Imaging Equipment

How Imaging Equipment Work & How We Save You Time & Money

Here are the advantages of Excedr’s Imaging Equipment leasing program:

  • Eliminates the upfront cost of purchasing equipment by diffusing its cost over time
  • Payments may be 100% tax deductible*, which provides you significant cash-savings
  • Leasing through Excedr costs less than buying the equipment outright
  • Offers convenient repair coverage to keep your lab’s downtime to a minimum
  • We deal with and expedite the administrative work needed for instrument procurement and maintenance
  • The money saved with our leasing program, clients are more capable to reinvest in their core business and operations (staffing, inventory, marketing/sales, etc.)

*Please consult your tax advisor to determine the full tax implications of leasing equipment.

Whichever method or setup you need, the Excedr lease program is equipped to handle any and all device requests that your lab has. Contact us today to learn how imaging equipment leasing can save you money and time.

All equipment brands/models are available


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Medical imaging is the process of creating a visual representation of something with a detector or electromagnetic beam. Related imaging equipment allows researchers and medical professionals to non-invasively render 2D and 3D images of the inside of a body. Additionally, some devices can even help scientists understand the underlying functionality of the organs they are imaging. 

Imaging machinery can work in a variety of ways to achieve numerous goals. For example, bone densitometers measure the density of an object by analyzing the degree to which light can or cannot pass through it. This is also known as optical density. Tomography, on the other hand, uses penetrative waves to gather 2D images of an object and then combines them to construct a 3D rendering. Another example is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which exposes an object to strong magnetic fields to generate an image. Similarly, in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging, nuclei that are exposed to magnetic fields emit radio frequency energies which are detected and then used to analyze various properties of the molecule. 

Excedr’s equipment leasing program offers you access to expensive imaging equipment including CT Scanners, C-arms, bone densitometers, MRI, and NMR machines at a fraction of the up front price. Contact us today to learn more about our company and services.

Lease Any Imaging Equipment That Suits Your Needs

Operating Lease

This off-balance sheet financing structure provides three options at the end of the term. The lessee has the option to return the equipment to the lessor, renew at a discounted rate, or purchase the instrument for the fair market value. Monthly payments are also 100% tax deductible which yields additional monetary savings.

Sale Leaseback

If you recently bought equipment, Excedr can offer you cash for your device and convert your purchase into a long-term rental. This is called a sale-leaseback. If you’ve paid for equipment within the last ninety days, we can help you recoup your investment and allow you to make low monthly payments. This also frees up money in your budget rather than tying it down to a fixed asset.


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Effect on Credit & Operating Capital

Leasing/renting does not hinder your future borrowing ability and allows you to keep your business credit line open for expansions, staffing, and other operational expenses. Additionally, it strengthens the cash flow of your business and keeps cash reserves free for business development opportunities.

Used Equipment

Unlike traditional financing and leasing companies, the Excedr program can accommodate refurbished/reconditioned equipment in addition to demo units. If you are looking for additional cost-savings, we recommend considering this option.

Speed of Approval

Excedr’s program allows you to respond quickly as your need for equipment and technology arises. You can be approved with minimal documentation and have the equipment you need in operation and generating revenue for your business quickly.


Whatever your leasing needs, Excedr is here to help. Connect with us at +1(510) 982-6552 or by filling out our contact form above and we can discuss your equipment needs.