Guide to Buying Used Lab Equipment in New Jersey

Guide to Buying Used Lab Equipment in New Jersey

While New Jersey is known for its beaches, it is also quite the pharmaceutical laboratory hub. A 2019 US Bureau of Labor Statistics report on New Jersey State Occupational Employment shows many lab technicians, assistants, and laboratories in the area, providing much-needed stability to its residents and their regional economy. In this article, we will review what laboratory equipment is available in the state of New Jersey and answer any questions you might have about opening your own dry or wet laboratory.

The Lab Industry in New Jersey

Much like any large, metropolitan state, New Jersey’s lab industry is bustling in academia, biotech, and pharmaceuticals. Some of the largest names in research and development can be found here and lend credence to the area’s viability. Let’s take a quick look at academia.

NJ Academy of Science was founded in 1954 with many of its founders made up of academics and corporate professionals who wanted to see the scientific community grow in their state. Their hard work has led them to work closely with high school and college students with an ultimate goal of leading them into a great profession after graduation. A pioneering leader in STEM education, the NJ Academy of Science is a great scientific and educational pillar in the community.

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Princeton University is one of the oldest colleges in the country and was chartered in 1746. Natural Science studies provide a wide range of focuses and courses that include everything from astrology to the oceans’ depths. Princeton is also home to several laboratories in the following sectors:

One cannot talk about Princeton and ignore Rutgers University in New Brunswick. Rutgers is just a little bit younger, having been chartered in 1771. Still, it became the leading research university in North America in 1989. This prestigious college offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. Their research facilities come in over 175 centers and institutes, and there are currently 86 startup companies that were built upon research spearheaded by Rutgers. A partnership with Rutgers can catapult your laboratory into the next century.

Johnson & Johnson is a name you have surely heard of before. While some might think of them as their everyday home goods brand, Johnson & Johnson is actually a leader when it comes to pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. J&J have made their home in NJ and have opened their doors to many scientists, researchers, and laboratory technicians. They have incubator laboratories and lab equipment in New Jersey to help you get started. Their common laboratories include: tissue culture labs, BioLab, ChemLab, shared equipment resources, and cold rooms. The infrastructure includes: mobile benching, cell culture rooms, modular lab setup, analyzers, and engineering labs.

There are many other labs, biotech, and pharma companies in New Jersey. You can see a comprehensive list to locate them by city and town. You can also read what they offer in the way of machines, equipment, and technology.

If you are looking for a startup network, your best bet is to talk to the folks at BioNJ. They offer partnerships and networking programs to help every entrepreneur make their way. You can even work with them on finding the resources you need when you think they are unattainable.

If you want to work with an accelerator focused on Biotech/Life Sciences, the Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship in the city of Union is your best bet.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Used Lab Equipment

Shopping for used lab equipment in New Jersey is ideal for startups because it can save you tons of money and extend your cash runway, especially when you’re utilizing smaller Seed/Angel financing rounds. However, you have to be a bit more careful when choosing to buy something used. Here are some things to think about.

Previous Setting – You need to know the history of the machinery. Who bought it, when, and where it was used. If the seller bought it used as well, this is especially important to know to understand what kind of condition it is in.

Servicing & Maintenance – While it may sound impossible, try to get the service and maintenance reports on the machinery or equipment. Reputable sellers will have this information. It can tell you about all of the care it has received. It can also give you a little insight into how long the machine may last. It also helps to refer to the Laboratory Safety Guidance from OSHA.

Manufacture Year & Serial Number – The serial number is important for warranties and future help with repairs on that particular machine. The manufacture year indicates how old the machine or equipment is and gives you a clue as to its expected life. If you get the equipment without a manual, you may locate one by contacting the manufacturer and providing the machine’s manufacture year and serial number.

Reseller’s Source – You want to know where the seller got it. Who did they buy it from? Did they buy it from the manufacturer directly? Did they buy it from someone else? When the machine needs parts, repairs, and maintenance, knowing the source can help.

Where to Get Your Used Lab Equipment in New Jersey

You know who to rub elbows with and how to get into programs and network. We even talked a little about OSHA requirements, which, along with New Jersey requirements, provide you with an exhaustive list of standards to meet in order to maintain safety inside your laboratory. Now it is time to talk about where to get your used lab equipment in New Jersey. While you may luck out with a sale at a university or a lab auction, don’t leave out these four NJ-based companies:

  • LBR Scientific, Inc.
  • Scientific Surplus
  • Garden State Scientific
  • HiTechTrader

LBR Scientific, Inc.

LBR Scientific, Inc. has been in the business since 1984. They provide quality machinery with a caring team. Their focus is on remanufactured table-top sterilizers and brand new equipment. They also offer service contracts and preventative maintenance inspections. All of their used equipment goes through a rigorous cleaning and a tester to ensure it’s ready for use.

Scientific Surplus Used Laboratory Equipment

Scientific Surplus has been in business since 1999. Their focus is on buying and selling refurbished lab instruments and machinery. They offer a wide variety of centrifuges, bioreactors, incubators, shakers, washers, and water baths. The company offers essential lab equipment, such as autoclaves, glassware, instrumentation, hot plates, microplates, and more. They offer new equipment as well, but their specialty is in refurbished goods. What sets them apart is their service contracts. They will work with any laboratory to service, maintain, and repair their equipment and machines. One important aspect to consider: They focus on servicing machines bought from online surplus sales that many equipment dealers host.

Garden State Scientific

If you want an affordable and easy option, working with Garden State Scientific should be at the top of your list. They offer a variety of new and used lab equipment, including spectrometers, chromatographs, PCR thermal cyclers, DNA sequencers, and oligo synthesizers. They provide preventative and service maintenance coverage as well. Buying from Garden State Scientific works in your favor because you can also sell your equipment back to them when you upgrade. They are always looking for equipment and keep a running list of desirables on their website. If, at first, you can’t find the right spectrophotometer, fluorometer, semiconductor, synthesizer, or fume hood, try your luck with Garden State Scientific.


When you want to work with a company with a long history of business in the area, HiTech Trader is the company you are looking for. Since 1982, they have provided reactors, laboratory vacuum pumps, and gas chromatographs. They have thousands of items currently listed on the website and even feature various big-name manufacturers at acceptable prices. Additionally, they offer a 30-day warranty on any used item you purchase from them, giving you a little breathing room on making the purchase.

Get Lab Equipment for Sale in New Jersey

As you can see, it’s entirely possible to get a lab started in the great state of New Jersey. With many accelerators and incubators in the area, you can network and build a lab with plenty of colleagues and like-minded professionals. Getting used, but high-quality equipment is also extremely accessible. Want to be sure that you’re getting everything you need? Here’s a quick breakdown of some categories you might need in your lab:

If you’d like to consider other cost-effective means of getting lab equipment, contact Excedr to learn more about leasing new or refurbished instruments and devices for a fraction of the upfront price compared to purchasing.