New Enterprise Associates: Bold Thinkers & Big Ideas

New Enterprise Associates: Bold Thinkers & Big Ideas

New Enterprise Associates (NEA) is a global venture capital firm serving customers in the US for the last 40 years.

Since its inception, in 1997, NEA has grown in both presence and network. Its headquarters are located on Sand Hill Road in sunny Menlo Park, CA and is spread across three additional offices in San Francisco, New York City, and Washington DC.

With an exceptional network of resources and expertise comprising business leaders, technologists, entrepreneurs, and potential partners, NEA has scaled to $24 billion in four decades.

NEA investors are known for allocating capital in the right place at the right time, spotting opportunities to invest in exceptional ideas and build transformational businesses across a range of industries, including technology, healthcare, and the life sciences.

Known for investing at all stages of company development, NEA’s portfolio includes seed-stage, early-stage startups, and industry-leading companies.

NEA is on a mission to support and build great companies, make the world a better place, and improve how we live using their global network and $3 billion in capital funds.

Besides their capital venture funds, New Enterprise Associates has a total of $23 billion in committed capital, and has invested in 260 companies that have gone public through an IPO, as well as 430 that have gone through an M&A.

Most recently, NEA, along with Cortical Ventures, invested in SEMI Technologies,closing a $16 million Series A round.

In this article, we will review NEA, its team, portfolio companies, and the resources the firm makes available to companies it invests in.

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NEA Companies & Ventures

NEA partners with healthcare and technology companies founded and run by visionary entrepreneurs and business leaders.

With a willingness to collaborate and take on big challenges, NEA supports its portfolio companies for the long-term. Some of these companies include:

Strive Health

Strive Health is a digital healthcare company providing kidney care service lines for health systems. It is a privately-held company transforming kidney care through its platform for chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease care. NEA made an early-stage investment in the healthcare company.


With the motto “Creativity over Everything,” Patreon supports the creative economy. NEA invested in Patreon in 2020 during its growth investment stage with a Series B funding round and is now taking a lead in valuing artists and helping the creator community. It supports creators and helps them grow, building healthier communities and fan base.

Trillium Therapeutics

Trillium Therapeutics deals in developing innovative therapies for cancer patients. NEA first invested in Trillium Therapeutics in 2017 before the company was eventually acquired by Pfizer.

Black Diamond Therapeutics

Black Diamond Therapeutics is pioneering precision oncology therapies for genetically defined cancers, with a focus on cancers that are activated by allosteric mutations. NEA made an early-stage investment in the company in 2019.


Aetion is a privately-held company, founded by Harvard Medical School faculty members and big data pioneers. It is an advanced and growing platform that provides real-world evidence to help accelerate the development and impact of treatment. Aetion is helping biopharma companies, healthcare payers, and patients. NEA made an early-stage investment in Aetion in 2018.

NEA Team

NEA has a well-rounded and diverse team of investment partners and technology and healthcare venture partners, as well as advisors and operators, representing who the company is and what it stands for.

The technology team is driven by passion and includes investors, professors, and operators, whereas the healthcare team comprises physicians, researchers, and investors in healthcare and IT.

Scott Sandell

Scott Sandell joined New Enterprise Associates in 1996 and is currently serving as the managing general partner. He is interested in history, education, diversity, equity and inclusion research, and data. He focuses on areas critical to the future and the strength of the VC industry.

He is part of the Forbes Midas list and has been honored as one of the Top 20 Venture Capital Investors Worldwide by the New York Times. He has invested in industry-leading companies like Salesforce, Robinhood, Tableau Software, Workday, WebEx, and more.

Scott is actively involved in investing in early-stage technology and healthcare ventures and is the director of Bloom Energy and the lead independent director of Cloudflare. He is also actively involved in the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA).

Jeff Immelt

At NEA, Jeff Immelt is an active Venture Partner at the Menlo Park office.  He joined NEA in 2018 and since day one his focus has been to help founders grow and win. Jeff is also a member of the American Academy of Art & Science.

His investment interests are in technology, enterprise, healthcare, consumer, and digital health companies. He is currently serving on the Board of NEA Portfolio companies such as Radiology Partners, Collective Health, Tri Alpha Energy and Transfix. In the past, he served as the chairman and CEO of GE for 16 years and has also been named the ‘World’s Best CEO’ three times by Barron’s, a leading source of financial news.

Carol Gallagher, Pharm.D

Carol Gallagher, investor and director at Atara Bio, Slope, Recludix Pharma, PIONYR Immunotherapeutics, and Opex Biopharma, is a venture partner at New Enterprise Associates. She joined NEA in October of 2014, and is mainly involved in biopharma investments.

With 30 years of experience in drug development, commercial development, and business development roles, she is also the president and CEO of Calistoga Pharmaceuticals. She has been honored with the Duane Roth Distinguished Contribution Award for Life Sciences.

NEA Resources

A wide range of resources is available to the NEA portfolio companies for business development, design, marketing and PR, operations, and talent. The online resources accessible to the companies are:

NEA Connect

NEA Connect is a platform dedicated to bringing NEA portfolio companies together on one platform, giving them a sense of community. This allows companies from different industries to ask questions in forums, share resources, news, events and initiatives. Through this community platform, companies can connect and learn from each other.

NEA Vendor Platform

The NEA Vendor Platform allows portfolio companies to access service information, discounts, and offers from third-party vendors. NEA portfolio companies can register on the platform and get access to recommended third-party vendors that will provide valuable services and support.

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New Enterprise Associates (NEA) is a well-known and widely accomplished venture capital firm, comprising a network of business leaders, technologists, entrepreneurs, and operators. Some of the most successful business leaders from companies like Salesforce, Robinhood, Cloudflare, and Workday have joined forces with NEA as venture partners. They bring the sector insight and depth that helps NEA expand globally and provide even more robust services to portfolio companies.

If you are a healthcare, pharma, or biotech startup, and are looking for funding opportunitiest, NEA may be an excellent firm to partner with.

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