Fueling Life Science Research with BioTek Instruments

Fueling Life Science Research with BioTek Instruments

What Equipment Does BioTek Instruments Offer?

BioTek Instruments is a worldwide leader in developing and distributing innovative life science instrumentation. Founded in 1968 by Dr. Norman Alpert, the company has grown to provide world-class tools and equipment that support uninterrupted life science research workflows.

BioTek is headquartered in Winooski, Vermont, and is currently led by Briar Alpert (Chairman and CEO). First beginning with manufacturing test and calibration devices, BioTek now designs, develops, and supplies a comprehensive product line that includes:

  • Imaging & Microscopy Systems
  • Microplate Robotics
  • Automated Incubators
  • Microplate Washers & Dispensers
  • Microplate Readers
  • Stackers and Pipetting Systems

For BioTek and its teams (which include customer care advisors, in-house and field-based application scientists, and service and support teams), the primary objective is to maximize customer satisfaction in the value of their products.  

As a member of the Agilent family, the company is working on developing solutions for scientists that can provide better, deeper, and improved insights across a wide range of cell analysis applications. In addition to providing tools for cell analysis, the company also offers training and assay optimization services for its products.

In this article, we’ll review BioTek’s complete portfolio and its applications in a wide range of life science areas.

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BioTek Product Portfolio

BioTek offers a range of high-quality plate readers, microplate washers and dispensers, software, cell imaging equipment, and liquid handling and automation tools with enhanced performance and flexibility.

Cell Imaging & Microscopy

BioTek’s robotic imagers provide dramatic images, montages, z-stacks, and time-lapse sequences that bring life to your science. It has different lines of cell imaging and microscopy products including its Lionheart Automated Microscopes, the Cytation C10 Confocal Imaging Reader, Cytation Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Readers, and the BioSpa Live Cell Analysis System. All these imaging systems offer the best assistance in a range of microscopy workflows.

Microplate Readers: Multi-mode & Absorbance Readers

BioTek supplies some of the most versatile, flexible, and easy-to-use absorbance and multi-mode microplate readers. They are utilized in a wide range of life science experiments including ELISA (an antibody-based reaction) and high-throughput detection.


Its Gen5 and liquid handling control (LHC) software add flexibility and power to your imaging, detection, and liquid handling workflows. Its LHC software provides full control over microplate washing, dispensing operations, and stacking operations. Its Gen5 software allows you to easily control all imaging and detection systems, leading to more reliable and validated data. Both software are available in several editions and may be integrated with other automated systems.

Liquid Handling: Microplate Washers & Dispensers

BioTek’s microplate washers and dispensers automate and support a range of life science workflows, including magnetic bead assays, MSD automation, and immunocytochemistry.


BioTek’s robotics tools and equipment help automate your lab workflows, leading to increased work and process efficiency. Its automation solutions can integrate well with any of its instruments including dispensers, washers, imagers, or readers. Some products in this category include its BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator and the BioStack Microplate Stacker

BioTek Instruments Applications

BioTek has an extensive range of instruments for a variety of life science workflows, including cell analysis, cell imaging, multi-mode microplate detection, and any other assay automation.

Given below is a list of application areas applicable to the BioTek instrumentations:

  • Cancer research: A broad range of cancer research studies can be conducted using BioTek instruments. It includes cell proliferation, cell culture, colony formation, cell migration, and invasion assays.
  • Cell counting: BioTek’s Lionheart FX automated microscope and Cytation cell imaging multi-mode readers, when combined with Gen5 software, automate the cell counting procedure, producing accurate and reliable data.
  • Cell culture: Routine cell culturing is made easy with BioTek’s imaging tools. The products enhance the reproductivity and effectiveness of cell-based assays, leading to reduced variability and improved results.
  • Cell health & viability: BioTek instruments combined with its Gen5 software facilitates several workflows, including comet assays, label-free total cell counts, and γ-H2AX immunofluorescence assays.
  • Cell metabolism: BioTek’s products help scientists monitor real-time changes in cell bioenergetics. Furthermore, its products provide researchers with a deeper understanding of cellular responses in different environments, which in turn provides greater insights into diseases and their treatments.
  • Cell migration & invasion: BioTek’s tools and solutions contribute significantly to understanding cell movements, which holds critical importance for treating multiple types of diseases.
  • Development biology: In drug discovery, one of the critical steps is to use model organisms, such as nematodes and zebrafish, for drug screening. BioTek’s instruments are just the right fit to perform assays on these organisms.
  • Endotoxin analysis: According to some ISO compliance standards, it’s required for labs to test all the raw materials for the presence of endotoxins. BioTek’s high-tech instruments are proven to facilitate this temperature-sensitive assay at even a commercial scale.
  • Histology & slide scanning: BioTek’s Cytation and Lionheart FX products are very helpful in digital imaging of fixed tissue samples. When integrated with Gen5, they allow access to critical features including increased view field and image stitching.
  • Immunology: Scientists can take the benefit of BioTek’s advanced instrumentations for live cell analysis and assays, including phagocytosis assays and cell-mediated toxicity.
  • Immuno-oncology: BioTek’s microscopy instruments contain different modes that facilitate antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) and biomarker assays, cell culture-based assays, and others to study the immune response towards cancer.
  • Microbiology: BioTek’s imagers and automated dispensers allow researchers to detect, diagnose, and treat a spectrum of human diseases, test the safety of food and water, and develop vaccines.
  • Molecular biology & biochemical: BioTek’s multi-mode readers facilitate routine assays including ELISA, protein, or nucleic acid quantification.
  • Rapid cell signaling: When working on kinetic assays, the accurate quantification of molecules, such as secondary messengers, becomes a tough task due to their short lifetime. BioTek’s instruments make cell assays easier and faster.
  • SARS-CoV-2 research & assay development: BioTek’s Covid-related instruments can process thousands of samples more efficiently. These products help scientists perform various assays and processes, including PCR master mix dispensing and viral replication kinetics.
  • Stem cell research: BioTek’s imaging and liquid handling products are proven to be useful in automated stem cell differentiation (required in regenerative therapies and drug discovery).
  • Virology: BioTek’s products are beneficial for viral research and the study of complex immune responses; they also help in pathological processes and detecting viruses.

BioTek Peripherals

To expand the functionality of its instruments, including detection, imaging, dispensing, and washing, BioTek offers a range of peripherals and accessories.


BioTek offers a complete range of accessories that boost the instruments’ functionality and performance. Some of its accessories are:

  • Adapters and Labware Holders
  • Benchcel Integration Kits
  • Bottles & Tubing
  • Dispense/Waste Systems
  • Filter Accessories
  • Pipette Tips
  • Microplates
  • Test Plates & Reagents
  • Reagent Injector Accessories


BioTek has a range of peripherals, such as automated incubators, cooling modules, and micro-volume plates.

Application Starter Kits

BioTek’s comprehensive starter kits contain software, hardware, reagents, and consumables. The kits can be used easily with minimal effort and training.

Visit https://www.BioTek.com/ to view its customer spotlight articles, webinars, and to learn more about its instruments.

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