DNA Modification & Modifying Enzymes

Explore the fascinating world of DNA modification and modifying enzymes. Discover insights, techniques, advancements, and the potential it holds for various fields, including biotechnology, medicine, and beyond.

A DNA strand being modified
Protein Phosphatase
Protein Phosphatase: Overview & Applications

Protein phosphatase is a family of enzymes that remove phosphate groups from proteins. Read on to learn more about their isoforms, structure, and functions.

Genetic Vectors
Genetic Vectors: Overview, Types, & Applications

Genetic vectors are vehicles used for gene transfer to specific cell types. Explore more about their features, functions, and applications in this article.

Red twine wrapped around a blue cylinder. It represents Histone.
Histone: Definition, Overview, & Applications

Histone: Overview Do you know that each diploid cell in our body contains around 2 meters of DNA? Then, how does it reside in a 100 μm small cell? The answer is proteins that compact the DNA into the ...

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Sulfurylase: Definition, Overview, & Applications

Sulfurylase: Overview Sulfurylase is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction forming pyrophosphate and adenylyl sulfate as products from ATP and sulfate substrates. The enzyme is also known as ...

A large house plant. It's animated so that new leaves show up in yellow.
DNA Glycosylase: Application & Overview

DNA Glycosylase: Overview In the cellular environment, DNA is under a constant threat of getting involved in a chemical reaction. It can be either due to alkylation, oxidation, or deamination. These r...

An animated DNA strand. It's curling and uncurling around itself.
Topoisomerase: Overview & Applications

Topoisomerase: Overview Topoisomerase (DNA topoisomerases) is an enzyme that catalyzes the changes in the intertwined state of two DNA strands. It helps in vivo and in vitro DNA replication, transcrip...