How Is BD Biosciences Advancing Healthcare?

Who Is BD Biosciences?

As the globe continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and its variants, the topic of healthcare workers and patient safety has been at the forefront of many conversations. Healthcare worker and patient safety have added an extra and unprecedented layer of pressure for any outpatient clinic or hospital.

This is an obstacle BD Biosciences, a medical tech company, understands and prioritizes in its line of work and current efforts. With an ongoing mission to prevent the spread of COVID-19, BD Biosciences showcases an unwavering commitment to rapid and accurate diagnosis administration, vaccine preparation, and everyone’s overall health. Which is exactly why, in the time of a global health crisis, BD Biosciences is stepping up to the plate to improve healthcare worker and patient safety and make advances in the world of health.

This article will explain exactly what the company offers and how it can support your lab’s R&D efforts!

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BD Biosciences Instruments

Instruments and general lab equipment are the lifeblood of any doctor’s office, clinic, life sciences laboratory, or hospital around the world. Everything from a patient’s buccal swab to sample preparation for microscopic analysis must be cared for delicately and efficiently. BD Biosciences provides instruments for clinical settings, microbiology labs, and independent research and development needs.

Clinical Instruments

Clinical instruments for your lab help measure and observe different characteristics of a patient’s health and assist in forming an accurate diagnosis. Let’s delve deeper into each category of instruments the company offers.

  • Clinical Cell Analyzers: Here, you will find flow cytometers and cell analyzers to perfect your processes. Each machine brings high-quality results and reliability to your workspace. The BD FACSLyric™ will streamline your work processes through automation and flexibility. The machine is highly sensitive, with improved resolution to provide the best results possible.
  • Clinical Sample Prep: Automate your sample prep for analysis in flow cytometry. The FACS™ Sample Prep Assistant III is a perfect addition to your lab for walkaway sample prep. It isolates blood and reagents into daughter tubes, adds lysing solution, and mixes the sample. It accomplishes this through custom or preprogrammed protocols.
  • Clinical Software: BD software supports your application arrangement and set-up, acquisition, and analysis on any BD research flow cytometers (including sorters and cell analyzers). The company divides its software into the following three categories:
  • Flow cytometry acquisition
  • Flow cytometry application modules
  • Flow cytometry connectivity

Research Instruments

BD Biosciences’ research instruments are divided into five categories. Here, you will find cell analyzers, cell sorters, sample prep solutions, software, and systems to streamline your processes and research.

  • Research Cell Analyzers: These flow cytometers identify, count, and characterize cells to support analysis. One example is the BD FACSCelesta™ Flow Cytometer, a 14 parameter cytometer with four laser configurations. This cytometer is designed to make multicolor flow cytometry more accessible and optimal and allows for deeper and more powerful insight into your cell analysis.
  • Research Cell Sorters: These sort cells for analysis in a benchtop machine or configurable systems. The BD FACSymphony™ S6 Cell Sorter is just one example that offers 6-way sorting with up to 60 different parameters. It’s compatible with slides or plates and enables the isolation of populations that were previously only available for analysis through high parameter analyzers.
  • Research Sample Prep: These are BD devices designed to automate workflows in the lab by preparing cells and standardizing process steps. Offerings in this category are:
  • BD FACS™ Lyse Wash Assistant: Standardizes and automates sample processing steps.
  • BD FACS™ Sample Prep Assistant (SPA) III: Improves workflow efficiency and automates processing.
  • BD™ Medimachine System: A system designed for automated, mechanical disaggregation of solid tissues.
  • Research Software: Software that specifically supports BD research flow cytometers, cell sorters, and analyzers. It supports data acquisition, analysis, and connectivity to a laboratory information system. Let’s look closer at each of these categories.
  • Flow cytometry acquisition: Offers three types of software that fine-tune your processes and simplify workflow.
  • Flow cytometry data analysis: Three software options that are powerful, user-friendly, and intuitive.
  • Flow cytometry LIS connectivity: Four options to seamlessly link your LIS to BD software and machines.
  • Single Cell Multiomics Systems: These systems capture and analyze single-cell RNA and protein expression. Currently, the company offers the BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System and BD Rhapsody™ Express Single-Cell Analysis System. These will determine the profile of hundreds to tens of thousands of single-cells.

BD Biosciences Reagents

Clinical diagnostics tests often require reagents to facilitate a reaction, showing whether or not the presence of a specific chemical or antigen is present. In laboratories, these tests help determine imbalances, diseases, and anomalies in samples. Let’s take a look at what BD Biosciences offers in both clinical and research settings.

Clinical Reagents

  • Clinical Diagnostic Reagents: BD has a vast supply of reagents to meet your lab’s needs. Primary antibodies, buffers, solutions, and kits are plentiful. Isotype controls and lysates are also available. You can search through the stock by the application to help you narrow down your options. Or, search by human or keyhole limpet hemocyanin. Here is a list of categories that BD provides to begin your search.
  • ASR Reagents
  • Multicolor Cocktails
  • Single Antibodies
  • Clinical Reagent Systems and Kits: These systems and kits offer products to detect HIV, HLA-B27, leukoreduction enumeration, and stem cell enumerations. Instrument consumables are also included in this collection. Search filters include reactivity, size, application, and format. Here is a comprehensive list of the product lines BD offers.
  • BD Leucocount™ Reagent System
  • BD™ HLA-B27 Reagent System
  • BD Retic-Count™ Kit
  • HIV Reagent Kits
  • BD Trucount™ Tubes
  • Stem Cell Enumeration
  • Quality and Process Control: Setting up clinical diagnostic tests needs process controls to ensure accurate results. Choose between bead- and cell-based quality control. Bi-level, multi-check, tri-level, and isotype controls are among their most popular options. Here is the full list of kits available.
  • BD FACSCount™ Control Kit
  • BD Trucount™ Controls
  • BD™ Multicolor Controls
  • BD Leucocount™ Bi-Level Control Kit
  • BD™ Multi-Check CD4 Low Control
  • BD™ Stem Cell Control Kit
  • BD Retic-Count™ Tri-Level Control Kit
  • BD™ Multi-Check Control
  • Isotype Controls
  • Instrument Setup and Maintenance: This category includes cleaning solutions, flow cytometry setup with tracking beads, and sheath fluid. This gives you the power to correctly set up, configure, and maintain your machines so that they can endure the test of time.

Research Reagents

BD Biosciences has a full line of high-quality fluorescent-conjugated reagents that will help you build multicolor flow cytometry panels. Cell biologists and immunologists will benefit from the antibodies, buffers, immunoassays, and cell-based assays offered here. There is also instrument setup and maintenance to support all labs in their related endeavors. Here’s a full view of its current research reagents:

  • Antibodies and Buffers
  • Clinical Research – RUO (GMP)
  • Magnetic Cell Separation Reagents
  • Cell-Based Assays
  • Immunoassays
  • Instrument Setup and Maintenance
  • BD OptiBuild™ Reagents
  • Clinical Discovery Research Reagents (small batch reagents)
  • Protein Expression Reagents

Your lab can also leverage BD Biosciences’ custom reagents. Find custom multicolor panels, conjugates, bulk reagents, and more!

Single-cell Multiomics

A product line to facilitate and enhance your lab’s R&D in cell biology and immunology. Let’s look at the options and see the benefits first-hand.

  • BD® AbSeq Assay: Enables simultaneous detection of mRNA and protein expression, which can be done in one experiment. The discovery panel will reveal up to 30 immune markers. It works well with multiplexing kits and other single-cell analysis systems from BD Biosciences.
  • BD Rhapsody™ Whole Transcriptome Analysis (WTA) Amplification Kit: Captures, amplifies, and detects whole transcriptome at a single-cell level. It generates consistent, superior quality data across different workflows, users, and cell inputs. Works smoothly with a multiplexing kit, so you can run multiple samples at once and save time and money.
  • BD® Single-Cell Multiplexing Kit: This allows you to combine and load up to a dozen samples onto BD cartridges. It also enables tagging of cells in a specific sample for multiplexing for single-cell RNA sequencing. The tagging permits you to remove erroneous data and perfect your tests.
  • BD Rhapsody Targeted mRNA Kits: Kits contain reagents required to run the Single-Cell Analysis System up to 4 times. It is also compatible with the Single-Cell Express Analysis System. However, it requires a BD-custom or pre-designed panel.

BD Biosciences Applications

BD Biosciences covers four major applications with solutions that span clinical research, cell therapy, and blood collection. Let’s look at its four main applications and their respective areas of focus.

Clinical Applications

BD Biosciences provides tools and resources to streamline a lab’s stem cell enumeration and leukoreduction. To empower and facilitate clinical research applications, BD features an easy-to-use CD4 monitoring system and supports R&D endeavors in these four core areas:

  • Blood Cell Disorders
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Transfusion and Transplantation
  • Global Health

Research Application

BD solutions include flow cytometers, software, conjugated antibodies, and software for all your research needs. You’ll be able to meet the consistency and premium quality that is needed for sophisticated discovery research. From immunology to vaccines, BD Biosciences supports your research applications in the following areas:

  • Apoptosis
  • B-Cell Research
  • T-Cell Research
  • Bead-based Immunoassays
  • Cell and Tissue Microscopy
  • Clinical Research
  • COVID-19 Solutions and Research
  • Dendritic Cell Research
  • Intracellular Flow
  • Multicolor Flow Cytometry
  • Stem Cell Research

Blood Collection

This is a family of BD Vacutainer® products used for biomarker and blood cell preservation. They ensure data accuracy, reliability, and workflow efficiency when identifying variations between healthy patients’ samples and well-characterized disease states. These products work well in conjunction with downstream cellular, molecular, and proteomics applications.

Cell Therapy Research Solutions

As a prominent leader in cell isolation and analysis, BD Biosciences is positioned to support researchers and scientists, meeting the ever-changing needs of the field. BD has an extensive portfolio of cutting-edge cell analyzers and brand new cell-based therapies to assist with effective and highly personal treatments.

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