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Despite the diversity in methods, the Excedr lease program is able to source all instrument types and can accommodate any brand preferences your end-user might have. Request an estimate today and see how leasing can discount your stability chamber’s price.

All equipment brands/models are available

The Advantages of Excedr’s Climate Chamber Leasing Program:

  • Eliminates the upfront cost of purchasing equipment by spreading its cost over time
  • Minimizes equipment downtime with included complete repair coverage and preventive maintenance
  • Takes advantage of potentially 100% tax deductible* payments, providing you significant cash-savings
  • Expedites the administrative work needed for instrument procurement and logistics
  • Conserves working capital,  enabling you to reinvest in your core business and operations (staffing, inventory, marketing/sales, etc.)
  • Accommodates all manufacturer and model preferences

*Please consult your tax advisor to determine the full tax implications of leasing equipment.

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An environmental test chamber, also known as a climatic chamber or climate chamber, is designed to recreate specific environmental conditions used to study how a test subject reacts to those conditions.

Conditions can include both environmental and mechanical stresses, such as temperature, humidity, light, altitude, rain, salt spray, corrosion, sun exposure, vacuum, air pressure, electrodynamic vibration, and radiation, among others.

By artificially reproducing conditions that a sample may be exposed to during its use or lifespan, these climate rooms or chambers provide valuable information on how something works under the stress of those climatic conditions and whether or not it has any defects or design flaws.

Stress testing can save a company a lot of money by catching any issues that may be present in their products before production and distribution.

Environmental test chambers are often used for incubation, plant growth, animal hatching, shelf-life determination, stability testing, and fatigue analysis. Furthermore, these units are capable of testing many different things, including biological and electronic products and samples.

They are used in a wide range of fields, including biology, microbiology, bio-tissue engineering, pharmaceuticals, medical, food, cosmetics, building materials, industrial research, and more.

Chambers Types & Configurations

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During the research and development (R&D) stage of product development, it’s typical that prototypes of the product are tested to establish various characteristics, such as durability, reliability, and resistance to various climatic conditions.

By identifying weaknesses or failures in design, scientists and engineers can work on a solution. This can be accomplished using different testing chambers, including temperature chambers, humidity chambers, and even industrial ovens, which can be considered another type of test chamber used for high-temperature testing.

The prototype, product, and material you are testing and how much space you need helps determine which chamber functionality and size best suits your needs. Let’s review some of the common types of environmental test chamber units below.


A climatic chamber is used for testing that requires temperature and humidity control. These temperatures often need to be very extreme, reaching well below or well above zero. In general, the temperature can range from -70°C (-94°F) to 180°C (356°F), but may vary depending on the manufacturer, design, or size of the chamber.

Humidity levels often range from 10% to 95%. There are also climatic chambers which only control temperature, these units are referred to as thermostatic chambers.

Temperature and humidity test chambers are essential to product development because both factors can have serious effects on a product, so it’s important to test whether or not yours can withstand temperature changes or increases/decreases in relative humidity.


Thermal Shock

Thermal shock testing chambes are similar to thermostatic chambers; however, they instead expose a product or sample to extreme changes in temperature.

Thermal testing is accomplished by moving the item within the chamber quickly between a hot portion of the chamber and a cold portion, and is incredibly important to test in products that can go or be taken from one extreme to the other.


Mechanical Test

As the name suggests, mechanical test chambers are used to perform mechanical tests on a material, prototype, or product. Mechanical tests include testing for tensile strength, compression, shock, vibration, impact, and fracture toughness.

The testing is used to simulate real-world conditions that the sample will undergo. These types of test chambers feature various temperature ranges, mounting configurations, and grips and fixtures.


Steady State

Steady state environmental chambers, also referred to as stability test chambers or shelf-life testing chambers, are ideal enclosures for long-term testing on packaged products. These units provide climatic conditions that can be adjusted, providing temperature controlled storage.

Furthermore, stability test chambers, which are available in a range of sizes, are designed to accelerate aging, drying, controlled-temperature storage, incubation, and cold-room storage.

For these reasons, steady state and stability test chambers are well suited for applications in research facilities and laboratories. This is due to their ability to handle a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.



Cryogenic test chambers are designed to reach cryogenic temperatures, with temperatures ranging from -150 °C (-238 °F) to absolute zero (-273 °C or -460 °F). However, most chambers work to replicate these extreme conditions, and do not reach temperatures of absolute zero. Cryogenic chambers typically get as cold as -150 °C.

These chambers reach extremely low temperatures using cryogenic liquids, such as liquid nitrogen or helium, and help manufacturers test their products for potential flaws or malfunctions at extremely low temperatures.



Vacuum chambers work by removing air and pressure from a sealed compartment to evaluate the effects of a vacuum on a material or prototype. Testing by a vacuum test chamber is a requirement of the aerospace and defense industries.

Specifically, engineers use it to test the quality and design of electronics, circuits, lenses, filters, structural materials, and more.



A benchtop chamber, also referred to as a table top chamber, is one of the most compact types of unit available, capable of fitting on a laboratory bench top, and is ideal for testing smaller types of items. It serves as a great point-of-use environmental chamber. It is capable of controlling both temperature and humidity, and can range in size from ~1 ft³ to ~5 ft³.



Also known as an upright chamber, this unit is typically much larger than a benchtop version, ranging from ~8 ft³ to ~70 ft³. Reach-in chambers are capable of controlling other types of environmental stresses outside of temperature and humidity, and often can simulate mechanical stresses as well, including vibration and radiation.



A walk-in chamber is essentially a climatized room, large enough for a person to stand in or to fit a vehicle inside. These units are capable of wider ranges of environmental and mechanical conditions as well, providing extremes for testing of finished products. They are utilized in many industrial settings, but are also suitable for scientific applications. This type of chamber is customizable, and can be made to fit many different requested dimensions.



Modular environmental chambers, or modular test chambers, are prefabricated walk-in or reach-in chambers that are designed and assembled to meet a wide variety of testing needs.

Being highly customizable and prefabricated means manufacturers and research facilities or laboratories can create a chamber to meet their exact requirements.


Environmental Test Chamber Leases to Fit Every Need

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Whatever your specific testing application needs, acquiring new or refurbished testing equipment can oftentimes prove difficult due to the high costs of buying this technology outright.

Excedr’s leasing program is an excellent solution for any research facility or manufacturer that is either working on a budget or wants to reserve some of their working capital for other areas of business.

Through our program, we provide a solution to the hurdles of equipment procurement by spreading payments out over time, keeping your financial situation flexible.

Reach out today to learn more about our program and receive an environmental chamber lease estimate.

Operating Lease

This off-balance sheet financing structure provides three options at the end of the term. The lessee has the option to return the equipment to the lessor, renew at a discounted rate, or purchase the instrument for the fair market value. Monthly payments are also 100% tax deductible which yields additional monetary savings.


If you recently bought equipment, Excedr can offer you cash for your device and convert your purchase into a long-term rental. This is called a sale leaseback. If you’ve paid for equipment within the last ninety days, we can help you recoup your investment and allow you to make low monthly payments. This also frees up money in your budget rather than tying it down to a fixed asset.

Environmental Chamber Manufacturers Models on the Market
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Russells Technical Products:
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Benchtop Test Chambers, Criterion Benchtop, SU/SH Series Benchtop, Compact Temperature Cycling, BTZ-4200, MC Series Ultra-cold, TSE-12, TSD-101-W, TSA, Platinous Models, GLOBAL-N Series, Platinum Models, ZoneOne Stability Models, AGREE Series, Panelized Walk-Ins, Solid Walk-Ins, Compact Walk-Ins, Stability Walk-In Models

Geneva Scientific:
Arabidopsis Chambers, AR-22L, AR-36L2, AR-36L3, AR-41L2, AR-41L3, Dew Formation Chambers, I-36D, I-36DL, Drosophila Chambers, DR-36NL, DR-36VL, DR-41NL, DR-41VL, Germination Chambers, GR-36L, GR-36VL, GR-41L, GR-41VL, LED Plant Growth Chambers, LED-30HL1, LED-35L1, LED-36L2, LED-36HL2, Reach In Plant Growth Chambers, E-30B


Operating Capital Benefits

Operating Capital Benefits

Excedr's operating lease structure allows you to keep your business credit line open for expansions, staffing, and other operational expenses. Additionally, it strengthens the cash flow of your business and keeps cash reserves free for business development opportunities.

Effects on Credit

Effects on Credit

Leasing / renting provides you with non-dilutive financing and does not hinder your future borrowing ability. You're able to acquire the equipment you need without the baggage associated with traditional financing.

Speed of Approval

Speed of Approval

Excedr's program allows you to respond quickly as your need for equipment and technology arises. You can be approved with minimal documentation and have the equipment you need in operation and generating revenue for your business quickly.

Refurbished Equipment

Refurbished Equipment

Unlike traditional financing and leasing companies, the Excedr program can accommodate refurbished equipment in addition to demo units. If you are looking for additional cost-savings, we recommend considering this option.