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How Microplate Sealers Work & How We Save You Time & Money

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A microplate sealer, or plate sealer, is used for sealing individual microplates in research and clinical laboratories—anywhere microplates are required.

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They are designed to support increased demand and provide excellent sample storage, and are an essential part of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) applications, such as qPCR, as well as cell cultures and assays.

The seal protects and contains the microplate’s samples, provides a solution to short-term and long-term storage, and prevents evaporation, contamination, or spillage.

Sealers operate both manually and automatically using thermal or adhesive sealing. However, using automation to seal microplates greatly improves workflow and reproducibility, leading to high throughput and workflow optimization.

By increasing speed, reducing human error, and providing consistency, an automated microplate sealer offers often overlooked yet very significant benefits to the modern biotechnology or biochemical laboratory.

The programming design of these devices allows for easy robotic integration with many diagnostic instruments and systems, such as liquid handling robots. By combining your automated microplate sealer with a liquid handling system, you maximize walkaway time.

Automated Sealer Benefits & Price

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Automated heat sealers provide small but valuable gains through automation. They can accommodate a variety of microplates, as the sealer design takes into consideration both well plate depth and plate height.

Furthermore, they provide options in temperature control, operate using different sealing materials, and produce at varying levels of throughput. Consider all these factors when looking for a new microplate sealer.


Automated sealers are capable of fast cycles with little to no cooling down and can seal multiple plates per minute. Some models are more ideal than others for high-throughput, but all provide ease-of-use and reproducible results. Both hand- and automatically-fed options are available.


Automation removes the potential for human error, ensuring precise control over any sealing parameters, including temperature, sealing time, pressure, and more. The ability to control these parameters guarantees correctly sealed microplates and repeatability, minimizing or eliminating precious sample loss.


Plate sealers are capable of simultaneously sealing many different heights of plates by offering flexible configurations, generally at the touch of a button or without the need for adapters.

Microplate Seal Peeler

A worthwhile investment, the microplate seal peeler completes the package when it comes to automated sealing solutions. This device automatically peels off microplate seals for you, further increasing your productivity and turnaround time. Rather than spend time manually removing seals, consider acquiring a microplate seal peeler.

Microplate Sealing Equipment Leases to Fit Every Need

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Founder-Friendly Leases

Our lease agreements are founder-friendly and flexible, helping you preserve working capital, strengthen the cash flow of your business, and keep business credit lines open for expansions, staffing, and other crucial operational expenses and business development opportunities.

2-5 Year Lease Lengths

Leases range from 2 to 5 years. Length will depend on several factors, including how long you want to use the equipment, equipment type, and your company’s financial position. These are standard factors leasing companies consider and help us tailor a lease agreement to fit your needs.

Your Choice of Manufacturer

We don’t carry an inventory. This means you’re not limited to a specific set of manufacturers. Instead, you can pick the equipment that aligns with your business goals and preferences. We’ll work with the manufacturer of your choice to get the equipment in your facility as quickly as possible.

Maintenance & Repair Coverage

Bundle preventive maintenance and repair coverage with your lease agreement. You can spread those payments over time. Easily maintain your equipment, minimize the chances something will break down, repair instrumentation quickly, and simplify your payment processes.

End-of-Lease Options

At the end of your lease, you have multiple options. You can either renew the lease at a significantly lower price, purchase the machine outright based on the fair market value of the original pricing, or call it a day and we’ll come the pick up the equipment for you free of charge.

No Loan-Like Terms

Our leases do not include loan-like terms, which can be restrictive or harmful in certain situations. We do not require debt covenants, IP pledges, collateral,  or equity participation. Our goal is to maximize your flexibility. When you lease with us, you’re collaborating with a true business partner.

In-House Underwriting Process

Our underwriting is done in-house. You can expect quicker turnaround, allowing you respond to your equipment needs as they arise. We require less documentation than traditional lenders and financiers and can get the equipment you need in operation more quickly.