Buying & Selling Used Lab Equipment with ALT

American Laboratory Trading: Used Lab Equipment

Starting a life sciences or biotechnology lab requires using your money wisely.  From hiring staff with expertise in your scientific area of focus to procuring high-throughput equipment and establishing other facilities, there are many costs you will incur. To make sure your limited budget lasts, it’s essential to consider all the ways in which you can be more cost-effective, specifically when acquiring key laboratory equipment.

One cost-effective option is to purchase your lab equipment through American Laboratory Trading, a full-service company that specializes in refurbish and resale services of used equipment within the life sciences industry. Getting surplus equipment can sometimes be the smarter and more affordable choice.

American Laboratory Trading Inc. (ALT) was acquired by Heritage Global Partners to expand the company’s scope of surplus equipment services and provide lab owners in the life science industry with high-quality and low-cost used equipment.

ALT is headquartered in East Lyme, Connecticut, United States and led by Jayson Bernstein, the president of the company. So far, ALT has monetized surplus assets for over 300 companies. To collaborate closely with the biotech industry, it has warehouses located in Northeast and Northern California and customer service centers in Connecticut and San Diego, key biotech areas in America.

ALT is currently one of the largest suppliers of surplus assets in North America. It offers customized solutions that meet the needs of its customers, enabling labs to either monetize a specific piece of equipment or liquidate a whole laboratory.

This article covers the asset management services provided by American Laboratory Trading, including a focus on the buying and selling surplus equipment.

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Buying Lab Equipment from ALT

ALT has more than 6,000 high-quality lab instruments, including robust triple quadrupole mass spectrometers, HPLC and FPLC systems, PCR machines, incubators and cold storage, and other benchtop accessories.

The available equipment is listed on its website in the following categories.

Used Lab Equipment

ALT offers thousands of life sciences and biotech lab equipment from a range of top manufacturers, including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Agilent technologies, Perkin Elmer, VWR, and Eppendorf.

It refurbishes each piece of equipment and carefully tests its level of service and operations. Each item sold by the company comes with up to 90 days warranty, with the addition of a one-year warranty extension.

A list of equipment sold by ALT includes:

  • Balance/Scale
  • Centrifuges
  • Evaporators
  • Hoods
  • Incubators
  • Microscopes
  • Freezers
  • Spectrometers
  • Hoods (including fume hoods and biosafety cabinets)

New Arrivals

You can browse all the newly arrived equipment in the ALT’s inventory by visiting this link.

You can learn about the manufacturer of the equipment, when it was added to ALT’s inventory, and in what quantity the equipment is available. Furthermore, you can learn about the condition of the product and its relevant details by clicking on the “more info” icon beside each product.

Lab Start-up

If you’re starting a new lab with a limited budget, ALT can help you outfit your entire lab by offering a range of affordable surplus equipment. It includes cold storage, microscopes, biosafety cabinets, analytical equipment, and other lab instruments. In addition, ALT’s premium refurbished products can save you around 50 to 80%, as compared to retail prices.

You will be required to fill out a form available on their website, providing your personal info and requirements. Then, the company will contact you for further assistance and details. After that, one of the ALT’s lab equipment experts will curate a package for you according to your budget and needs.

Current Sales

All the products or instruments on sale are listed by the company here.

The items sold by ALT are tested and discounted up to 80% off the retail price, with a one-year warranty for the customers.

Selling Lab Equipment to ALT

If there’s a piece of idle equipment that is of no use in your lab and is taking up space, notify ALT about the instrument by filling out a form available here. The company purchases both, one piece or many pieces of equipment, and provides you with a maximum return on your investment.

Moreover, you can either trade-in with the company to buy the equipment you need or sell your equipment outright—where the company will instantly offer you the value of the product, pack it, and remove it from your facility.

Surplus Strategy Services

ALT has expertise in developing strategies for biotech and pharma companies to monetize and manage surplus assets. Its strategies will provide the following advantages:

  • Your organization will have access to more working capital.
  • Scientists and researchers will have more time to work on science.
  • It will maintain your commitment to green initiatives and sustainability.
  • Your life science community will have access to high-quality life science equipment.

Here’s a list of ALT’s suite of surplus services:

  • Asset Valuation
  • Redeployment
  • Lab Relocation
  • Lab Closure
  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Outright Purchase
  • Store Credit
  • Consignment
  • Auction

Laboratory Equipment Leasing through ALT

North Star leasing is the preferred equipment leasing partner of ALT, which allows the company to provide you with the leasing approach of equipment financing.  

The disadvantage of leasing through a third party is the lack of complete transparency in the process, no guarantee on the quality of the equipment, requirement to learn the terms and conditions of the other company, and difficulty contacting the right person in case of any issue and concern.

Interested in learning more about American Laboratory Trading (ALT)?  Visit its website or contact at the given phone number: (860) 691-2213 or (858) 952-0435 (For San Diego).

Lease Your Lab Equipment through Excedr

American Laboratory Trading (ALT) is one of the leading providers of high-quality surplus equipment and asset management services to all sizes of life science companies. It has around 6000 pieces of equipment in its inventory and warehouse facilities at key biotech hubs, such as Connecticut and Southern California.

You can either buy or sell one piece of equipment, or you can outfit or liquidate your whole lab using ALT’s services.

Furthermore, ALT also provides equipment leasing services through a third party, North Star Leasing company, to allow you to acquire equipment at affordable rent prices.

However, third-party involvement with leasing does have some limitations, including the complexity of contacts in times of issues and concerns and no guarantee of instrument quality.

One alternative to the approach is directly leasing the equipment through a leasing company, such as Excedr.

Excedr offers labs of all sizes another method of procuring high-quality, new or refurbished lab equipment, with it’s comprehensive equipment leasing program. There’s no third party involved and you can directly contact us with any concerns or issues.

When you work with us, we’ll walk you through the whole process, from choosing the right equipment to delivering it to your location. Moreover, we guarantee the quality of leased equipment.

Our selection of equipment includes life sciences and biotech lab equipment, clinical equipment, analytical tools, and other general biology equipment. You pay significantly reduced upfront costs compared to purchasing, and we include repair and maintenance coverage with every leased equipment.

Our leasing program saves you money and time and allows you to redirect your focus and energy to researching, experimentation, and growing your business.

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