Guide to Buying Lab Equipment in Houston, Texas

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Did you know that Houston is considered a medical hub of the nation? With Texas Medical Center and Texas Children’s Hospital routinely being recognized as some of the best in the nation, it is also home to many outstanding medical facilities. It is easy to see why it would be one of the best places to find laboratory equipment in the US. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to establish a lab or simply expand—you can find everything you need right here in Houston. In this article, we will review Houston’s laboratory equipment industry so you can find new and used machinery. 

Lab Equipment Industry in Houston, Texas

Houston’s lab equipment industry is thriving because there are over 600 acres of medical facilities needing support. Laboratories outside of that area are growing in number as well. Much of this is due to the success of research facilities and laboratories in the area. Sectors that benefit from this booming lab equipment industry include academia, biotech, and big pharma. Let’s take a closer look at those sectors to find out how the industry is working together to create the medical hub that is Houston, Texas.

When it comes to academia, you can’t ignore the University of Houston. Their research facilities have led to ground-breaking innovations that have changed medicine for the better. Their equipment falls under two categories, standalone equipment and computer-controlled. Standalone equipment includes lab-grade incubators, scales, and centrifuges. Ovens and ultra-low temperature freezers are also in the standalone category. Computer-controlled equipment, however, includes temperature controls, chromatography systems, and DNA analyzers. When it comes to equipment for laboratory research, they have contributed significant change to the research world.

The MD Anderson Cancer Center has an impeccable reputation, in addition to a unique research center. Their facilities work primarily in phlebotomy, microbiology, transfuse, and histocompatibility. For years, their work has saved cancer patients’ lives. MD Anderson is always looking to further research and development worldwide.

NASA’s Johnson Space Center has been at home in Houston since 1961, and their research facilities are well worth a visit. NASA focuses on space travel, but much of its research results in practical uses here on the ground. Not only are they cutting edge, but they are also always open to partnering with researchers in their facilities. 

Biotech and big pharma are also growing steadily in and around the Houston area. Moleculin Biotech is just one example of a pharmaceutical company that’s working to better the lives of its community. Founded in 2006, Moleculin Biotech is a clinical-stage company that focuses on treating viruses and highly-resistant cancers. Their mission is to develop breakthrough discoveries and therapies for cancers. Located right in Houston, Moleculin Biotech works with technologies that are all based on discoveries made by the team at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Let’s take a moment and recognize that life sciences and biotechnology are a massive focus in the Houston area. Life Sciences is an ever-growing field as we understand the human body and processes better. Biotechnology has been booming as we learn more about how tech can help battle illness, maintain health, and simply make living a bit easier. Healthcare employees number over 360,000, and there are over 25 innovative centers in the city. It’s no wonder why Houston is at the forefront of research and development in the country.

Another thing is for sure: Houston has a significant number of research incubators and accelerators in the area. If you are a biotech startup, KiwiTech is a great start. They focus solely on startups and services all over the world, aside from Houston. They have also been in business for 11 years, solidifying their place on the list. If you want to stick with a close-to-home accelerator for your laboratory, look no further than TMC Innovations. They focus strictly on life sciences and began their journey at Texas Medical Center. They work closely with large corporations, such as Johnson and Johnson, and have mentored over 150 programs.

Lab Equipment Sellers/Manufacturers in the Houston Area

So you are ready to start your laboratory; where do you find the equipment you need? Let’s take a look at this quick list of local manufacturers: 

  • Lab Products, Inc. 
  • Sycamore Life Sciences
  • Hallmark Casework
  • General Laboratory Supply, inc. (*Pasadena, TX)

Lab Products, Inc.

Your one-stop-shop for all your essential labware (beakers, glassware, hot plates, pipettes, stirrers, stoppers, and more), Lab Products, Inc. also specializes in chromatography and environmental sample containers. When you work with them, you can rest assured that they are working towards providing quality supplies and equipment at fair prices. While located in Houston, Lab Products, Inc. serves surrounding areas. 

Sycamore Life Sciences 

Sycamore Life Sciences is conveniently located near Texas Medical Center and focuses on consumables and labware for life sciences. Their supplies list also includes scales, centrifuges, spectrometers, and incubators. If you require reagents and stainless steel items, they are the perfect resource. They also offer free samples, a great way to give them a bit of a test drive. Sycamore was established in 2015 and has made a positive impact in the world of research ever since.

Hallmark Casework

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Hallmark Casework has been providing innovative laboratory solutions since 1973. Serving educational institutions, research facilities and industrial labs, healthcare and government facilities, Hallmark Casework has made a name for itself by helping its partners at every stage. They provide equipment and solutions at the design and engineering stage and all the way to installation and maintenance stages. From smaller lab accessories to fume hoods, Hallmark Casework can support you through any size projects.

General Laboratory Supply, Inc. (Pasadena, TX)

While General Laboratory Supply is in Pasadena, it’s close enough to Houston to include it in the list. It is one of the oldest companies in the area and began in 1978. They are ACDL accredited and have maintained an impeccable reputation for high-quality equipment and materials. Because of their wisdom in the field, they now service the entire world while Houston remains their shipping hub. Here, researchers will find equipment, instrumentation, labware, consumables, and safety apparel for any application.

Get Equipment for Your Lab in Houston

Houston has truly become a medical, laboratory, and research oasis in the United States. The Texas Medical Center and its innovative discoveries have put them on the map as a major player in inventions. While you may not start your lab in Houston, the surrounding areas are perfect to set your roots and place near the best options. Houston is a hub in which you can find:

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