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How Bioanalyzers Work & How We Can Save You Time & Money

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Bioanalyzer instrumentation

Whether you work in a biochemical, medical, or research field, quality control is incredibly important.

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When dealing with DNA, RNA, and other protein samples, small errors can be truly costly. A bioanalyzer system can help you avoid mistakes by providing reliable analysis of biological samples within a multitude of applications.

While the usefulness of this system cannot be understated, its true selling point is its compact nature and its quick analysis. The bioanalyzer was the first widely available system that could provide labs with an instrument capable of miniaturized analysis of samples using on-chip electrophoresis.

An additional benefit is the small amount of material needed to complete the testing. With its size, flexibility, and specificity, a bioanalyzer is always an excellent addition to any company evaluating protein samples.

Quality Control Workflow Applications

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Agilent Technologies is one of the main manufacturers of bioanalyzers. The manufacturer wanted to design an automated microfluidics-based electrophoresis tool for sample quality control of biomolecules, and has succeeded in doing just that.

In fact, there are some advantages to this system that traditional gel electrophoresis methods don’t offer, specifically in terms of efficiency and sensitivity.

A bioanalyzer can perform highly precise evaluation of various sample types in many workflows, including next generation sequencing (NGS), gene expression, biopharmaceutical, and gene editing research.

All About Protein

The various applications related to proteins are extensive. By fully observing and optimizing the protein purification process, monitoring protein production, and verifying protein expressions, researchers can provide insightful, actionable data relating to protein analysis.

DNA Analysis

Analyzing and providing expedient quality control for DNA fragments is one of the most valuable applications for the bioanalyzer. By testing during NGS, you can mitigate sequencing bias by checking against PCR-amplified libraries and running distribution analyses. Checking for PCR impurities is another useful ability that this system provides.

Genome Editing

Ensuring that your guide RNA (gRNA) doesn’t have any problems helps prevent discrepancies in the data. The bioanalyzer detects mutations and cleavage of the gRNA, ensuring that they are functioning correctly prior to further testing.

Gene Expression

Quality control prior to and during gene expression studies is of tremendous importance. By using qPCR and microarrays, the bioanalyzer can help minimize issues by ensuring the quality of the data derived. The ability to check small RNA fractions for problems is invaluable to labs performing small RNA sequencing and miRNA studies.

By detecting biomolecules through laser-induced fluorescence, the bioanalyzer and its accompanying software are able to compare the samples inputted with their existing database, allowing you to easily identify the RNA markers you need. By color coding the results outputted through testing, it is easy to flag issues, allowing for easier evaluation of data.

Bioanalyzer DNA & RNA Kits & Reagents

Although we don’t offer DNA & RNA kits and reagents as part of our leases, Agilent technologies does.

The manufacturer provides several products for running DNA sample assays using the its bioanalyzer, such as the DNA 1000 kit. It includes 25 microfluidic chips and reagents and consumables sufficient for 300 samples.

Agilent also offers RNA kits, such as the RNA 6000 Pico kit, which includes 25 microfluidic chips and enough reagents and consumables for up to 275 samples.

DNA & RNA Bioanalyzer Leases to Fit Every Need

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Founder-Friendly Leases

Our lease agreements are founder-friendly and flexible, helping you preserve working capital, strengthen the cash flow of your business, and keep business credit lines open for expansions, staffing, and other crucial operational expenses and business development opportunities.

2-5 Year Lease Lengths

Leases range from 2 to 5 years. Length will depend on several factors, including how long you want to use the equipment, equipment type, and your company’s financial position. These are standard factors leasing companies consider and help us tailor a lease agreement to fit your needs.

Your Choice of Manufacturer

We don’t carry an inventory. This means you’re not limited to a specific set of manufacturers. Instead, you can pick the equipment that aligns with your business goals and preferences. We’ll work with the manufacturer of your choice to get the equipment in your facility as quickly as possible.

Maintenance & Repair Coverage

Bundle preventive maintenance and repair coverage with your lease agreement. You can spread those payments over time. Easily maintain your equipment, minimize the chances something will break down, repair instrumentation quickly, and simplify your payment processes.

End-of-Lease Options

At the end of your lease, you have multiple options. You can either renew the lease at a significantly lower price, purchase the machine outright based on the fair market value of the original pricing, or call it a day and we’ll come the pick up the equipment for you free of charge.

No Loan-Like Terms

Our leases do not include loan-like terms, which can be restrictive or harmful in certain situations. We do not require debt covenants, IP pledges, collateral,  or equity participation. Our goal is to maximize your flexibility. When you lease with us, you’re collaborating with a true business partner.

In-House Underwriting Process

Our underwriting is done in-house. You can expect quicker turnaround, allowing you respond to your equipment needs as they arise. We require less documentation than traditional lenders and financiers and can get the equipment you need in operation more quickly.