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Startup Resources

Informative articles geared towards startup founders. Topics include company formation, legal basics, finance basics, common founder mistakes, lab operations, and IP rights and strategy.

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Laying the Legal Groundwork: How to Run an Effective Board Meeting

In the early days of a startup, board meetings can seem somewhat unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but they are incredibly important and can be extremely beneficial if run properly. The prima…

Laying the Legal Groundwork: How & When to Fire Someone

In the worst case scenario, being fired is shocking, distressing, and hurtful. In the best case scenario, it’s a relief. However, more often than not, the experience is an emotional one. This mix of i…

Laying the Legal Groundwork: Understanding Stock Option Grants

Stock option grants are an excellent way to strengthen your employee compensation package. However, they are also a tricky legal topic that can be extremely costly to get wrong. In many areas, a busin…

Laying the Legal Groundwork: Understanding Employment Agreements

It is hard to underestimate the value of a properly created employment agreement, also referred to as an employment contract. When done correctly, this binding agreement establishes an employment rela…

Laying the Legal Groundwork: 83(b) Election & Why You Should File One

You may have heard of the 83(b) election before, especially if you’re a startup founder starting a new business. That’s because the 83(b) election, also referred to as the Section 83(b) election, allo…

Laying the Legal Groundwork: How Should You Split Startup Ownership?

If you’ve recently started a new company with a co-founder, or multiple co-founders, splitting your company’s equity is one the first major decisions you’ll make as a founding team. There are many var…

Laying the Legal Groundwork: How to Limit Co-Founder Legal Disputes

There are many legal intricacies to starting a business, making being a startup founder even more difficult than it already is. The legal framework of everything, from choosing an entity form (LLC., C…

Laying the Legal Groundwork: Do You Need a Co-founder for Your Startup?

Is Having a Co-Founder Truly Necessary? At the initial phases of founding a startup, having a co-founder, or business partner, can seem like the best option. After all, having two massively invested i…

Laying the Legal Groundwork: Naming Your Startup

Tips for Naming Your Startup Naming your startup is undeniably difficult and, unfortunately, many entrepreneurs can often do a terrible job of it. With legal issues like trademarks and copyrights in t…

Should You Incorporate Your Biotech Startup in Delaware?

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Incorporating in Delaware Are you a biotechnology or life sciences startup co-founder? Have you recently incorporated your early-stage startup? Like entrepreneurs…