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Excedr’s lease program can source all instrument types and accommodate any brand preferences you might have. Request a 3D mammography system lease estimate today and see how leasing can discount your medical imaging instrument’s price.

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The Advantages of Excedr’s 3D Mammography System Leasing Program:

  • Eliminates the upfront cost of purchasing equipment by spreading its cost over time
  • Minimizes equipment downtime with included complete repair coverage and preventive maintenance
  • Takes advantage of potentially 100% tax deductible* payments, providing you significant cash-savings
  • Expedites the administrative work needed for instrument procurement and logistics
  • Conserves working capital,  enabling you to reinvest in your core business and operations (staffing, inventory, marketing/sales, etc.)
  • Accommodates all manufacturer and model preferences

*Please consult your tax advisor to determine the full tax implications of leasing equipment.

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Mammography is an imaging technique where a low-dose X-ray is used to generate multiple images of a patient’s breast tissue for breast cancer detection.

An examination using mammography is referred to as a mammography exam, or mammogram, which radiologists use to perform routine breast cancer screenings that can detect any tumors, lumps, or other abnormalities in the breast. These abnormalities can be a sign of cancer in the breast, and catching signs of their development early on helps increase the chances of a patient beating the cancer.

Traditionally, 2D mammography has been used to perform screening mammograms, and involves taking two different 2D images: a side-to-side view and a top-to-bottom view. It is useful at identifying several different types of breast cancer, but is limited in imaging capabilities due to the two-dimensional nature of the images and the overlapping tissues in the breast. The overlap can hide cancerous tissues from the radiologist’s sight or can lead to false-positive and false-negative results. 

In comparison, the introduction of 3D mammography produces higher image quality, and allows radiologists to get clear results by taking dozens of images at different angles, moving an X-ray across the breast in an arcing motion.

Together, these millimeter-thin images create a high-resolution 3D X-ray that can be viewed from slide to slide. By viewing each of these slides individually, the radiologist can detect abnormalities without any visual obstruction due to breast tissue overlap. 

These enhanced imaging capabilities make 3D mammography—known as breast tomosynthesis, digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), 3D tomosynthesis, or simply tomosynthesis—a highly effective way of detecting breast cancer and an invaluable tool in radiology and oncology. 

3D Mammography Benefits, Procedure, & Price

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3D Digital mammography offers a variety of advantages compared to the 2D and film-based technologies. Radiologists or mammography technologists that utilize it for routine screening, either on its own or in combination with 2D mammography, can generally detect signs of cancer at a much higher rate, leading to fewer callbacks or follow-ups and greater peace-of-mind for their patients.

However, the American Cancer Society (ACS) doesn’t recommend one imaging method over the other, as there are pros and cons to both types of imaging. With that in mind, let’s quickly compare the two methods.

3D vs. 2D

Unlike 2D mammography, 3D mammography, or 3D tomosynthesis, can look at multiple layers of the breast on a three-dimensional scale, eliminating any imaging gaps or limitations that traditional mammography can present.

This can allow a doctor to identify small abnormalities earlier than a standard mammogram can, meaning tomosynthesis can detect cancer before symptoms have begun. Early detection through advanced screening can lead to an easier and less invasive treatment plan.

Compared to 2D mammography, this technique may provide more detailed images of the breast and accurate results, providing better screening results in patients with dense breast tissue. The density of tissue makes X-ray imaging difficult and can lead to issues with results which leads to a higher probability of a callback.



The 3D mammography procedure is very similar to 2D and does not increase the risk of radiation exposure. The technician will be required to examine one breast at a time by compressing each one separately using two plates which stabilize the patient’s breast during the procedure. This is exactly the same as a traditional mammogram.

During the procedure, the X-ray tube will move across the breast in an arcing motion over the span of several seconds, after which the patient will switch sides. Next, these images are sent to a computer system for processing, where a 3D image will be created. This is sent to the radiologist who then passes it along to the doctor.


3D Mammography Machine Leases to Fit Every Need

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Improving patient experience by providing an easy and painless screening is an ideal goal. 3D mammography equipment can help with this, often providing increased patient comfort during a screening.

But, more importantly, 3D mammograms can increase the chances of early detection of abnormalities or signs of cancer and help prevent its spread. Early screening can save lives. That’s why it’s paramount to remain up-to-date on the current breast imaging technology being used to achieve quality results and maintain golden standards.

Furthermore, remember that your facility needs to be FDA certified to perform mammography services. Being certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration shows you are meeting MQSA requirements for practicing quality mammography.

Although breast tomosynthesis systems can be costly, it is critical to your patient’s health that you invest in the best equipment. At Excedr, we offer a comprehensive leasing program that makes acquiring new equipment feasible and headache-free.

Reach out today to learn more about how we can save you time and money with our mammography equipment leases.

Operating Lease

This off-balance sheet financing structure provides three options at the end of the term. The lessee has the option to return the equipment to the lessor, renew at a discounted rate, or purchase the instrument for the fair market value. Monthly payments are also 100% tax deductible which yields additional monetary savings.


If you recently bought equipment, Excedr can offer you cash for your device and convert your purchase into a long-term rental. This is called a sale leaseback. If you’ve paid for equipment within the last ninety days, we can help you recoup your investment and allow you to make low monthly payments. This also frees up money in your budget rather than tying it down to a fixed asset.

3D Mammographer Manufacturers & Models on the Market
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Operating Capital Benefits

Operating Capital Benefits

Excedr's operating lease structure allows you to keep your business credit line open for expansions, staffing, and other operational expenses. Additionally, it strengthens the cash flow of your business and keeps cash reserves free for business development opportunities.

Effects on Credit

Effects on Credit

Leasing / renting provides you with non-dilutive financing and does not hinder your future borrowing ability. You're able to acquire the equipment you need without the baggage associated with traditional financing.

Speed of Approval

Speed of Approval

Excedr's program allows you to respond quickly as your need for equipment and technology arises. You can be approved with minimal documentation and have the equipment you need in operation and generating revenue for your business quickly.

Refurbished Equipment

Refurbished Equipment

Unlike traditional financing and leasing companies, the Excedr program can accommodate refurbished equipment in addition to demo units. If you are looking for additional cost-savings, we recommend considering this option.