Lab Equipment Leases for the Life Sciences

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Our goal is simple: save labs time and money.

How? Flexible leasing solutions, comprehensive service coverage, and quick turnaround.

Skip the hang-ups of traditional financing and access a founder-friendly path to exceptional outcomes.

Some of Our Happy Collaborators

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Cost-Effective & Flexible Equipment Procurement

Make managing CapEx & OpEx budgets easier.

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Extend cash runway & improve cash flow management.

Quickly update old equipment in the lab.

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"We used Excedr when it was time for us to make a large capital equipment purchase and the whole leasing process was smooth, quick, and seamless. As a busy start-up CEO, I am always aware of how important it is to keep our science progressing while on a tight budget. Working with Excedr made it possible for us to accelerate our scientific discovery pipeline without a large outlay of capital."

Jessica Grossman, CEO at IgGenix

Jessica Grossman

CEO at IgGenix

"Building a biotech is a lot of work. Excedr has been a dynamite partner in making that scaling happen. They were a great partner when scaling my last startup from an 8 member lab team to 35 members by the time of acquisition. When I sold Distributed Bio and I started Centivax, Jon was one of the first people I called. I recommend them for any biotech startup."

Jake Glanville, Founder and CEO at Centivax

Jacob Glanville

Founder, CEO, & President at Centivax

The lease of our Zeiss EVO10 electron microscope has significantly impacted our outside analysis costs, realizing a significant savings in the 1st year. Having the instrument on-site has greatly improved our response times to field issues and fabrication challenges, while improving our Engineering and Production Teams' overall understanding of our product lines."

Tom Raber, Principal Mechanical Technician at Plug Power

Tom Raber

Principal Mechanical Technician at Plug Power

"Excedr helped us to finance a BLI system about a year ago. Sylvia did an excellent job at helping us to understand our options, since our company was new to equipment financing. The leasing process was fast and easy when compared with self-funding our purchase, plus the speed and ease with which Excedr onboarded us freed up our team’s time to focus on research and grant management.”

Max Brennan, VP at Zab Bio

Max Brennan

VP at Zab Bio

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Leasing Solutions that Support Growth

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Reduce Upfront Costs & Extend Cash Runway

We don’t require large down payments upfront. This means you can obtain new or refurbished equipment while reducing upfront costs.

By avoiding large capital outlays and maintaining your cash runway, you can generate cash savings that can help you maintain a stronger financial position.

Spreading the cost of equipment over time will improve your cash flow and create a reserve of cash for unexpected expenses.

Minimize Equipment Downtime

As a biotech company, your equipment is an essential part of your business.

It's what allows you to conduct experiments, produce data, and make progress towards your milestones.

Minimizing equipment downtime is absolutely critical. When your equipment is down, you're losing valuable time and resources that could be spent on moving your research forward.

That's why we offer preventative maintenance and repair coverage with every lease.

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Get the Exact Equipment You Want

Every business has different needs and preferences when it comes to equipment.

You need the flexibility to choose the manufacturer that best meets your needs.

That's why we don't limit our clients to a specific set of options. Instead, we work with you to secure equipment from the manufacturer of your choice.

You get the right equipment without having to settle for anything less

Buying vs.
Leasing Lab Equipment

Keeping a healthy cushion of cash on hand is good business practice.

When credit markets are tight, maintaining cash reserves for unexpected opportunities and preserving credit line availability for emergencies is crucial.

Our leasing program helps you acquire equipment with a fixed, affordable monthly payment, leaving credit lines and cash reserves free for business development opportunities or unexpected expenses.

Save on Costs

By leveraging our financial and vendor network, you achieve substantial cost savings. Furthermore, we cover 100% of the equipment costs, including sales tax, preventive/corrective maintenance, training, and installation.

Add Flexibility

As your business grows, your operational
and financial needs change. By leasing, you
have the option to renew equipment usage
at a discounted rate, purchase the
instrument, or conclude the lease.

Conserve Operating Capital

Acquire the technology you need today
while spreading your payments over the
useful life of the asset. This preserves
capital for day-to-day expenses such as
inventory, personnel, and marketing.

Listen to The Biotech Startups Podcast

The Biotech Startups Podcast is a podcast for scientist-entrepreneurs, presented by Excedr.

In each episode, we speak with guests about the challenges and triumphs of running a biotech startup. This includes first-time founders, serial entrepreneurs, experienced scientists, long-time company operators, and biotech investors,

Gain actionable insight into navigating the ever-changing life sciences industry in each episode as we explore the business of science, from pre-seed to IPO.

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