Lab Balance Leasing:

Lab Balance Leasing

How Laboratory Scales Work & How Our Services Save You Time & Money

Excedr can source all equipment types and can accommodate any model preferences your lab might have. Request a quote today and see how a lease can discount your analytical balance price.

All equipment brands/models are available

The Advantages of the Excedr Lab BalanceLeasing Program:

  • Eliminates the upfront cost of purchasing equipment by spreading its cost over time
  • Minimizes equipment downtime with included complete repair coverage and preventive maintenance
  • Takes advantage of potentially 100% tax deductible* payments, providing you significant cash-savings
  • Expedites the administrative work needed for instrument procurement and logistics
  • Conserves working capital,  enabling you to reinvest in your core business and operations (staffing, inventory, marketing/sales, etc.)
  • Accommodates all manufacturer and model preferences

*Please consult your tax advisor to determine the full tax implications of leasing equipment.

A lab balance is a form of scale designed to measure small mass in the sub-milligram range.

The measuring pan of an analytical balance (0.1 mg or better) is inside a transparent enclosure with doors so that dust does not collect and so any air currents in the room do not affect the balance’s performance. This enclosure is often called a draft shield. The use of a mechanically vented balance safety enclosure, which has uniquely designed acrylic airfoils, allows a smooth, turbulence-free airflow that prevents fluctuations or loss of product mass down to 1μg. The sample must also be at room temperature to prevent natural convection from forming air currents inside the enclosure, which can cause an error in reading. A single pan substitution balance maintains consistent response throughout its use, as capacity is achieved by maintaining a constant load on the balance beam by subtracting mass on the same side of the beam to which the sample is added.

Electronic analytical scales measure the force needed to counter the mass being measured rather than using actual masses. As such they must have calibration adjustments made to compensate for gravitational differences. They use an electromagnet to generate a force to counter the sample being measured and outputs the result by measuring the force needed to achieve balance. Such a measurement device is called an electromagnetic force restoration sensor.

Methods & Types of Precision Weighing

Balances can be found in nearly every laboratory throughout the world. Their ability to accurately measure weights and provide detailed data makes them indispensable tools. Below are some of the different types commonly found.

Microbalances & Ultra Micro Balances
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Microbalances are designed to measure, weigh, and provide data on the tiniest of samples. Most models can effectively provide data for samples weighing between 6 and 0.0001 milligrams. These are generally used to weigh highly valuable substances in minute quantities. Ultra microbalances are designed to weigh and provide data on even smaller samples. These units typically come standard with draft shields so that dust and other foreign particles do not make their way into the dish and corrupt data and materials being worked on.


Automated Powder & Liquid Dosing
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In addition to the wide range of scale options, you can also incorporate automated add-ons in order to increase productivity, safety, and accuracy. Well-designed autosamplers are available, which allow for unattended sample preparation. These autosamplers often have both powder and liquid dosing capabilities that enable highly accurate concentrations, safe dosing,, automatic data handling, and full traceability with barcodes.


Analytical Balances
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These lab scales are used to weigh substances and samples between 0.01 to 500 milligrams. These units’ measuring pans are usually encased in a glass box so as to prevent any dust particles from settling in the pan. The particles can often disrupt efficient testing and provide incorrect data if they should settle in the pan.


Precision Balances
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This class is designed for reliable and high-precision weighing in both the lab and under harsh industrial conditions. They typically include fast stabilization times, optimized linearity, repeatability specifications, and enhanced vibration filtering.


Gold & Carat Balances
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As the name implies, these scales are designed to weigh gold as well as give carat values. These are more commonly found in jewelry design workshops and retail jeweler outlets, however, they are used in some laboratory exercises too. These units are not limited to weighing gold; they are also commonly used to measure and provide carat values for both precious and semiprecious stones and metals.


Moisture Analyzer
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A moisture balance is perfect for measuring moisture in most products, including grains, pharmaceuticals, soils, sludge, and chemicals. The amount of moisture in a product can greatly affect perceived quality. You use these instruments to measure the original weight of a product before the drying process. The machine takes note of that weight and then after the drying process, it notates the decrease in moisture and shows the weight change on the moisture analyzer display. Heating lamps are sometimes used to speed up the drying process. Ceramic heating elements are designed to rapidly attain the final temperature to ensure a uniform distribution of heat over the entire surface, thus eliminating localized burning of the sample. Halogen lamp heating elements are suited for applications that require accelerated temperature regulation during sample drying. However, halogen lamps heat and cool quickly, sometimes causing the sample to scorch. A moisture analyzer can also use quartz heating elements, which look similar to the heating element in your oven at home. Heat is transferred from a coil wire to a material which distributes the heat providing consistent heating.


We’re to help you with whatever financing needs you may have. Whether you’re interested in a peptide synthesizer or need a new lab balance, we’ve got you covered. Call us today (510) 982-6552 or fill out our contact form online and we can discuss your specific needs.

A Lab Balance That Suits Your Needs

Operating Lease

This off-balance sheet financing structure provides three options at the end of the term. The lessee has the option to return the equipment to the lessor, renew at a discounted rate, or purchase the instrument for the fair market value. Monthly payments are also 100% tax deductible which yields additional monetary savings.


If you recently bought equipment, Excedr can offer you cash for your device and convert your purchase into a long-term rental. This is called a sale-leaseback. If you’ve paid for equipment within the last ninety days, we can help you recoup your investment and allow you to make low monthly payments. This also frees up money in your budget rather than tying it down to a fixed asset.

Laboratory Balance Manufacturers & Models on the Market
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Mettler Toledo:
XPR Analytical, XSR Analytical, MS Semi-Micro, MS-TS Analytical, ML-T Analytical, ME-T Analytical, XPR Precision, XSR Precision, MS-TS Precision, MS-L Precision, ML-T Precision, ME-T Precision, PL-E Portable, Balance XPR2, XPR2U, Comparator XPR6U, XPR6UD5, XPR10, Premium ICS685, Advanced ICS466x, Advanced ICS465, Advanced ICS445, Standard ICS426x, Standard ICS435, Standard ICS425, Viper Ex, Basic ICS241, Bench PBA 430, PBA430x, ICS226, ICS241, BBA236, BTA231, PFA261combo, Vacuum, Automated Mass, Robotic Mass, Manual Mass, XP-K Comparator, Professional Level Moisture Analyzer, Halogen Moisture Analyzer HX204, Halogen Moisture Analyzer, HS153, Advanced Level Moisture Analyzers, Hal. Moisture Analyzer HC103 (115V), Entry Level Moisture Analyzer, Hal. Moisture Analyzer HE53 (115V), Hal. Moisture Analyzer HE73 (115V), SmartCal Moisture Analyzer

Secura­ Micro, Cubis Ultramicro,Cubis Micro, Secura Analytical, Entris Precision, Quintix Analytical, Practum Analytical, Cubis Analytical, Cubis Analytical MSU, Cubis Analytical MSA, Cubis Analytical MSE, Quintix Precision, Secura Precision, Practum Precision, Cubis Precision MSU, Cubis Precision MSA, Cubis Precision MSE, Cubis High Capacity MSA, Cubis High Capacity, Cubis II High-Capacity, Cubis High Capacity MSU, Automatic Mass Comparator With Load Alternator, Cubis Manual, Robot System, MA160 Infrared Moisture Analyzer, MA37 Infrared Moisture Analyzer, MA35 Infrared Moisture Analyzer, Mark3 HP Moisture Analyzer

Arizona Instrument:

Explorer Semi Micro Analytical, Explorer AnalyticalAdventurer AnalyticalPioneer Analytica, Explorer Precision, Explorer Precision EX, Explorer Precision High Capacity, Adventurer Precision, Adventurer Precision AX, Pioneer Precision, Pioneer PX, CKW Checkweigher,Defender 7000 Washdown,Defender 7000 Hybrid, Defender 7000, Defender 7000 D71P, Defender 7000 Low Profile, Defender D71P, Defender 5000 Stainless Steel, Defender 5000 Hybrid, Defender 5000 Hybrid D51XW, Defender 5000, Defender 5000 D51P, Defender 5000 Low Profile, Defender 5000 Low Profile D51P, Defender 3000 Stainless Steel, Defender Stainless Steel 3000 D32XW, Defender 3000, Defender 3000 D31P, Defender 3000 Field Test, D31P75SD, Ranger 7000, Ranger 7000 R71MHD, Ranger 4000Valor 4000, Valor 4000 V41XWE, Valor 4000 V41PWE, Valor 3000, Valor 3000 Xtreme Scale, Valor 3000 V31XH, Valor 3000 V31XW, Valor 3000 V31X, Valor 2000, Valor 2000 water resistant food scale, Valor 2000 V22XWE, Valor 2000 V22PWE, Valor 1000, Valor 1000 V11P, Catapult 1000, C11P9, C11P20, C11P75, ES Series, ES6R, ES30R, ES50R, ES50L, ES100L, ES200L, SD Series, SD35, SD75, SD75L, SD200, SD200L, Ranger Count 4000, RC41M3, RC41M6, RC41M15, RC41M30, Ranger Count 3000, RC31P1502, RC31P3, RC31P6, RC31P15, RC31P30, Scout STX, Scout SPX, Scout SKX, Navigator NV, Navigator XL, Navigator XT, CS Series, CL Series, HH Series, PS Series, PS Portable, MB120, MB90, MB27, MB23

Kern & Sohn:
ADB/ADJ, ABS-N/ABJ-NM, ALS-A/ALJ-A, ABP, ABP, Precision Balance 440, 572, EMB, EMB-V, EMB-S, EW-N/EG-N, EWJ, KB-N, PBS, PBJ, PCB, PCD, PES, PEJ, PFB, PLS/PLJ, PNS/PNJ, Bench Scale ECE-N, ECB-N, FCB, FCE-N, FCF,FFN-N, FKB,FKT, GAT,FOB,GAB-N, GAB-P, WTB-N, FFN-N, FOB, FOB-S,SFB-H, SFE, SXS, WTB-N, FXN-N, pre-packaged products control scale FKTF, counting system CCS, CDS, CPB, CXB, CFS, CKE, stocktake scale FKA, IFS, DE, EOC, IOC, DS, EOA, EOA 100K-2, EOE, EOB, EOS-2017, platform EOB, EOB-F, IFB, IFS, IKT, IFT, IP protected IXS, SFB, SFE, BIC, BID, CH, CH 15K20, CH 50K50, CH 50K100, HDB-N, HDB-XL, HDB 5K5N, HDB 10K10N, HDB 30K-2XL, HDB 10K-2XL, HDB 6K-3XL, HCN, HCN 50K100IP, HCN 100K200IP, HCN 200K500IP, HFA, HFA 600K-1, HFA 1T-4, HFA 3T-3 HFA 5T-3, HFA 10T-3, HFB, HFB 150K50, HFB 300K100, HFB 600K200, HFD, HFD 600K-1, HFD 1T-4, HFD 3T-3, HFD 6T-3, HFD 10T-3, tensile force gauge HFC, HFC 600K-1, HFC 1T-4, HFC 3T-3, HFC 5T-3, HFC 10T-3, HFM, HFM 1T0.1, HFM 3T0.5, HFM 5T0.5, HFM 10T1, HFO, HFO 1.5T0.5M, HFO 3T1M, HFO 6T2M, HTS, HTS 1T-4AM, HTS 3T-3AM, HTS 6T-3AM, HFT, HFT 3T0.5, HFT 5T1, HFT 10T2, HFT 15T5, Moisture Analyser DAB, DAB 100-3, DBS 60-3, DBL 160-3A, MLS 50-3D, MLS 50-3D110V, Moisture Analyser MLS-D

AP Series Balance, AU Series Semi-Micro and Analytical, TW and TX Series Analytical, AT Series Analytical, MOC63u Moisture, MOC-120H Moisture, UW series platform, UX series platform, UniBloc one-piece force technology, TX series platform, TXB series platform, BW-K series platform, BX-K series platform, ELB series platform, BL series platform, MOC63u Moisture, MOC-120H Moisture

Symmetry PA+Analytical with USB Connectivity, Symmetry TA Touch-Screen Analytical, Symmetry LA Analytical, LA Analytical NTEP-Approved, Symmetry IS Compact Bench Scales, EW10000-5, Symmetry IPS Portable Industrial Bench Scales, Symmetry ISW Washdown Industrial Bench Scale, Symmetry IPSW Washdown Industrial Bench Scales, Symmetry LT Precision Toploading, Symmetry LT Precision Toploading NTEP-Approved, Symmetry PBH High-Capacity Portable Toploading, Symmetry PBH High-Capacity Portable Toploading with NTEP Approval, Symmetry PT+Toploading with USB Connectivity, Symmetry TT Precision Touch Screen Toploading, Symmetry MB Halogen-Heated Moisture, Symmetry MB-T Touch-Screen Moisture

A&D Weighing:
Gemini GR-200 Analytical Autocalibrating, AnD Phoenix GH Analytical AnD Orion HR Analytical, AD-4212A Production Weighing System with Display, AD-4212B Series Precision Weighing Sensor, AD-4212C Production Weighing Sensor, EK-L Compact Bench Scales, EK-6100i Portable, FX-i NTEP Approved Toploading, FX-i Toploading, FX-iWP Waterproof Toploading, FZ-i Toploading, FZ-iWP Toploading, GF NTEP Approved Toploading, GF Toploading, GX Toaploading, Apollo GF Toploading, Apollo GX Toploading, EK-EP Intrinsically Safe Portable

Adam Equipment:
Solis Analytical and Semi-Micro, Nimbus Analytical, Equinox Analytical, Eclipse Analytical, CPWPlus Bench and Floor Scales, LBK Compact Bench, CBK Bench Checkweighing, Warrior Washdown Scales,GFK Floor Checkweighing, GBK Bench Checkweighing, GBC Bench Counting, AFK Floor Weighing, ABK Bench Weighing, GFC Floor Counting, Eclipse Toploading, Equinox Toploading, Nimbus Heavy Weight Top Loading, Nimbus Heavy Weight Top Loading, Nimbus Toploading, Solis Precision Toploading, PMB Moisture Balances

Fisher Scientific:
Shandon DigitalFisher Science Education Compact

VWR B2-Series Analytical and Precision, VWR E-Series, A-series, VWR B2T-Series, VWR P2-series


and more!


Operating Capital Benefits

Operating Capital Benefits

Excedr's operating lease structure allows you to keep your business credit line open for expansions, staffing, and other operational expenses. Additionally, it strengthens the cash flow of your business and keeps cash reserves free for business development opportunities.

Effects on Credit

Effects on Credit

Leasing / renting provides you with non-dilutive financing and does not hinder your future borrowing ability. You're able to acquire the equipment you need without the baggage associated with traditional financing.

Used Equipment

Used Equipment

Unlike traditional financing and leasing companies, the Excedr program can accommodate refurbished/reconditioned equipment in addition to demo units. If you are looking for additional cost-savings, we recommend considering this option.

Speed of Approval

Speed of Approval

Excedr's program allows you to respond quickly as your need for equipment and technology arises. You can be approved with minimal documentation and have the equipment you need in operation and generating revenue for your business quickly.