Protein Purification & Isolation

Proteins play an integral role in cell structure and function. In biochemistry, a protein is a polymer of amino acids arranged in the form of polypeptide chains. In order to study proteins, it’s important to first identify and isolate them. To accomplish this, biochemists carry out high-throughput protein purification.

Test tubes with various protein samples inside
Chromatography techniques
Chromatography Techniques & Key Components

Chromatography is an analytical technique used in labs to separate different components from a mixture. Learn more about its many types and uses.

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Affinity Resins: Overview, Types, & More

Read about affinity resins in our blog post. Explore their types and applications in protein purification, antibody purification, and biomolecule enrichment. Streamline your research with these versatile tools for molecular biology and biotech.

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Your Guide to Protein Extraction: Overview, Uses, & More

Explore the world of protein extraction in our blog post. Discover its diverse applications across industries like pharmaceuticals and food science. Learn about techniques, challenges, and breakthroughs driving innovation in extracting proteins.

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DNA-Binding Proteins: Overview & Application

Explore DNA-binding proteins: their functions, mechanisms, and motifs like zinc finger and helix-turn-helix. Discover their roles in transcriptional regulation, replication, repair, and applications in industries and labs.

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DNA Purification: Overview & Applications

DNA Purification: Overview DNA purification is a vital procedure in molecular biology and biotechnology labs to determine the success and failure of your workflow. Impurities in DNA samples can affect…

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Biotinylation: Definition, Applications, Industry Uses

Biotinylation: Overview Fusion tags are widely used in labs for the identification and isolation of recombinant proteins that are expressed in bacteria or other cells (such as E.coli, plants, or mamma...