Western Blot

Western blot, or western blotting, is an analytical technique used to perform protein analysis. Specifically, western blotting, also referred to as immunoblotting, allows for the visualization and study of target proteins within a mixture of proteins.The technique involves using gel electrophoresis to separate the sample’s proteins, which are transferred out of the gel to the surface of a membrane. After, the membrane is exposed to an antibody that is specific to the target protein. The antibody binds to the target protein, and the binding is detected using labeled antibodies, or conjugated molecules.

Western blot equipment
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September 29, 2023

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March 8, 2023

5 Types of Western Blot Equipment: A Guide for Researchers

Learn about Western blotting: a protein detection technique used in research labs. Explore the process, equipment needs, and applications. Leverage Excedr's leasing solution for high-quality equipment, saving your lab time and money.