A Comprehensive Guide to Equipment Leasing in 2022

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Are you struggling to fund an equipment acquisition? Or maybe you'd rather save money on equipment and instead spend it on hiring more team members or expanding your lab space. Whatever your exact needs may be, Excedr's lab equipment leasing solutions provide scientists in any field with an alternative to purchasing equipment outright.

Whether you’re on the verge of a scientific breakthrough or are performing the everyday tasks necessary to building towards something innovative or valuable to patients, you need the right lab equipment.

Industry-leading, best-in-class lab equipment.

Without proper instrumentation, there’s a big chance you’ll miss reaching the milestones critical to your mission’s success.

However, buying the right equipment for your lab space can present an enormous financial burden due to the high prices of modern technology. The cost of equipment—down payments, service contracts, and maintenance/repair coverages—can completely zap your budget.

Most importantly, spending a large amount your budget on equipment can significantly slow down progress on critical research and inhibit you and your team from conducting work to your full potential.

Although buying equipment seems like the most cost-effective strategy, you’ve got options. Ones that present a number of benefits that buying does not. From short-term rentals, buying used, and scooping something up at an auction to leasing via a capital lease or operating lease, there are many ways you can get equipment into your laboratory.

But, we’re biased. We believe that leasing your equipment is the best way to handle procurement and management. Our lease program provides the financial and operational flexibility you need to meet your R&D and commercialization goals. We know it works because we’ve seen it work.

Instead of committing a huge capital outlay upfront, take a second to learn more about our lab equipment leases and the numerous benefits of our program.

In Equipment Leasing for the Modern Lab, our comprehensive guide to leasing, you’ll learn about the:

  • Benefits of Excedr’s leases
  • Differences between an operating lease and a capital Lease
  • Top 5 leasing misconceptions
  • Pros and cons of purchasing
  • How Excedr compares to other financing options

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