Top Medical News Sites To Read in 2024

In today’s digital age, staying up-to-date with reliable medical news is essential for making informed decisions about our well-being. However, with the abundance of online information, finding trustworthy sources can often be daunting.

We have carefully curated a comprehensive list of top medical news sites to simplify your search. Our selection criteria encompass various factors, including content quality, credibility, and user experience, ensuring access to the most reliable and informative resources at your fingertips.

Whether you’re a medical professional, a patient, or simply someone curious about the latest breakthroughs, this guide will help you easily navigate the digital maze of medical news.

List of Top Medical News Sites


Medscape is a one-stop website that offers a lot to the medical professional. You can enjoy the site without joining, but a membership is strongly encouraged. The site is available in French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. You can learn the latest news, access a pharmaceutical listing, and earn CME credits for your career.

News-Medical Life Sciences

News-Medical Life Sciences is perfect for those who want to have everything at their fingertips. You’re provided with an option between Medical or Life Sciences, allowing you to filter news accordingly. The website offers access to an impressive collection of white papers, videos, interviews, as well as the latest news. You can even look up specific health conditions, medications, and medical or laboratory equipment in case you have something particular you’re interested in.


Medgadget is a must for those who want to keep up on the latest gadgets that are at the forefront of modern healthcare. The editorial team consists of eleven medical professionals that are located all over the globe. The popular tab lists some specific diagnostics areas, and the categories tab lists everything in alphabetical sub tabs. You can create an account and receive direct alerts on the latest news or subscribe via RSS feed.

Medical News Today

Medical News Today targets both physicians and the general public, and covers a wide range of conditions and disorders.  Published articles are always fact checked or medically reviewed so that accuracy is ensured. Medical News Today also offers a newsletter subscription so that you can receive a synopsis of the day’s latest articles.

Medical Xpress

Medical Xpress features some of the most comprehensive coverage on health and medicine, and is a part of the Science X network. They offer access to a wide selection of publications, categorized efficiently so that finding pertinent information regarding your  field of study or interest is easy. The site offers an email subscription that alerts you to the latest research news on health and medicine.


The BMJ is the oldest medical journal on this list. It began 180 years ago as a published journal that focused on arm amputees and stillborn children. Since it’s modernization, the journal  has reached five countries and offers a variety of resources. You can get the latest news, submit papers for peer review, and read through research papers. The education and research sections are especially insightful, and the job postings category is both exhaustive and helpful. . Moreover, The BMJ is committed to a number of campaigns as well, including climate change, divestment from fossil fuels, and patient and public partnership, among others.

Stanford Medicine

Stanford Medical School is widely regarded as the best medical school in America. Their website happens to stand out too. The site targets students and medical professionals, as well as the general public. Here you can find out about the latest in medical news and educational programs. You can even find a specific doctor and catch up on any of their published research papers. They also include a section where you can donate to support Stanford Health and Stanford Children’s Health.


MedlinePlus is run by the National Library of Medicine, a subsidiary of the National Institute of Health. Their target audience comprises patients and their families, but any medical professional will enjoy their offerings as well. They take some of the most convoluted subjects and explain them in easy-to-understand terms. Here, you can learn about a wide variety of diseases, illness, medications, and therapies.


Healio is the medical professional’s dream. They offer medical news, education, and information for physicians and healthcare practitioners. Each type of service comes with a dropdown box so that you can choose a profession or specialty. They also offer an impressive number of publications. While many sites we discussed previously provide one or two focus topics, Healio includes dozens. You can easily search for your field of study and view the latest issue online, at no extra cost.


MobiHealthNews is a leading global news source in the mobile and digital health community. They provide news, commentary, online events, and research for healthcare industry insiders who look for the latest analysis and coverage on topics that include patient-facing apps, telemedicine, digital therapeutics, and digital health investment. The website divides its resources into sections – Video, Provider, Payer, Pharma, Consumer, and Investor – so that finding information specific to your interests is easy. Furthermore, the site offers regional news, separating their articles into Asia Pacific, EMEA, and global editions.


The British Medical Association is the professional association and registered trade union of doctors in the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, professionals from around the globe visit their website to  access a vast collection of e-books, e-journals, Medline and research support, as well as to order articles and catalogues. The extensive database available to BMA members is extremely helpful, providing expert support. The site is especially helpful for those looking to relocate to the UK.They offer pay scale information, pensions, hours, and job planning.

Clinical Oncology News

If you are an oncologist or an oncology student, this website will be a big help. They offer the latest news in oncology, white papers, and sections on solid tumors. Clinical Oncology News also provides CME credits and current practice sections to help you and your career. They offer a newsletter that can deliver the news right to your email box.


MDLinx is an excellent site for physicians and healthcare professionals. . The site provides countless journal articles and a wide range of summarized health news, free of charge. They offer clear categorization based on type, making it easy to find exactly what you need, whether that’s an article on lung cancer, the latest news in immunotherapy, or a blog post dedicated to physician careers. The site also includes job offerings and career articles and fairs designed to make searching for a job in the healthcare sector easier.

Medical Bag

Medical Bag contains numerous articles to help you manage your career and provides medical office business advice and strategy for physicians.. This means they don’t just focus on medical breakthroughs and new techniques, they focus on other aspects of your work as well, and include job listings. The lifestyle section helps you learn to understand your patients and find ways to connect with them. The Business tab is relevant to managing your business and keeping yourself on track with your health.


Kaiser Health News (KHN) is offered by the Kaiser Family Foundation. KHN is not quite like the other sites. Sure, they offer news, but it’s their topics that set them apart. They have sections on race and health, aging, and pharmaceuticals. You can also read up on the latest in Medicaid, Medicare, and various insurance articles. What caught our eye was the section on investigations, where KHN writers seek to expose medical companies and pharmaceuticals’ inappropriate actions.

Health Affairs

Health Affairs is a printed publication that focuses on domestic and global health policy. Their journal offers various analysis and research articles. The website offers limited access to their articles for free, however, subscriptions are available for online access. You can receive a print publication for an additional fee. If you are a young professional or a student, you can even receive a discount!


SG2 is less of a medical news site and more of a solution to managing your business. They offer news articles about SG2 and press releases. They offer analytical solutions to help prepare for COVID-related influx and other issues that can cause havoc on your day to day. They focus on assisting hospitals, children’s medical centers, and large medical practices.

World Health Organization

WHO (World Health Organization) is a website that everyone should be visiting. The editorial team consists of medical professionals from all around the world. Articles range from educating the average person to providing the latest data to the medical professional. They cover everything around the world.

Modern Healthcare

If you are looking for one place to find all of the best news articles in one place, Modern Healthcare is your best bet. However, they don’t offer very much in the way of free news. A subscription is required, and you can choose either print or a print and online package. Either way, it will be well worth the expense, especially if you share these with other medical professionals in your practice.

US Food & Drug Administration

The FDA may not be known for their news articles, but they do have important press releases that you need to stay on top of. Not only does the FDA regulate medications, but they also regulate devices and vaccinations as well. Medical professionals and students alike should be reading these to help further their knowledge as they continue in their career.

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a critical website to reference when dealing with diseases. They have kept us informed on the struggle with COVID-19 as well as other pathologies we have dealt with in the past. It is also an excellent source for educating yourself on healthy living and maintaining health while traveling.

These news sources should be of great help to you as you move through your career. As your practice grows, so will your need for understanding new technology. While you read through these sites, remember to call Excedr to learn more about how operating leases can save your company money and time when procuring new laboratory

Resources for founders, scientists, and the life sciences community.