into the following categories:

  • Accessories: This includes a wide array of lab accessories, such as automated liquid handling platforms, industrial-grade oil-less air compressors for atomic spectroscopy, chromatography instrumentation, and reliable chillers, coolers, and heat exchangers.

  • Automation: Integrated laboratory automation to simplify microplate handling, liquid handling, and detection; liquid handlers to minimize errors and streamline your workflow; and OEM solutions that include supplying magnetic beads needed for nucleic acid isolation. The company also offers components for your custom NGS library, automating your complete workflow, and more.

  • Consumables: PerkinElmer’s consumables belong to three categories based on their technologies: atomic spectroscopy consumables for atomic absorption (AA), inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP OES), and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometers (ICP-MS). Chromatography consumables for gas chromatography and liquid chromatography are also available.

  • Informatics: Informatics solutions that empower scientists, helping them gain critical insights from data analytics and accelerating informed decisions. Its software platforms include electronic lab notebooks (ELN), ChemDraw, and a signal research suite.

  • Instruments: The range of PerkinElmer’s validated and innovative instruments includes live imaging systems, maternal and fetal health instruments, NIR food analyzers, and much more.

  • OEM Solutions: Complete OEM solutions for nucleic acid extraction, qualitative and quantitative nucleic acid and protein analysis, liquid handling automation, plate movement, and plate handling.

  • Reagents: A wide range of reagents are available for your various workflows, including ELISA kits, library prep kits, drug discovery agents, and cellular imaging reagents.

  • Software: PerkinElmer’s software solution is characterized into three major groups: (1) image analysis software, (2) instrument control and upgrades, and (3) newborn screening software to generate, analyze, and extract meaningful data.

  • Training: New user courses and troubleshooting training for interested students. The courses are taught in traditional classrooms by experienced scientists in their own labs.

PerkinElmer Services

PerkinElmer offers a comprehensive solution for stem cells, genomic screening, and other scientific services that are classified into the following four groups:

  • Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Banking: For over 25 years, PerkinElmer has provided cord blood banking and cord tissue banking services to deliver the highest-quality stem cell collection and storage process. The company also provides genomic testing services for newborns, children, and adults.

  • Genetic and Newborn Testing: PerkinElmer serves healthcare providers, patients and parents, and pharma and research by providing cutting-edge solutions for newborn screening, biochemical and metabolic screening, whole-genome sequencing, and whole-exome sequencing. It also has an AnyPanel test for scientists and healthcare experts, giving access to thousands of genes and panel combinations for the best customization according to patients’ needs.

  • OneSource Laboratory Services: OneSource laboratory services include a complete suite of solutions that provide the knowledge, applications, services, and manpower that labs need. It includes uptime optimization, which features Contracts and Performance Maintenance and Qualifications, and full Lab Asset Management programs. OneSource also covers lab analytics services, including interactive dashboards, remote support, workflow solutions, compliance services, scientific services, and IT solutions.

  • Research Services: PerkinElmer’s research products allow you to extend your lab’s capabilities and excel in your research. These services save labs time by executing important tasks, such as labeling, microplate barcoding, coating, and radiosynthesis.

PerkinElmer Applications

PerkinElmer has designed several automated workflow solutions for a range of applications, including COVID testing, nucleic acid isolation, PCR setup, NGS sample prep, AAV characterization, CRISPR fragment analysis, food safety analysis, molecular cytogenetics, and protein characterization.

The company’s products and services support lab workflows involved in:

  • Atomic Spectroscopy

  • Cell Imaging & Analysis

  • Chromatography

  • DNA/RNA Isolation, Analysis & Detection

  • Evolved Gas Analysis

  • In Vivo Preclinical Imaging Solutions

  • Mass Spectrometry

  • Molecular Spectroscopy

  • Nanometrology

  • Organic Elemental Analysis

  • Protein Analysis & Detection

  • Radiometric Detection

  • SARS-CoV-2 Testing

  • Single Cell Analysis

  • Speciation Analysis

  • Thermal Analysis

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PerkinElmer is a leading manufacturer of analytical equipment, diagnostic services, and software platforms for scientists and clinicians. Its wide range of equipment applies to life science research, food, environmental, industrial testing, applied genomics, forensics, pharma, and biopharmaceuticals.

Its products help in a number of lab applications including whole-genome sequencing, PCR, newborn screening, COVID testing, nucleic acid isolation, and food safety analysis.

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