Top Pharma Blogs & Websites For BioPharma

Top Pharma Blogs & Websites For BioPharma

We’ve put together a collection of the top sites, blogs, and forums to keep you up to date on everything in the pharmaceutical industry, from clinical trials, mergers and acquisitions, and drug pricing to FDA approvals and other important regulatory matters.

It’s critical to keep up with the most recent developments in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. Knowing where to go to keep up is as important as ever right now. The coronavirus pandemic and the COVID-19 vaccine have fundamentally changed how clinical research is done and have generated some shifts in how the research community approaches clinical trial research.

Some believe that the drug discovery and development pipeline could see significant changes in the future due to the speed at which the COVID-19 vaccine was created and brought to FDA approval. Preclinical and clinical research may start to be handled differently. The FDA is finding ways to streamline its approval processes and approve drug therapies quicker.

These changes have made it more challenging to keep up in real-time with the latest news regarding health research and breakthroughs in the life sciences. Knowing which forums to go for information, helpful advice, and even job opportunities can save you hours of research. Use these sites to stay up to date yet focused on your own work.

Research & Development


Pharma Manufacturing provides in-depth information regarding how Pharma and biopharma are tackling the most pressing challenges in the Pharma landscape. They devote countless hours researching and documenting how drugs are developed, from beginning to end, all the risks and improvements that can happen as new information becomes available. This website is for you if you like learning about drug manufacturing and all associated medical improvements.


Pharm Tech is a global resource for all professionals in the pharmaceutical manufacturing community. They aim to provide dynamic and reliable cutting-edge peer-reviewed content for next-generation drug development, including each ingredient and what it does. Information that comes from Pharmaceutical Technology is sourced in the USA and Europe as well.

If you love up-to-date global research on the pharmaceutical nitty-gritty, this blog is for you.


This website is all about publicized research. It’s like a digital magazine for everything in the pharmaceutical industry and acts as a consultancy for health care organizations.

If you like reading published articles in a magazine form about all things Pharma, this website is for you.


The Pharma Elsevier website provides in-depth insights and opinions on big data, target identification, new drug discovery, and drug safety monitoring. They go more into the scientific aspect of drug development and focus on research for scientists, chemists, and drug safety specialists.

This is an excellent website for students and educators interested in pharmaceutical R&D.


The Catalyst website focuses on discovering new and essential medicines for patients by researching through biopharmaceutical companies. The hope is that these new medications will help patients live longer, healthier, and more productive lives by combating both common and rare diseases.

If you love to learn about the newest research, related drugs on the market, and how those drugs are helping people around the world, then this website is for you.


The Pharmaceutical Technology website is just what it sounds like. It has a unique perspective that focuses specifically on pharmaceutical technology and MedTech professionals. Moreover, the website centers on how everything is engineered and developed. From biotechnology, therapeutics, and vaccines, this online magazine gives a comprehensive list of lab equipment and suppliers and products and services.

If you like learning how drugs are made and what technology is being used to advance the industry, this website is for you.


The Pharmaceutical Online brand doesn’t try to cover it all. Instead, they focus on manufacturing and packaging. Interested in starting a career in processing in the pharmaceutical industry? Check out the articles here to learn about specialists and what they are doing to be successful.

This website is for you if you like to learn about the industry’s business side and how you can make money with production and packaging.

Pharmacy News Sites & Newsletters


FiercePharma is a fast-growing website where big ideas meet pharmaceutical news. They cover everything from development through patent fights and government investigations. FiercePharma is well known for analyzing daily news and producing special reports and whitepapers around the industry’s products and finances. Its new sections focus on the news regarding many significant players in the sector, including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Merck.

This website is for you if you like a comprehensive overview of all that is happening in the pharmaceutical industry, emphasizing each product’s financial reports and the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing them.


With limited publications, this newsletter is filled with crucial information about reducing pharmaceutical costs. This website is focused on how drugs are approved, go to market, and what you should know about them.

This website teaches you about the leading, most recently approved drugs on the market and how they got there.


A bi-monthly newsletter with up-to-the-minute information regarding all aspects of drug analysis, formulation, delivery, regulation, and manufacturing. Every issue delivers professional contributions from the world’s leading pharmaceutical scientists and business experts.

This website is for you if you like interviews and updates from top pharmaceutical scientists worldwide.


Pharmacy Times is one of the top leading multimedia resources for today’s market, providing the public with the latest industry news and information in the pharmacy field. The articles are aimed at pharmacy companies and professionals who like to keep up with how the industry is doing.

This website is geared towards pharmacists, scientists, and anyone interested in editorial content around the pharmaceutical industry.


Mass Device is one of the top news and information sites for the medical device industry and the companies that drive it. It reaches more than 200,000 readers each month through digital and print resources. They provide hourly updates that cover life-saving devices, as well as the heroes who are behind making them. Not a huge reader? Mass Device provides a talk series if you prefer audio/podcasts.

This website is for you if you want as up-to-date information as you can get and like to listen to experts regarding pharmaceutical devices.

Pharmacy Forums


The Pharma Times is interactive news for the pharma industry. This website provides interviews, case studies, featured drugs, and current healthcare sector issues. Pharma Times also has a unique aspect where healthcare competitors can compete in head-to-head real-life challenges, providing the community with widespread learning experiences.

This website is for you if you like hearing from professionals on up-to-date research and development.


The Social Eye for Pharma is about getting the most crucial pharmaceutical information out there. The forum aims to get all the up-to-date ideas and insights right at your fingertips in a transparent and trustworthy manner by providing commentary, events, reports, and other expert-driven reading content.

This website is for you if you like professional advice and examples to help you understand the industry.


Cafe Pharma is a job board and forum for the medical profession. You can chat with other medical professionals about current events, job openings, or even get some legal help.

This website is for you if you are currently in the medical industry and have questions or are looking for a career change.


The Pharma IQ is all about community and extending conversations beyond the events that happen every year. The participation is centered around sharing and collaborating with industry leaders.

This website is for you if you would like to connect and collaborate with some of the top scientists and researchers in the industry.

Pharmacy Blogs


33 charts is a blog written by Bryan Vartabedian, a pediatrician at Baylor College of Medicine. This website is a “sandbox for my thinking,” he says, where writing down ideas helps him understand how he sees the world. He writes about the tension of being a physician and the unique angles he sees in the medical industry.

This website is for you if you like more of a personal perspective from a professional doctor and his take on the pharmaceutical industry.


Pharmacy Checker Blog is written by Gabriel Levitt and covers safe prescription drug importation. Gabriel has spent 15+ years helping Americans find lower cost medications from Canada and other countries. He stands up for Americans who get taken advantage of by the pharmaceutical industry and the drug supply chain.

This website is for you if you like to learn more about how similar drugs vary from country to country.


The Pharma Mirror Magazine is founded by Fahad Hussain, who is actually the executive editor. This magazine provides free access to pharmaceutical journalism, which has in-depth peer reviews and collects articles worldwide.

This website is for you if you like to hear a perspective from around the world filtered through someone who has a Bachelor of Pharmacy and Masters of Pharmacy in clinical pharmacy and pharmacology. In short, Fahad Hussain knows what he is talking about and gathers info from multiple sources worldwide to spread knowledge.


Ankur Choudhary is a pharmaceutical blogger from India who has been blogging since 2008 and has written over 2,500 posts about his passion. This blog is continuously updated with Ankur’s research, and his engaging writing style has drawn thousands to his site.

This blog is for you if you like high-quality content and research written by an expert blogger.

Other Pharmacy Sites


FDA Law is a team of lawyers focused on issues facing all companies regulated by the FDA. The group can tell you where your product comes from, where it goes, and all the challenges it goes through in production. They dive deep into food, drug, and medical device issues with a broad range of specialties.

If you like learning about all the medical issues within the pharmaceutical industry and what’s being done about it, this website is for you.


The Pharma Pathway is very similar to a news website. However, you can also learn about holistic living solutions rather than just focusing on medication. Visitors can also sell and purchase Pharma-related products and equipment.

This website is for you if you like getting updates regarding the pharmaceutical world and holistic alternatives.

Stay Updated Without Losing Time

There is so much information at our fingertips, so it’s just about knowing where to go. Hopefully this list has given you a few ideas where you can get much needed information within the pharmaceutical industry.