Danaher: Supporting Global Science & Innovation

Danaher: Supporting Global Science & Innovation

Danaher, a Fortune 500 company with $29.5 billion in revenue, is an American firm of 29 companies that specialize in science and technology innovations.

Danaher mostly deals in finding solutions to complex problems in life science, diagnostics, water quality, and product identification. Globally, it is developing leading-edge diagnostic tools, conducting life-saving scientific research, and protecting global food and water supplies.

The name of the Danaher Corporation is inspired by a swift-flowing river in western Montana representing a nimble mindset and rapid flowing innovation. It was established as a manufacturing company by 2 founders–Steven M. Rales and Mitchell Rales in 1984.

What began with water in 1998, and added on production identification in 2001, diagnostics in 2006, and life sciences in 2009, today comprises a group of 29 discrete businesses. Its corporate office is at 220 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Suite 800W Washington, DC.

Danaher has a diverse yet inclusive team of 80,000 associates who are hard-working, exceptional people working for one common purpose: “Helping Realize Life’s Potential.” They accomplish this by viewing every challenge as an opportunity and making things better for their customers. The secret behind their success and meaningful contributions is the five core values they follow:

  • The best team wins
  • Customers talk, we listen
  • Kaizen is our way of life meaning continuous improvement
  • Innovation defines our future
  • We compete for our shareholders

Danaher Corp has achieved numerous milestones and built technological innovations. Recent press releases show that Danaher has presented at the COWEN healthcare and J.P Morgan Healthcare conferences.

As of 2021, the market cap of Danaher is $44.18 billion USD. According to the metrics, the company’s valuation is way above the market value of its sector. Danaher stock has outperformed the S&P 500 index by more than 1,200 percent over the past 20 years. On the 21st of April, 2022, Danaher Corporation (NYSE:DHR) announced its first quarter results reporting net earnings of $1.7 billion and announced a quarterly dividend of $0.18 per share.

In this article, we will review the business system, portfolio, team, and approach of Danaher.

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Danaher Business System

The Danaher Business System (DBS) is the company’s operating model, a proven system that defines who they are, how they are, and how they achieve what they do. The DBS guides their overall execution and drives them to do better at what they do.

The DBS is what drives the company to maintain superior performance and high expectations for quality, delivery, cost, and innovation. This creates a cycle of exceptional people developing outstanding plans and constructing sustainable processes resulting in superior performance.

Danaher Business Portfolio

Danaher Corp has a diverse team of operating companies. These companies are a part of their business directory and range from biopharma to life science to diagnostics to companies providing environmental and applied solutions. Some of these businesses are listed below:

Environmental & Applied Solutions

Out of a huge list of companies providing environmental and applied solutions some are:

  • Aquatic Informatics – a software company that provides IT solutions and data management for source water, drinking water, municipal and industrial water.
  • ChemTreat – a chemical company that oversees industrial water treatment and provides superior technical expertise and outstanding service.
  • Pantone – offers products for color selection and matching. It has built a Pantone Matching System (PMS) that provides a common color language across industries.
  • Trojan Technologies – specializes in eco-efficient solutions for maintaining water quality. It provides UV disinfection and UV oxidation systems for municipal water and wastewater treatment.
  • Videojet – provides coding and marketing solutions. It covers technologies like continuous and thermal inkjet, laser, thermal transfer, overprinting, and case coding.

Life Sciences

Danaher’s life sciences portfolio comprises of companies like:

  • Aldevron – provides customized development and manufacturing services for nucleic acids and proteins that are used to make genes and cell therapies.
  • Cytiva – a biotechnology partner that develops life-saving vaccines, biologic drugs, and gene therapies.
  • IDBS – provides softwares for smoother scientific workflows and system integration in order to streamline operations.
  • Molecular Devices – one of the world leaders in providing bioanalytical measurement solutions used in pharmaceutical and life science research.
  • Phenomenex – a technology leader in developing novel analytical chemistry solutions including chromatography.


Companies that are a part of Danaher and are advancing diagnostic research and discovery include:

  • Beckman Coulter – provides diagnostic systems used in biomedical testing, reference laboratories, and physician offices.
  • Cepheid – a molecular diagnostics company, enabling medical providers to identify and treat diseases at an early stage.
  • HomoCue – a global leader in blood diagnostics and offers tests for glucose, white blood cell count, urine albumin, and HbA1c.
  • Leica Biosystems – helping pathology laboratories to shorten the time between biopsy and diagnosis through automation and workflow solutions.
  • Mammotome – building breakthrough technologies for breast cancer care like vacuum-assisted biopsy systems.

Danaher Corporation Leaders

Danaher leaders come with diverse skills and a shared purpose. They lead by example, promote professional growth, and have created a dynamic atmosphere for all. Some of the executive officers are:

Rainer M. Blair

Rainer M. Blair is the president and Chief Executive Officer at Danaher. He is a dedicated leader and practitioner of DBS and is a follower of all the core values. He joined Danaher in 2010 and served as the Executive Vice President of Danaher Life Science. Currently, Mathew R. McGrew is serving as the Chief Financial Officer and the Executive Vice President of Danaher.

Rainer has led a multi-industry portfolio worth $29.5 billion and he is aiming to further strengthen Danaher as a science and technology company under his leadership.

Linda Hefner Filler

Linda Hefner Filler is a member of the board of directors at Danaher. She is keen on marketing and branding insights and served in senior management roles at many retail and consumer goods companies.

Linda’s past experience in multiple companies has given her a valuable perspective which has proved to be an asset at the time of global portfolio strategy building, asset allocation, and business practices.

Steven M. Rales

Steven is the co-founder of Danaher and is currently serving as the Chairman of the Board. Mitchell Rales and Steven have helped create the DBS with their strategic vision and leadership. He understands, articulates, and advocates for the rights and interests of the company’s shareholders.

Danaher’s Approach

Since 1984, Danaher has acquired hundreds of businesses and has shown sustained growth. Their approach is to target businesses that can benefit from the Danaher Business System (DBS). One of their popular acquisitions was that of Pall for $13.8 billion. They can afford to make huge acquisitions like this because they follow an approach that examines:

Attractive Markets

They assess the market and look for opportunities for consolidation. Especially the companies dealing with science and technology consumables.

Company Profile

They closely study the company profile, analyze the company’s market position and potential. Other aspects they look for in companies are margin expansion opportunities and brand strength.

Value Creation

The companies’ values should align with theirs and should hold potential in context with DBS. They should add value to Danaher’s portfolio and extend global reach, advance technology, and improve quality of life.

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Danaher is a global firm of many different companies taking innovation in science and technology to another level. With a diverse team and a common purpose, it is providing solutions for clean water supply, advancing scientific research, personal health, and product safety.

The Danaher Corporation mainly deals in creating impact through life science, diagnostics, and environmental and applied solutions. They are also known for designing and manufacturing medical and commercial products and services.

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