The Top Biotechnology Publications in 2024

The Top Biotechnology Publications in 2024

The Most Popular Biotechnology Publication Websites Online

Discoveries are nothing new, especially when you’re immersed in the biotechnology sector. Whether you’re in academia, just transitioning to industry, or even starting your own biotech company, keeping up with recent news is a must for biotechnology professionals, and a list of the top biotechnology websites is the place to start. Companies get built, they get funding, and new research is approved—every piece of information presents a unique opportunity for you and your biotech lab.

While you might receive your daily dose of biotechnology news from LinkedIn or Twitter, when you want to do a deeper dive and really grasp recent developments, it’s great to have a list of vetted resources handy. With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of the best biotechnology publications for you to consume the next time you need a quick catch-up session on what’s happening in your industry.

The Scan

Genomeweb’s newsletter, aptly called “The Scan,” lets you catch up with summarized industry news through a scannable page. Signing up lets you access the full content, a newsletter, and personalized news feeds, which are incredibly useful when you’re interested in updates on specific topics. While it mainly offers in-depth coverage of molecular biology, there are other resources you can find through the GenomeWeb website to help you navigate your chosen career path, such as a career blog, job board, and upcoming genetics and genome conferences.


Bioengineer provides in-depth coverage of recent discoveries across a myriad of sectors in the life science field. The articles in Bioengineer are written in a way that’s easy to understand, even for people not following the research. Each entry summarizes the finding, the process leading up to it, and the details on who was involved in the research. It even includes recent interviews done by the researchers in the journal.

Biotech Times

Although Biotech Times does a great job on its news section, we want you to pay attention to its career section. With columns such as admission, scholarships and fellowships, training and internships, and jobs, Biotech Times can help you navigate your choices from wherever you are in your journey. Some of its articles are focused on advancing your career and things to consider when you’re deliberating your options. Biotech Times is an excellent resource for professionals looking to advance their careers, especially in India, as most of their listings are based in India.


Jetting back to a whole other continent, we have Labiotech, which covers industry news in Europe. Although several sections (including the business news and interviews) focus on Europe, there are plenty of other articles that’d be a great read for you if you’re not interested in local happenings. Its in-depth coverage doesn’t only inform you of what’s currently happening but also answers your questions about why it happens and how it will affect the future.

GEN News

Going through its 40th year in 2021, GEN (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News) is one of the first publications in the biotechnology field. As one of the oldest, GEN’s content covers practically everything you need to know, from industry and research news to roundups and insights in the industry and even reviews on other learning resources.

Besides an extensive website, GEN also offers several eNewsletter series and a monthly magazine you can subscribe to if you’d rather receive your news in your inbox. GEN’s editor-in-chief since 1989, John Sterling, makes frequent appearances at international biotechnology conferences as a guest speaker and panel moderator.


BioWorld is a treasure trove of information. Divided into four sections (BioWorld, BioWorld MedTech, BioWorld Science, and BioWorld Asia), it covers biotechnology business and research news from all over the world. There’s also a paid subscription available for each of the sections in BioWorld, which gives you access to its website content, including several premium reports, bulletins, and data snapshots.

Even if you’re not a paid subscriber, there are plenty of articles, reports, and summaries to read on this biotechnology website. If you only have time to read one page a day, let it be BioWorld’s “Today’s news” section. With snippets of news and headlines, this section reads like a biotechnology-focused newspaper—just what you need if you have a busy day ahead of you.

Fierce Biotech

The sister website to the FiercePharma we mentioned in our Top Pharma Blogs & Websites roundup, FierceBiotech covers all sorts of industry news, from funding updates to recent discoveries.

There are also other resources available, such as webinars, event listings, and special reports on industry trends. If you’d rather have your dose of articles delivered to your inbox, Fierce Biotech also has a free email newsletter. The Fierce Biotech newsletter is delivered daily, but you can follow other newsletter series if you’re interested in keeping up with specific topics.


Biotechblog is an aggregator website and blog that shows relevant news from DrugPatentWatch for updates on pharmaceutical drugs and PR News Wire for industry news.

Its chief editor, Yali Friedman, has a long history in the biotechnology world. He is also the chief editor for the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology and the author of Building Biotechnology.


Besides covering industry news, BioSpace also has plenty of articles to help professionals advance their careers through the career resources section, as well as a dedicated job board.

Other content unique to Biotech is its extensive list of company profiles and hotbed maps, which highlights companies in several biotech hubs. Although its news coverage is enough reason to swing by the BioSpace website, its career resources are a big part of why BioSpace attracts many professionals, either looking to employ or find jobs in the US.

Nature Biotechnology

The Nature publication has been around for many years and covers research journals across every field of science. Nature’s Biotechnology section is released in the form of a magazine. You can also see the details and buy separate journals through its webpage if one specifically catches your eye.

While it doesn’t cover industry news, Nature Biotechnology is perfect for professionals trying to catch up with the latest research journals through its magazine issues and biotechnology website.

Biotechnology Website Resources for You


The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) is the largest trade organization in the biotech sector. Organizations join BIO for its member benefits and community. You can network with decision-makers in the biotech sector, from startup founders to people in Fortune 500 companies, so that you can get more opportunities for your company and trade ideas with people in the field.


Biotecnika mainly covers industry and research news for biotechnology professionals in India. It also offers plenty of other resources, including an extensive opportunities listing (covering job opportunities, fellowship openings, and many more), articles on lab supplies, and professionals’ courses. If you’re a professional operating from India, this is the resource you want to add to your news feed.

BBI Solutions – Maine Biotechnology

Maine is a provider of antibody services acquired by BBI Solutions. Maine has plenty of information to share through its blog when you need to understand the production, development, and processing of antibodies.

Unity Biotechnology

Unity is a biotechnology startup developing drugs for diseases related to aging. It’s not a publication, but it does an excellent job in curating published journals related to its projects. If you’d like to keep yourself updated on how the drugs that target senescent cells are progressing, this is the place to go.


Although they don’t focus solely on being a biotechnology website, STAT News has a biotech category with plenty of industry news ready to consume. While it’s a resource focused on health and medicine, you’ll still see related news even if you stray from their biotech column.

Venture to its Opinion column to see some fascinating perspectives from life sciences professionals and journalists. Additionally, their writers get together on a weekly biotech podcast called The Readout Loud.


ScienceDaily is an aggregator website publishing news on the science industry. Its biotechnology section curates research news from all over the world, but what’s great about it is how it’s presented.

The Biotechnology section’s home page presents you with summaries of the top news, making it perfect if you only have some time to skim. On top of an article, a summary presents the essence of the research, and then you can read on to digest the full coverage if you want.

MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review is a magazine publication and resource owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, covering multiple fields of technology.

While not as frequently updated as others, the biotech section on their website is still a reliable source of articles and insights for biotechnology professionals. MIT Technology Review mainly focuses on what’s going on in the industry and how it impacts the rest of the world.

However, you have to be selective with articles in MIT Technology Review, as you only have three free articles per month if you’re not a subscriber.

Did We Miss Something? Your Turn

Although the constant stream of news feeds can sometimes be overwhelming, it’s necessary to stay in touch and look out for opportunities hidden in the waves of articles and journals waiting for you. We hope that this list of resources can enrich your news feeds with the relevant information you and your lab needs to stay ahead of the curve.

Let us know in the comments which publication you follow, and if we’ve missed any brilliant biotechnology website publications you think every professional should follow.