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How a Lab Water Bath Works & How We Save You Time & Money

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Water bath equipment

General-purpose water baths are a vital part of any laboratory, capable of performing a variety of applications.

General lab equipment

These machines are made of a container to hold water and a digital or analog interface to control the temperature and maintain uniformity. It is typical for a water bath to reach temperatures of 99°C (210°F).

However, some water baths utilize other mediums such as oil or sand when higher temperatures are required. These machines are ideal for industrial, clinical, biomedical, or pharmaceutical applications. This can include warming reagents, heating samples, and incubating cell cultures.

It is possible for water baths to also perform more complicated tasks such as microbiological assays.

Water Bath Types & Price

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Different types of water baths are used depending on the application. In general, there are three types of models, available in a variety of volume capacities and design configurations.


The combination of a container and an immersion circulator, these devices are capable of rapid heating and cooling by constantly circulating the flow of water either using a circulator or a system of pumps. A circulating bath, also referred to as an immersion circulator bath, is efficient at maintaining temperature stability, and covers a wide range of temperatures. These devices range in size and functionality. Some different types of circulators include:

  • Refrigerated Circulators
  • Refrigerated/Heated Circulator: Capable of both heating and cooling
  • Heated Circulators
  • Heated Immersion Circulators


Referred to as a general-purpose water bath, these water baths do not provide circulation. The use of convection heat controls the temperature of the apparatus. Non-circulating water baths are generally less uniform, but provide scientists with a basic and essential heating source for many applications.

These devices can be equipped with add-ons that provide circulation if needed. Similar to circulating baths, they come in a range of volume capacities capable of covering a wide range of production scales.


Similar to circulating water baths, these devices circulate water throughout the apparatus using agitation. A shaking water bath will agitate the contained water using horizontal and vertical motions so that heat is uniformly distributed.

This provides excellent temperature uniformity. These devices are ideal in biopharma, life sciences, and QA/QC applications. Their design allows for a suitable controlled atmosphere for any incubation needs.

Recirculating Chiller

Also referred to as a circulator or a chiller, these devices provide and maintain a constant and proper cooling temperature. This source of external cooling allows you to focus on cooling your application rather than your output, which in turn maintains the rate of efficiency your lab desires. These devices are a reliable cooling source for many laboratory, clinical, and industrial applications.

Lab Water Bath Leases to Fit Every Lab’s Need

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Founder-Friendly Leases

Our lease agreements are founder-friendly and flexible, helping you preserve working capital, strengthen the cash flow of your business, and keep business credit lines open for expansions, staffing, and other crucial operational expenses and business development opportunities.

2-5 Year Lease Lengths

Leases range from 2 to 5 years. Length will depend on several factors, including how long you want to use the equipment, equipment type, and your company’s financial position. These are standard factors leasing companies consider and help us tailor a lease agreement to fit your needs.

Your Choice of Manufacturer

We don’t carry an inventory. This means you’re not limited to a specific set of manufacturers. Instead, you can pick the equipment that aligns with your business goals and preferences. We’ll work with the manufacturer of your choice to get the equipment in your facility as quickly as possible.

Maintenance & Repair Coverage

Bundle preventive maintenance and repair coverage with your lease agreement. You can spread those payments over time. Easily maintain your equipment, minimize the chances something will break down, repair instrumentation quickly, and simplify your payment processes.

End-of-Lease Options

At the end of your lease, you have multiple options. You can either renew the lease at a significantly lower price, purchase the machine outright based on the fair market value of the original pricing, or call it a day and we’ll come the pick up the equipment for you free of charge.

No Loan-Like Terms

Our leases do not include loan-like terms, which can be restrictive or harmful in certain situations. We do not require debt covenants, IP pledges, collateral,  or equity participation. Our goal is to maximize your flexibility. When you lease with us, you’re collaborating with a true business partner.

In-House Underwriting Process

Our underwriting is done in-house. You can expect quicker turnaround, allowing you respond to your equipment needs as they arise. We require less documentation than traditional lenders and financiers and can get the equipment you need in operation more quickly.