Powering Protein Research with Protein Simple

ProteinSimple Company Overview

ProteinSimple is known for manufacturing and supplying analytical instrumentation and consumables for protein research.

Headquartered in Orchard Parkway, San Jose, California, ProteinSimple is helping scientists discover answers to real-world problems through protein and disease research.

As the name suggests, the company aims to simplify protein research and help thousands of researchers around the world with their diverse portfolio of protein tools. These tools are designed to resolve problems related to protein analysis and reveal insights into the nature of proteins.

The protein tools they have developed hold various applications like protein and antibody characterization, bioprocessing, protein quantitation, stability, and formulation testing in the medical, biotech, life science, and pharmaceutical industries.

ProteinSimple also conducts webinars and training sessions to help consumers learn more about their products.

ProteinSimple recently merged with Bio-Techne, and is now a part of the company’s Protein Platforms division. ProteinSimple’s products and solutions will soon be available on Bio-Techne’s website to enable consumers to access the brand’s products and services in one place. For now, you can find them on their website.

Bio-Techne is known for developing, manufacturing, and selling biotechnology and reagents for protein analysis and, through this merger, will now offer ProteinSimple’s analytical instruments as well.  Besides ProteinSimple, Bio-Techne’s brands also include Tocrus, Novus Biologicals, and R&D Systems.. To learn more, visit Bio-Techne’s website.

In this article, we will review ProteinSimple’s product portfolio and applications of its instruments in various domains of medical research.

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ProteinSimple Product Portfolio

ProteinSimple’s portfolio of protein tools includes a wide range of products,  from simple western immunoassay systems that quantify protein expression to biological systems that probe the structure and purity of protein-based therapeutics.

Simple Plex

The Simple Plex range includes ELA and Simple Plex Assays that facilitate laboratory automation.

  • ELA: ELA allows you to acquire highly reproducible validated assay data in 90 mins. With ELA, you experience sub picogram level sensitivity which is accompanied by an excellent performance that allows a smoother workflow.
  • Simple Plex Assays: ProteinSimple provides access to its comprehensive menu of Simple Plex Assay. Click here to access it. Analyzer range include:
  • Single Plex
  • Multianalyte
  • Multiplex
  • Customizable


iCE systems are fluent in capillary isoelectric focusing (cIEF) and capillary electrophoresis sodium dodecyl sulfate (CE-SDS). There are two platforms that provide high resolution and automated quantitative analysis: iCETM and Maurice. The product range includes Maurice S, Maurice C, iCE3. This technology is fluent in cIEF and CE-SDS, makes it easy to operate, is a time saver, and is dependable.

Simple Western

ProteinSimple’s Simple WesternTM Platform is a fully automated system that provides data on 24 samples in only 3 hours. They even have an interactive Simple Western Kit Builder to help in your assay planning.

Simple Western Systems come with gel-free, blot-free and hands-free technology to help you obtain perfect data. Western Protein Analysis problem solvers include Jess, Abby, Wes, Sally Sue, Peggy Sue, and NanoPro 1000.

Their application is seen in PCR tests for SarsCoV2, Exosomes, Proteomic research, Targeted Protein Degradation and Cancer research.

Micro-flow Imaging

Micro-flow Imaging (MFITM) technology provides more insights into sub-visible particles like particle population differentiating and classification. MFI Bot1 Autosampler is also available, and can be added anytime to automate the whole process.

MFI is based on micro-flow imaging that helps you know more about particles in your sample and aids in rapid and robust sample analysis. It is essential in conducting research in biosimilar characterization, cell and gene therapy, and protein aggregation and particle analysis.

Single-cell Western

ProteinSimple offers the world’s first automated Single-Cell Western platform: MiloTM. In a single sequencing run, it can measure total protein expression in thousands of cells.

The Single Cell Western Technology on Milo allows the user to profile heterogeneity in complex samples, simplify phospho-flow signaling studies, measure protein isoform homogeneity, and more.

FluorChem Systems

FluorChem Systems perform western blot imaging. These are easy, high-performing and budget-friendly. The range includes FluorChem R (Infrared fluorescence), FluorChem E (Multiplex fluorescence), and FluorChem M (Chemiluminescence).

ProteinSimple Applications

In regard to the volume of applicable uses of their products, they are immense. Whether it is vaccine development workflow, bioprocessing, gene therapy or any other life science process, these products and consumables have a lot to offer. Below is a list of the applications ProteinSimple’s products support:


To understand biological processes involved in neural diseases and solve challenges associated with neuroscience protein assays, for neuroscience research ProteinSimple provides Simple WesternTM, Single-cell Western, and FluorChemTM Imagers.

Vaccine Development

For Vaccine development processes, ProteinSimple provides advanced western blotting solutions. Simple Western systems have the ability to separate proteins by size or charge and help develop and characterize vaccine candidates.

It allows improved reproducibility, quantitation, throughput, and time to market thereby speeding up the vaccine development workflow. Simple Western Systems help perform serum antibody analysis, and multi-analyte characterization of Humoral response.

Cancer & Immuno-Oncology

To uncover the role of proteins in cancer and accelerate the analysis of protein-based therapeutics, ProteinSimple’s Advanced Western Blotting solutions make the study of proteins, their function, and signaling mechanisms easier.

Using these systems, heterogeneity in Cancer and Immuno-oncology samples can be studied. This helps study the tumor microenvironment and derive Immuno-oncology discovery. Using Single-Cell Analysis tools tumor landscape mapping of chemo-resistant metastatic bladder cancer.


Exosomes and Extracellular vesicles (EV) are a potential source of biomarker discovery and for liquid biopsy analysis. As they are known to intercellular communicators, they take part in numerous cellular and disease processes.

ProteinSimple is a leader in exosome isolation and also provides high-sensitivity western blotting solutions. Their tools have facilitated a high-performance workflow of EV protein characterization.

Using exoEASY Maxi Kit by QIAGEN and Simple Western automated Western blotting instrument by ProteinSimple, you can easily perform western blotting-based protein analysis in isolated extracellular vesicle samples.

Targeted Protein Degradation

For research in targeted protein degradation, ProteinSimple has SimpleWestern assays to offer. This helps get precise, quantitative data for accurate determination of DC50 curve values.

Automated Western blotting through Simple Western systems enhances accuracy, ensures quality and delivers results and these can easily integrate with PROTAC ® Screening assays.

Using dTag degradation technology, you can target and degrade any intracellular protein of interest. With fully automated Simple Westerns you can quantify Degrader induced protein knockdown even with low sample volume.

Cell & Gene Therapy

For safe and effective treatments using cell and gene therapies, ProteinSimple has a range of next-generation analytical solutions to offer. These solutions can help perform:

  • Vector Characterization
  • Gene transfer analysis
  • Cell expansion & characterization
  • Response profiling
  • Contaminant screening

There are genome engineering services also available. Using TcBusterTM Technology you can carry out genome engineering with non-viral transgene insertion.

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