How Does Agilent Support Laboratories?

Analytical Services & Instruments to Help You Succeed

Did you know that the global lab supplies market was valued at $29.1 billion in 2019? And that it’s expected to experience a compound annual growth rate of 7.1% until 2027?

Agilent Technologies is just one of the leading manufacturers of analytical instruments for healthcare and research laboratories in the United States that contributes to this success.

Founded in 1999 as an ancillary from Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA but has a global footprint that spans Europe and the Asian Pacific. It trades with the stock symbol “A” on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and is part of the NASDAQ. According to Macroaxis, the current valuation is $38.7 billion. Agilent’s current CEO is Michael McMullen.

Agilent values high-caliber collaboration in order to deliver its mission: advance the quality of life by focusing its efforts and expertise on these six key markets:

  • Food
  • Environment and Forensics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Diagnostics
  • Chemical and Energy
  • Research

Curious about the product and service offerings in these categories that will allow your lab to achieve the same innovation and collaboration? Keep reading to review some of Agilent’s impressive portfolio and why they’re considered to be one of the most sustainable companies and manufacturers operating today.

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Agilent Services

Lab Management Services

Agilent provides a variety of lab management services to help academic and research labs reach their highest potential. Lab management services include everything you need to run your lab efficiently. Whether you need help with managing inventory, equipment relocation, on-site or virtual service to develop workflows, Agilent is there.

Agilent offers services that cover these core area:

These services are supported and backed by a robust Agilent community, technical and financial support, instrument trade-ins and buybacks, and its training program, Agilent University.

Dako Pathology Services

Agilent assists clinicians and pathologists make accurate diagnoses to better help them determine the most effective treatment for cancer patients. Agilent is a renowned provider of such pathology solutions and flow cytometry reagents trusted by clinical labs around the globe. It has managed to become a trusted provider through its Dako brand of high-quality products, diagnostic antibodies, software, and reagents.

The services for its Dako Pathology offerings/solutions center around the following:

Vacuum Product & Leak Detector Services

Many labs rely on vacuum products and gases to conduct safe research. Agilent provides a variety of leak detection solutions to keep research and industrial process systems safe and secure. Agilent offers a helium leak detector, PHD-4 sniffer, and C15 component leak detectors. In clean research applications, they use HLD configurations to ensure vacuum pumps are clean, dry, and quiet.

No matter what leak detector needs your lab may have, Agilent products can help. Here are the services that cover your lab’s vacuum and leak detection needs:

Agilent Products

Analytical Instruments & Supplies

All labs require specific analytical instruments and supplies to conduct research, experiments, and make accurate diagnoses. Agilent has product listings in each of the categories below:

It should be noted that Agilent is incredibly and especially well-known for its chromatography and mass spectrometry instruments. Its revolutionary work and contribution in these areas are due to such renowned solutions and instruments it has developed in gas and liquid chromatography, GC/MS, LC/MS, and their respective data acquisition and analysis software.

Agilent has continued to make industry-leading advances in gas chromatography/mass spectrometry for over 40 years and has grown to offer an entire family of instruments that modernize performance. Agilent’s advances in ion source technology have enhanced GC/MS while its libraries and analyzers facilitate a quick and simplified setup for any application.

Similarly, Agilent’s liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry instrument family offers the versatile capabilities to solve most analytical obstacles. Its robust software combined with an extensive portfolio of LC/MS instruments and a vast selection of ion sources allows for a curated LC/MS method for specific applications.

Life Science

Agilent would not be able to move the needle as well as it does without its focus and extensive product portfolio in the life sciences arena. Life science products and equipment fall under the following categories:

Whether you need real-time, live cell measurements or need to pioneer the next generation of immunotherapies, rely on Agilent to have an instrument or solution to facilitate your research. With products that range from bioanalyzer systems to analytical software, Agilent’s comprehensive life science portfolio is a testament to its groundbreaking innovation and life-changing breakthroughs.

Clinical & Diagnostic Testing

Clinical diagnosis involves the process of identifying a patient’s health condition, disease, or injury through a series of tests (blood tests, imaging, etc.), along with the patient’s medical history. These tests are essential because they help medical professionals determine the appropriate course of treatment, whether there is an infectious disease, a virus such as a coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2), influenza, or something else entirely.

Agilent divides its clinical and diagnostic testing equipment and products into these groups:

Lab Management & Consulting

Every lab or research facility understands the value of efficient asset and resource management, high-throughput research, and optimized workflows.

Those are the kinds of solutions Agilent had in mind when developing Agilent CrossLab Enterprise Services and CrossLab Connect.

Agilent can assist your lab in setting up new clinical research, asset management, addressing FDA regulatory compliance, or establishing productive workflows. With a concerted goal to drive simplification and transform everyday lab operations, Agilent’s lab management and consulting services are sure to get your lab to the next level.

Lab Automation

Lab automation makes it possible to automate both simple and intricate workflows for diagnostic testing throughout clinical labs. Lab automation solutions and liquid handlers are commonly used throughout pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries for high-throughput screening and diagnostics.

Agilent makes it possible to increase efficiency with automated incubators, liquid handling, and more. Whether you need to automate a single step or a full workflow like RNA extraction, Agilent provides unique products in lab automation solutions such as:

Other Products by Agilent

Beyond the equipment itself, labs require specialized lab software and additional, unique supplies. From inventory management solutions to staff scheduling and equipment maintenance records, Agilent provides products and services that alleviate most universal lab needs such as:

Industries and Sectors Served

While Agilent aims to improve the quality of life in six key applied markets (food, environment and forensics, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, chemical and energy, and research), it branches out into several other industries and applications. Together, these industries, sectors, and applications create the symbiotic and forward-thinking community that is Agilent. Here are all the industries and applications Agilent serve:

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