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How Coverslippers Work & How We Save You Time & Money

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Coverslipper equipment

Coverslipping involves mounting a microscope slide with a glass cover so that the sample is held in place, providing it with protection from dust or accidental contact.

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The sample, whether it is solid or liquid, is pressed flat so its thickness remains even, ensuring optimal slide quality for pathological diagnosis downstream using a microscope.

Besides creating high quality slides, such as histology and cytology slides, coverslipping can also provide long-term storage reliability.

However, manually adding glass or coverslips on slides can be tedious. Coverslippers are used to automated and simplify the monotonous and often lengthy task of covering microscope slides. They are ideal for both medical, clinical laboratories, offer an increase in throughput by automating coverslipping, and can perform both wet and dry coverslipping.

The level of automation these devices provide speed up your research or testing and give you more time to focus on other tasks by eliminating the tedious manual step of adding cover glass to a slide. An automated coverslipper is capable of processing 400-600 slides per hour without compromising quality, offering a simple, hands-free, and intuitive experience.

Furthermore, most coverslippers can be combined with an IHC autostainer for improvement of workflow, providing an all-in-one, fully automated staining solution that can increase productivity and streamline processes.

Coverslipping System Benefits & Price

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Coverslippers comes with several adjustable and customizable aspects that help you produce slides with excellent optical quality for dependable long-term storage, adapt to unique laboratory setups, and integrate into staining or coverslipping workstations, forming fully automated and easy-to-use systems.

Sample Types

Coverslippers are typically capable of handling different types of samples, from histology sections to cytology smears. Whether you work in one particular field or the other, you’re covered.

Slide Sizes

Typical design enables this device to efficiently handle different sizes of cover glass, ranging from 20-60mm. This allows for slides of different heights to be processed using the same machine.

Staining Racks

Coverslippers are designed to accept staining racks of most routine slide stainers. This includes upwards of 60 slides going in and out of the machine throughout the day and provides integration with slide staining equipment.


Additionally, this machine is capable of wet or dry mounting. Dry coverslipping is the simplest form of coverslipping, where the cover glass is directly placed on the slide without any additional steps. Wet coverslipping involves placing the specimen in a drop of water or other liquid and holding it between the slide and cover glass.

This is used to study samples that are grown or found in water, allowing for their normal, water-based functions to be properly observed.

Mounting Media

Controlling the volume of mounting media, or solution in which the specimen is embedded, is another important benefit to an automated coverslipper. Correctly mounting the specimen ensures excellent clarity of the sample, non-reactivity, and long-term stability.

These factors decrease the potential of any serious change that may affect the quality of the slide.

System Integration

One of the integrative features coverslippers include is the ability to incorporate the equipment into a coverslipping workstation. This allows you to automate and strreamline an otherwise lengthy process, freeing up more time for yourself and other lab personnel.

Some instruments feature integrated fume hoods, or extraction systems, with high-quality filtration that reduce exposure to hazardous fumes you and your team can be exposed to.

Furthermore, because xylene is considered hazardous, and is often used during sample clearing prior to coverslipping, as well as during coverslipping, unwanted amounts of xylene can be present in the air during these processes. Integrated fume extraction systems can draw xylene through charcoal filters and produce lower concentrations of the substance, making the lab safer for you and your team.

Coverslipper Machine Leases to Fit Every Need

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Founder-Friendly Leases

Our lease agreements are founder-friendly and flexible, helping you preserve working capital, strengthen the cash flow of your business, and keep business credit lines open for expansions, staffing, and other crucial operational expenses and business development opportunities.

2-5 Year Lease Lengths

Leases range from 2 to 5 years. Length will depend on several factors, including how long you want to use the equipment, equipment type, and your company’s financial position. These are standard factors leasing companies consider and help us tailor a lease agreement to fit your needs.

Your Choice of Manufacturer

We don’t carry an inventory. This means you’re not limited to a specific set of manufacturers. Instead, you can pick the equipment that aligns with your business goals and preferences. We’ll work with the manufacturer of your choice to get the equipment in your facility as quickly as possible.

Maintenance & Repair Coverage

Bundle preventive maintenance and repair coverage with your lease agreement. You can spread those payments over time. Easily maintain your equipment, minimize the chances something will break down, repair instrumentation quickly, and simplify your payment processes.

End-of-Lease Options

At the end of your lease, you have multiple options. You can either renew the lease at a significantly lower price, purchase the machine outright based on the fair market value of the original pricing, or call it a day and we’ll come the pick up the equipment for you free of charge.

No Loan-Like Terms

Our leases do not include loan-like terms, which can be restrictive or harmful in certain situations. We do not require debt covenants, IP pledges, collateral,  or equity participation. Our goal is to maximize your flexibility. When you lease with us, you’re collaborating with a true business partner.

In-House Underwriting Process

Our underwriting is done in-house. You can expect quicker turnaround, allowing you respond to your equipment needs as they arise. We require less documentation than traditional lenders and financiers and can get the equipment you need in operation more quickly.