Guide to Buying Lab Equipment Through LabX

Guide to Buying Lab Equipment Through LabX

Who Is LabX?

LabX is one of the largest online marketplaces for selling and buying scientific equipment in the life sciences, biotech, and biopharma fields.

The company was founded in 1995 by Bob Kafato in Midland, Ontario, with the sole purpose of creating services related to laboratory equipment. He used his specialization in HPLC and analytical instrument sales to create a platform that joined scientists’ needs with top-notch instrumentation services.

It is one of several brands developed by LabX Media Group, one of the leading science publishing companies, dedicated to empowering scientists and helping in their research advancements. LabX Media Group provides analysis, news, and data insights to interactive community members and enthusiasts of life science or other related fields.

Outside of offering LIMS integration through LabX Balance, LabX itself doesn’t buy or sell any products, however, it provides a marketplace for other companies and individuals to post their products for sale on LabX. On their website, you can find a mix of new, pre-owned, and refurbished scientific equipment.

The company has expanded its marketplace by offering its services that facilitate workflows in a range of research areas, including:

  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Life Sciences
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Industrial Processing
  • Testing and Electronics
  • Medical Equipment
  • Semiconductor

In this article, we will review the brands and products offered by LabX and how the selling and buying process works on the platform. Moreover, you’ll also learn if buying from LabX is a smart choice or not.

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How Buying on LabX Works

LabX specializes in electronic testing, process, scientific, and medical equipment. It features simple buying and selling processes and a range of shopping services to enhance your purchasing experience.

The shopping services provided by LabX include:

  • A range of great deals on supplies and equipment
  • The ability to identify latest releases
  • The ability to browse a spectrum of products
  • Equipment shopping guides and resources
  • Communication with sellers and manufacturers

LabX provides sellers and buyers with an online platform to connect, and acts as an intermediary between parties.

If you are looking to purchase equipment on LabX, follow the given steps:

  1. Use the search bar on the website to find the equipment of your choice on LabX or you can search them based on their categories, brands, or applications.
  2. Use the “Request a quote” button on the website to contact the seller of your desired equipment.
  3. The seller will contact you back on how to purchase the item.
  4. You can also purchase a few types of equipment directly from the website if they have an “add to cart” option.

You should note that no products available on the website are sold by LabX. Moreover, it can’t provide you with the details of your specific item. You’ll need to contact the seller to gain more information on your desired product.

Furthermore, you can’t track the shipment and delivery of your purchased product from the website. You’ll be required to contact the seller — which is only provided after placing the order — to learn about tracking information, or for any issues, returns, and warranty of the products.

LabX Payment Options

The mode of payments suggested by LabX software to securely and reliably buy equipment are:

  • Paypal: A secure and convenient way for businesses and consumers to send and receive payments online.
  • Escrow.com: Acts on behalf of buyers and sellers as a trusted third party to collect, hold and disburse funds.
  • ProPay: Allows sellers to accept credit card payments.

You must be aware that the fees for all these platforms differ, so you must go through the terms and conditions provided by the given companies.

Featured Brands & Products


You can shop pre-owned or new equipment on LabX from a wide range of known and trusted brands. A few of them from a category of hundreds of brands are listed below:

  • Battery Backup Power
  • Yamato Scientific
  • Malvern Panalytical
  • LECO
  • Analytik Jena
  • Molecular Devices
  • Bio-Rad
  • NuAire
  • Sartorius
  • BMG Labtech
  • Protein Simple
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Ecodyst
  • RDM Industrial Inc.
  • Sino Biological


LabX lists a wide range of products, including HPLC and GC autosamplers, balances, laboratory software, melting point apparatus, ph meters, pipette tips and pipettes, antibodies and reagents, diagnostic instruments, refractometers, Spectrophotometers (UV-Vis, Fluor), titrators, analyzers, centrifuges (benchtop and floor models), density meters, and thermal analysis equipment.

It also has interactive software that can help program your standard operating procedures (SOPs), enhance your productivity, and prevent the requirements of manual transcription.

You can find all your desired equipment on the LabX website based on different categories, applications, resellers, and brands. A few from each category are listed below:

  • Based on Categories
  • Chromatography
  • Analytical
  • Life Sciences
  • Laboratory
  • Clinical
  • Process
  • Semiconductor
  • Medical
  • Microscope
  • Test and Measurements
  • Spectroscopy
  • Based on applications
  • Antibodies and Reagents
  • Neuroscience Laboratory
  • Pharma and Biopharma
  • Bioprocess Equipment and Technology
  • Cannabis Laboratory
  • Forensic Lab Equipment
  • Molecular and Genetic Tools
  • Food Testing Equipment
  • Based on Brands
  • Molecular Devices
  • Yamato Scientific
  • BMG Labtech
  • Bio-Rad
  • LECO
  • ThermoFisher Scientific
  • Mettler Toledo
  • Based on Reseller
  • EquipNet
  • GMI
  • Surplus Solutions
  • Agilent
  • Gentech Scientific

If you want to learn more about the LabX services and receive the latest news and trends, visit www.labx.com.

Should I Buy Through LabX?

Though LabX offers a long list of brands, resellers, and categories, and is undoubtedly a great choice for a scientist’s equipment needs, there are certain factors other than product availability that you should consider before purchasing from LabX.  

  • You can’t make a purchase directly from LabX. You’ll be required to choose from third-party applications, which risks the guarantee of safe transactions.
  • Once you purchase the equipment, you’re done with LabX. No maintenance and repair costs will be covered by the company whenever it’s required in the future.
  • After finding your choice of equipment, a lot of independent research, including equipment information and condition, will be left to you—the buyer.
  • Many types of sellers are available on the LabX platform with varying behaviors and professionalism. Thus, the sale and post-sale experience largely depends on the seller’s behavior and their interactions with you.
  • No products available on LabX are their own. So, the details of equipment available on the platform are given by the seller, which can be untrue and incomplete. And, you’ll be on your own to collect more information about your desired product.
  • Items listed on LabX are not verified for their existence or conditions.

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LabX is one of the leading online marketplaces for buyers and sellers of new or surplus life science, biotech, and pharma equipment. The company does not sell products on its own but rather facilitates the communication between potential buyers and sellers.

It lists a wide range of equipment that can be found based on the equipment categories, applications, brands, and resellers. The equipment information available on the website is provided only by the sellers. So to receive any information, buyers have to contact the sellers. However, this information is not verified by LabX.

Buyers are also required to purchase using third-party services that might risk otherwise safe transactions.

There can often be more hassle in purchasing equipment from platforms like these where you have to do a lot of research on equipment and seller, have no information on equipment condition, and even have payment risk.

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