A Guide to Equipment Leasing for the Modern Lab

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Are you struggling to fund an equipment acquisition? Or maybe you'd rather save money on equipment and instead spend it on hiring more team members or expanding your lab space. Whatever your exact needs may be, Excedr's lab equipment leasing solutions provide scientists in any field with an alternative to purchasing equipment outright.

Outfitting your lab with the right equipment can present an enormous financial burden. When you do purchase a new instrument using cash, it can deplete your budget and inhibit your team from conducting their research. However, with the proper lab equipment and instrumentation, progress on critical discoveries can continue. 

Even though the burden of equipment procurement is significant, there is an optimal procurement solution for the modern lab—one that provides the financial and operational flexibility you need to meet your R&D and commercialization goals: lab equipment leasing. Instead of committing a considerable capital outlay upfront, consider leasing your lab equipment instead.

In our equipment leasing guide, we cover a range of topics to keep in mind when procuring instrumentation:

  • The benefits of Excedr’s leasing program 
  •  Operating leases vs. capital leases 
  •  Common leasing misconceptions 
  •  Pros and cons of purchasing with cash on hand 
  •  Excedr vs. financing options

Excedr leases are a cost-effective and flexible option backed by a team of committed service providers behind you every step of the way. We are dedicated to your success and are hyper-focused on helping you achieve your R&D and commercialization goals. 

To inquire about our leasing program or start the process of equipping your lab with cutting-edge equipment, contact us today. If you want to review this page quickly, download it in PDF using the button below. 

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